Are you tired? put it down. Forget it.

/July 2022

I saw a sentence on


I think so.

most of the time, our pain is not to give up what we should not give up, but to insist on what we should not.

Lin Qingxuan said:

in the final analysis, all people's troubles are mostly caused by their own nature of mind.

if you are not too persistent, you will not be tired; if you let go of entanglement, you will reduce regret; if you know how to give up, you will get something.


too persistent, are you tired?

read the Happy Dictionary and always sweat for the participants' choice between advance and retreat.

usually at the last stage, the interviewees are unwilling to give up and continue to move forward, often with all their efforts reduced to zero, feeling remorse for being too persistent.

on one occasion, a man was lucky enough to answer question 9, but he no longer continued the challenge, and everyone felt sorry for him.

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host Wang Xiaoya asked three times in a row: "do you really give up?" No regrets? "

he said that he was very satisfied. You don't have to go to the highest point in life, you just have to make the effort you should make.

everyone applauded him, and in the end, he won his own family dream and returned with satisfaction.

writer Daisuo Suzuki said:

once there were two stubborn birds that filled netizens with delight.

they each hold on to part of the meat, deadlock until it is fossilized and let others fiddle with it.

cover them with paper towels and they remain motionless; give them a few more pieces of meat and remain motionless.

see the essence of the problem: what brother is fighting for is not meat, but face!

in life, many people are as persistent as these two birds, but they are only afraid of failure. In order to satisfy their self-esteem, they forget the original purpose and the meaning of persistence in the end.

there is a clear saying in Benevolent French:

what we cling to, we are often burdened by; who we cling to, who we are often hurt. The more persistent you are, the easier it is to lose.

Don't be too persistent, just try your best to have a clear conscience.


is too tangled, so let it go

there is a saying:

two years ago, Juanzi's former employer wanted to develop a new project and asked her to go back to help. She felt that the company was small and the future was uncertain, and she had been stalling vaguely.

however, since talking to her former employer, she has been unable to work at ease, muddling along, feeling that there is still a way out, and that she can only go back to her former company.

until now, the benefits of Juanzi Company have declined sharply as a result of the epidemic, and she is among them to lay off staff by a large margin.

however, the operation of the former company has not been affected at all, the project has been done surprisingly well, Juanzi is very moved, and there are no vacant positions for a long time.

Juanzi regretted and blamed herself for her indecision.

in fact, there are not so many so-called correct choices in the world. If you are too entangled, it is easy to get into a corner, worry about gain and loss, and fall into a dead end where it is difficult to choose.

all the time was wasted on entanglement, wasted time, and finally missed the opportunity to solve the problem.

the famous singer Pavarotti also struggled before choosing music.

he graduated from a normal college. He wanted to be a teacher, but he was obsessed with music.

his father told him:

so Pavarotti chose to sing without hesitation, and after seven years of silent efforts, he gradually became recognized and amazed by the world.

if he hadn't made a choice right away and kept on wrestling with it, he might not have done a good job.

Let go of the entanglement so that you won't be burdened by it.

I like the sentence

Don't struggle too much, be decisive. Because you are not old, you will not get nothing; because you are not young, you will not have nothing.

if you put it down, you are moving forward.


if you can't get it, forget it

Jia Pingwa said:

you are willing to give up, so naturally you have to give up.

Tagore put it well: "when a bird's wings are tied with gold, they will never fly far."

people think too much and carry heavy baggage, just like shackles on their feet.

do not realize that giving up is also a choice, and the end point is also a starting point.

once, a French newspaper held a quiz with a prize, in which there was a title:

many people mentioned masterpieces of collectible value.

as a result, among thousands of answers, this answer won the gold medal: "I saved the painting closest to the exit."

divorced from reality, I'm afraid we won't even get what we deserve. Instead of losing the whole game, it's better to treat it as usual, but there will be a glimmer of hope.

"de" is a skill, and "giving up" is a kind of wisdom.

with the mentality of "if you can't get it, forget it", let it go.

dare to "give up" in order to let go of anxiety, live well in the present, win the future, and savor life calmly.


for the rest of my life, take good care of yourself

there is a saying:

it's funny that you can't talk about the people and things that worry you a few years later.

so, learn to let it go.

not long for the rest of your life, be good to yourself.

not persistent, the mood will be clear; without entanglement, everything is the best result; forget it, it is the greatest gain.

if you put it down, the world will be simple and happy.It just came along.

Happiness is when you let go.

finally, in the words of Haruki Murakami, I would like to share with you:

Don't dwell on the past, don't worry about the present, don't worry too much about the future, there are no useless experiences in life, so we keep walking. It will be dawn.