Your inferiority complex has become your self-righteousness.

/December 2022

Zhang Jingzhi:

Zhan Xin an!

in fact, I don't know what to say. It's probably that I fell in love with my roommate's high school classmate as a freshman. It was very strange. I fell in love with it at a glance at the picture. Then take the initiative to add Wechat, chat, and then he is very busy, always does not reply to my messages, in anger to delete Wechat, and add back, now no matter how noisy I am, basically does not reply to me. Um, I think I may be obsessed now. I have told this story to a lot of people, from the beginning of love to calmly telling other people's stories. Really give up and not reconciled, continue to be humble to the dust. Ah, I forgot to mention that I am a girl.

good luck.





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when I see your letter, I have to clarify my worries to you.

you are indeed "humble to the dust" as you say, and your humility will not only make your life worse and worse, but also become inexplicably "self-righteous" to disturb others.

look at how you like someone: you fell in love with him at first sight when you saw a picture of a boy, and then asked for his Wechat, constantly contacting (harassing) him, and he was too busy to reply to your Wechat, so you deleted him.

first question, is it true that the other person won't reply to your Wechat because he is busy?

obviously not. If it is a girl I like, no matter how busy I am, I will take the time to reply to her Wechat. How long will it take a person to raise his hand and send a voice message? The longest is only 60 seconds.

generally speaking, love at first sight is not two-way, it is often the emotional response of the weak to the strong. So in terms of appearance, you should be superior to each other, and not a little bit. And even if they don't have time to talk to you, you still want to delete others. The other person just doesn't want to reply to a troublesome person, and you act as if he did something wrong.

I will not continue the analysis. You say that you "really give up but are not reconciled to it", but in my opinion, you are not in unrequited love. Your giving up is your unrequited love, your unreconciled love is also your unrequited love, the other party has not expressed to you from the beginning to the end that he also likes you, because I know that if he has done such a thing, you will tell me in the letter.

in fact, did you find that you did not ask a specific question in this letter to me? You're just telling me what happened to you recently. You want to ask for help, but you don't even know how to ask for help.

do you want me to be the so-called "person who understands you"? Do you know what you need when you see these hundreds of words?

your inferiority complex has actually become your self-righteousness.

I don't write so long to hurt you, let alone to make fun of you. I just want to tell you: "the eagle must knock off its old beak before soaring again." This process will leave a lot of blood, but it has to be. "

people always hide what they want to say in a lot of unimportant words. When I first read the letter, I couldn't understand why a girl would do such a thing and feel that she had done nothing wrong until I read the word "inferiority complex". It's not until I read the word "inferiority" that I know why you did all this.

everyone has an inferiority complex, but inferiority can never be our shield. Only self-confidence can resist everything. So what you need to do is not how to forget this "unrequited love", but to rebuild your own self-confidence.

and at the moment, I want you to believe me that the most direct way to develop self-confidence is to start with appearance. Try to do more exercise, exercise more, buy a nice set of clothes, be neither humble nor arrogant when getting along with the opposite sex, don't worry too much, and allow others not to like you.

the process of finding a problem is painful because it is like tearing open a festering wound. But if you keep burying your head in the sand, you will suffocate sooner or later.

good luck