Six suggestions for a happy life

/June 2022


set the alarm clock 5 minutes faster

have you ever encountered a situation like this:

you made an appointment with your partner, but you were a few minutes late because of traffic jams, creating a bad impression on the other side;

in order to sleep in more, I rushed to the company in a hurry, but bumped into your superior when clocking in.

I was about to leave, but I hadn't packed my luggage yet. When I arrived at the airport, I found that I had forgotten my important items.

although it seems to be some small things, it will affect your good mood of the day, and it will cause a lot of loss to your life.

there is a psychological concept called the sense of reality of time.

different people have different sense of reality of time.

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for those who are enterprising and confident, the minute they feel is actually only 58 seconds;

the minute felt by those who are sloppy and unplanned actually lasts as long as 77 seconds.

and this 19-second gap is enough to affect your time management and schedule planning.

so, if you are habitually late or have the habit of procrastination, I suggest you set your alarm clock forward 5 minutes and do everything 5 minutes earlier.

before a meeting, take 5 minutes to prepare relevant materials and report work in a more organized way;

when you are on an appointment, leave 5 minutes earlier, which shows your respect for others;

when you go to work, go out 5 minutes earlier, you can get to work earlier.

as the saying goes, "if you don't anticipate, you will be wasted." people who are really mature know how to give themselves some buffer time.

five minutes in advance every day, it will be a wealth of endless benefits if you accumulate it for a lifetime.


stay away from biting dogs

I have heard a very reasonable saying:

you must have met such a person in your life, and you can't reason with him clearly. You can't convince him to argue with him. After three or five rounds, you break up in discord, and you hold your breath.

because people at different levels are really unable to communicate, it is your fault if you insist on arguing with him about right or wrong and winning or losing.

I have read such a story:

A lion saw a dog and hurried away.

the lion cub asked curiously, "Dad, you dare to compete with the tiger and cheetah. Why are you avoiding a dog?"

the lion asks:\ & quot; boy, is it honorable to defeat a dog? \ & quot; the lion cub shook its head.

\ & is it unlucky for quot; to let the dog take a bite? \ & quot; the lion cub nodded.

\ & quot; in that case, why bother with a dog? \ & quot;

the story is vulgar, but the truth is very clear.

Walking in this world, you must understand that summer worms cannot speak ice, well frogs cannot speak the sea, and ordinary men cannot speak.

not everyone is worth arguing about. Not everyone deserves to be your opponent. When you meet people at different levels, you should learn to smile and stay away from them.

Carnegie said:

Life is a trudging journey. Don't just stare at the trivial sand in the soles of your shoes and ignore the scenery.

there is a poem that says very well:

people who are really good don't dwell on these crap, they know how to focus on more important things.


regularly tidy up desks and rooms

once followed high achiever of Peking University and wanted to ask her for advice on how to improve learning efficiency.

unexpectedly, the first way he gave me was not to ask me to throw away my phone or concentrate, but to clean my desk and room regularly.

she says that the space a person is in is often a reflection of his mental space, and it is easier to devote himself to his work in front of a beautiful and tidy desk.

although this may only represent her personal opinion, I have also read a study by Harvard University:

in fact, it is not without reason.

think about whether you have no desire to sit in front of your desk if it is not tidied for a long time, covered with oil stains from takeout and piled up with useless materials and books.

on the other hand, if you take a little time to clean up, throw away useless things, put your books neatly, put a green plant in front of your computer, and sit in front of your heart, you will be more likely to devote yourself to your study without being distracted by your surroundings.

We often pour our feelings into things, so the increase of items will also increase our emotional burden.

so tidying up the room is also cleaning the mood.

when you tidy up your mood, the room is no longer messy and things are no longer a nuisance, everything you can see will be a beautiful picture;

when you tidy up your mood and break up, you can make room for more and better things.

when you have more space in your heart, the sun can shine into your life.


Learning bookkeeping and financial management

the biggest source of sense of security for contemporary people is electricity on their mobile phones, gas in their cars and money in their pockets.

so how do you make sure you have money in your pocket and don't panic? The first step is to learn to keep accounts.

I don't know if you have such an experience. Obviously, I feel like I haven't bought anything for a month, but I was shocked by the bill when I paid back my money and credit card.

Mobile payment obviously makes our payment behavior too convenient, and the feeling of spending cash is completely different from swiping a credit card.

one cup of coffee and milk tea a day.It's ten thousand less;

clothes that are bought at a discount on impulse seem cheap and expensive.

so I encourage people to get into the habit of keeping accounts and put the money you spend on the table.

when you start to keep accounts, you will find that your wallet is hollowed out by things you haven't noticed.

some people find bookkeeping very troublesome, but many bookkeeping APP on the market are already very convenient. You can directly bind your bank card to Alipay. After a month, when you see the bill, you will understand where you spend the most money.

in addition, you should learn to manage money.

there is a saying: if you don't manage money, money doesn't care about you.

Don't think that you can't manage money without money. Remember that more money means more money, and less money means less money.

making money is a skill, and saving money is a great skill.


Don't play with your cell phone before going to bed

the popularity of smartphones has changed people's way of life. Many people are used to brushing their phones to relax before going to bed, but scientific experiments tell us that playing with mobile phones will not relax people, but will affect the quality of our sleep.

A study in the American journal Sleep shows that

playing with your cell phone for a long time before going to bed has an impact on health and psychology, increasing the risk of depression by 20% and anxiety by 14%.

delaying bedtime increases the chance of insomnia by 41%, while the chance of insomnia by playing with your phone before going to bed is even higher, reaching 82%.

so how to quit "cell phone addiction"? I also recommend a few tips for you:

1, do not bring your cell phone into the bedroom;

2, put a small alarm clock at the head of the bed;

3, you can read a book when you can't sleep. Looking at you makes you sleepy.


find your own "5: 00 in the morning"

read a very interesting survey, saying that leading people in many fields get up "around 5: 00 in the morning" in the morning.

Robin Li, president of Baidu, gets up at more than 5 o'clock every morning;

Disney CEO Robert Iger, gets up at 4:45 every morning;

writer Haruki Murakami gets up at 4 or 5 o'clock every morning to run and write


there are numerous examples, not to encourage people to get up at five in the morning, but to get into the habit of getting up early.

get up an hour early, go to exercise, and get in good shape;

get up an hour early, have breakfast, and get a healthy body;

get up an hour early, read, and gain a wiser mind;

get up an hour early, go to work, and get a more decent career.

some people say that there are two kinds of people in the world who are the scariest. One is those who insist on learning, and the other are those who insist on getting up early.

the person who is the best in any field is never the smartest, but the one who can control himself the most and make more efforts than others.

get up early three lights: head light, face light, clothes light, get up late three panic: people panic, panic, things panic.

the life of getting up early makes a lot of money.


finally, I would like to give you a sentence:

Why have you heard a lot of truth, but you can't have a good life?

because many things are not meaningful after being said, but valuable only when they are done.

share with you.