Your life's luck is hidden in your mouth.

/June 2022

what's the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to socializing?

what I think of is how to speak.

We say a lot of things every day, to relatives, to friends, to colleagues, even to strangers.

Xi Yin once said: whether

can speak or not determines to a large extent all aspects of your life, even your destiny.


once at a barbecue in the wild, Xiao Wang brought a bottle of chili sauce, but couldn't unscrew it, so he asked another friend to help.

as a result, the friend unscrewed it at once.

everyone praised his strength, but he said modestly:

virtually helped Xiao Wang save face and leave a good impression on everyone.

this is a small thing, even a detail that some people won't notice.

but whether a person can speak or not is often hidden in the details.

this kind of detail can not only be done with high EQ, the key is whether you have a heart that is willing to think of others.

who wouldn't want to get along with such a person?

on the contrary, people who like to show off in words whenever they seize any opportunity will inevitably arouse the resentment of others.

this is why some people are boring wherever they go;

while others are always praised for being popular and EQ.

No one knows whether the goodwill released through words this time will be returned to themselves next time.

but what we all know is that people who can talk inadvertently accumulate good luck for themselves wherever they go.


this is how you get along with friends, especially marriage.

"talking" runs through marriage, and the power of language is sometimes unimaginable.

Yang Jiang once wrote about a little thing that happened with her husband in "the three of us".

"Zhong Shu and I had a quarrel, only for a French pronunciation.

I said his accent had a local accent, but he disagreed and said a lot of hurtful words. I tried to hurt him, too.

I simply asked a Frenchman to judge on the spot, and in the end, I was right. "

although Yang Jiang won, she didn't feel happy.

because she knows that if she wins the argument, she may lose a relationship.

such hurtful words accumulate one after another, which may lead to the instant rupture of feelings that have been in business for many years.


describe "drink again, sooner or later drink to death" as "drink less, I'm worried about your body".

No one is forcing you, why do you care so much? Don't worry, I'm afraid you're too tired.

the results must be very different.

because there is not too much right and wrong between partners, it is the trivialities of life that determine happiness.

most of those who can "talk" in marriage see through this.

A person who can talk is equivalent to getting a key to open the door of happiness.


Yi Shu wrote in the first half of my Life:

the first is sound, which refers to expression;

the second is color, which refers to appearance;

the third is art, which refers to technology.

from this sort, you can see how important it is to express how important it is.

especially in the workplace.

I often hear my friend say that she especially admires a big leader in the company.

once when colleagues were having dinner together, a new little girl accidentally bounced the shrimp into the bowl of the leader next to her.

the little girl's face turned white in an instant, the whole audience was silent, and the scene was very awkward.

the leader smiled and waved his hand and said:

colleagues laughed, and the deadlock was broken in an instant.

after hearing this, I found that there is not a reason why my friends admire this leader.

one sentence not only shows his magnanimity, but also wins the hearts of the people.

you will find that people who are going well in the workplace are not only responsible and capable, but also partly because they can "talk" and speak well.

so being able to talk is also a great talent.


in the matter of speaking, the "expression function" really comes first.

but if you just express yourself from your own point of view, regardless of the feelings of others, this "expression" is bound to bring disaster to yourself, and that's how it comes out of your mouth.

in today's society, people are not stupid.

Today you save face for ten people, but in the future, no one or two are willing to repay you.

however, if you hurt ten people, you are bound to cause trouble for ten people in the future.

to be a man, don't let your mouth hold you back from happiness.

A person who can talk wins as soon as he opens his mouth.

win not only in that good mouth, but also in the heart that understands others.

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after all, the most important thing to get along with people is to compare your heart to heart.

words are the voice of the heart and words are the state of mind.

your life's luck is hidden in your mouth.