Haggle | make yourself a pair of chopsticks that can eat annoyance

/December 2022

recently I've been thinking about

what chaos is trying to express and what it can give you.

once we took "more influential and independent" as our goal, but finally found that "influence" and "independence" are two words that are difficult to be photographed at the same time.

because both words are too empty, you can't figure it out, and you can't set a real goal for yourself. No goal means you don't know where to go.

so, I think it's time for chaos to move on to the next stage.

instead of not pursuing "more independent" and "more influential", but more directly telling disorganized readers what we want to do:

"We want to ease your troubles through our thoughts."

to be honest, I like the official account WHATYOUNEED very much. I have also been to their office and talked to WYN's Blake,Crown, Old Tom. Maybe because we like it too much, many people say that messy is very much like WYN, but we and WYN both know that we are not like at all.

because WYN can always make us find out, "Wow, there is a group of young people who are so much cooler than me."

and disorganized in turn: "Wow, there is a group of young people like me."

they are ahead of time, and we are just like you.

the same boring, the same not strong, the same has all kinds of shortcomings, at the same time, it is also full of hope for the future, and then, like you, hope that you can become more powerful and more interesting.

since I am disorganized like you, I will not be able to solve your troubles for you. Therefore, I hope that I can ease your troubles and express your troubles in words for you.

maybe it's the embarrassment of the first time in the workplace, maybe it's the problem of getting along with friends, maybe it's the trouble of love.

everything, in disorder, wants to be able to speak out and put forward our views and how we can deal with these moments.

I hope that just like your good friends, even if what you say has nothing to do with you, it can provide you with a place to rest every night. Let you put your troubles aside for a while and see your life in our words. With any luck, that night's tweet will solve the problems you are facing.

it doesn't matter if you are unlucky, because in those five minutes of watching chaos, you can temporarily avoid all the waves in your life and dive to the bottom of your heart.

@ Tongc

more than 12 o'clock the night before last, I received a Wechat message. He was a reader. He said, "good night, Tong c." I said, "OK, good night." Last week, an unconnected friend said to me, "I don't seem to have seen your article for a long time." When I say "en", I seldom reply with the word "um", because a word always seems a little indifferent.

in order to be tactful, I used Pinyin and did not reply to him.

except for exams, I spend a lot of my spare time writing, and then send it to Zhang Jingshui and eel whale as usual, but recently, I sent several word documents, but almost without exception, I got a feedback, "I don't know what you're trying to say."

A series of professional exams and failed manuscripts have made me more and more anxious. In order to write a good manuscript, I keep writing new ones.

however, the more so, the more upset, the worse the writing, the endless cycle. To tell you the truth, as of today, I haven't slept more than six hours in about half a month.

am I really under a lot of pressure? no, I put a lot of pressure on myself. Because I can hardly tell anyone about my troubles and stress, my family won't, my friends won't.

I once opened a new Weibo. I don't know anyone, but I use post-it notes to write down today's unhappy events or feelings before I go to bed every day. So the dark blue curtains are still shining after 12:00 in the evening, because I write something only I know in a place where there is no one else, and I think my troubles will be relieved.

but no, there are more and more post-it notes, and I am more and more reluctant to talk to others, until one day Vivi told me, "actually, you are unhappy, and you should tell us. Although I may not be able to solve it for you, at least I can listen to you scold people. I can help you curse others. Besides, you are not the only one in this world who is unhappy. You will come to comfort me when I quarrel with Zhang Jingthorn."

although I don't like people to easily say "I understand your troubles" without the same pain, if a person tells you that it doesn't matter if you are unhappy, and I am not happy, I also want to be a bad person and kill the whole world. You will find that you are not alone.

you're sad, it's okay, because I'm sad, too.

in the early hours of two months ago, we were at a youth brigade in Guangzhou, enduring sleepiness to analyze what our words can bring to readers, whether your problems will be solved because of our words, and whether your feelings will be experienced by us.

We had no result that night. Tonight, we have it. It is the sentence on the thorn,

"We want to ease your troubles through our thoughts."

A lot of people left messages backstage the night before last, saying what their recent troubles are. I don't think they have lived through the sad days they described. It doesn't matter, neither have I.

so if you want us to be disorganized, with you, to ease your troubles, then we sincerely invite you to join us.An offline event will be held in Zhongtian VPARK Square on July 18.

venue: Brahmani Art Space, third floor, Zhongtian VPARK Commercial Plaza

number of people: 10

activity content: make a pair of chopsticks by yourself + "annoyance sharing meeting"

activity time: 2:30-6:30 on July 18th

cost: 30 yuan (non-profit)

if you can come with us, bring all your troubles to make your own pair of wooden chopsticks Then if you eat your troubles with this pair of chopsticks, please click to read the original text and fill in our specially made registration form.

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