Emotional stability is a person's top charm (good article in depth)

/September 2022

Napoleon once said, "he who can control his emotions is greater than a general who can take a city."

emotionally stable, it is a person's top charm.


people whose emotions are out of control

Life is bound to get out of control

Nietzsche said in "the other side of good and Evil": "if emotions are always out of control, they will be led by emotions and lose their freedom."

in the mood that is out of control, there is a life out of control.

Xiao Li washes in the morning and puts his high-end watch next to the washtable. In order to prevent the watch from getting wet, the wife put it at the table.

but unfortunately, when my son was taking bread, he accidentally touched his watch and broke it.

when Xiao Li found out, he lost his temper at them and went to the company.

when I was almost at the office, I found that I had forgotten my briefcase and had to go home, but at this time my wife went to work and my son went to school, so I had to ask my wife to come back and deliver the keys.

my wife hurried home, knocked over the fruit stall by the side of the road and lost a sum of money.

and Xiao Li returned to the company more than 20 minutes late and was reprimanded.

my wife lost her full attendance award for a month because she came back. At the same time, my son was in a bad mood on this day, which led to the abnormal performance of the game.

because Xiao Li's temper is out of control, the whole family has encountered a series of troubles.

Life is like a mirror, just as you are.

anger will attract angry people and things, thus more stimulate their own negative emotions, and so on, is a vicious circle.

if you don't have the ability to perceive and stop it, your life will get out of control.

all bad moods need to be paid for by yourself.

host Kou Naixin once had a quarrel with her husband, because he was angry, and he was afraid that he would lose the argument, so he blurted out: "on what basis do you deserve me? do you know that you are divorced and are secondhand goods? you don't deserve me at all!"

her husband was silent for a moment, packed his bags and got ready to leave, and then said, "Nai Xin, you know, some words can't be said."

people who are out of control also tend to bring negative emotions to others.

every time you get angry, it turns into a sharp sword at yourself and others.

A person's greatest kindness to himself is to manage his bad mood well.

there is a good saying: you can express anger, but not angrily.

Don't be a slave to emotion, be the master of emotion.


different emotions

create different results

A person's emotional management ability will directly affect the result of doing things.

Ellis, a famous American psychologist, shared a story:

A young man was lovelorn and felt very sad because he had paid a lot, but the other party abandoned him.

he couldn't get out of his depression and sadness, so he went to a psychiatrist.

the psychiatrist asked him, "what would you think if one day you were resting on a park bench and there was a beloved book beside you, and someone came and broke your book?"

he said, "I'll be angry and mad at him!"

the psychiatrist asked again, "what if that person is blind?"

he said: "I will forgive him, he certainly did not mean to, he can not see also very poor, I will sympathize with him very much."

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the psychiatrist concluded:

"Yes, the same thing can be seen from different angles, feelings and emotions will be different." Similarly, if you think about a woman who doesn't know how to cherish, it's better to leave early, otherwise you will invest more, have more sadness, and will not meet the right person in the future. You should be more kind to yourself in the future. "

different emotions lead to different results.

when we give flowers to others, we are the first to smell the flowers;

when we grab mud and throw it at others, it is our own hands that get dirty first.

A good mood makes your life smooth, while a bad mood will make your life full of thorns.