Your circle determines the rest of your life (knowing it's too late! )

/June 2022

Life, everyone has his own life and circle.

there is a "circle law" in sociology, also known as 150 law. It means:

the important thing for people to get along with others in this life is frankness and sincerity.

circles and friends do not lie in many, as long as clean and sincere.



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the conversation is not opportunistic, it is too much to chat, it is like-minded, and it is not enough to talk to each other all night.

it is totally unnecessary to stay with people with different values, even if they deliberately cater to them.

during the three Kingdoms period, Guan Ning and Hua Xin were friends, but their values were quite different.

Guan Ning despises fame and wealth and only wants to study knowledge;

but Hua Xin is different. He just wants to pursue fame and wealth.

once, when an official sedan chair passed by, Hua Xin hurried out to have a look, while Guan Ning was still studying. When he came back, Hua Xin kept boasting to Guan Ning.

Guan Ning became more and more disgusted when he heard it. He pulled out a knife and angrily divided the mat where they were sitting together into two halves and severed their friendship with Hua Xin.

do not pander, in order not to be cheap, even if groveling, but also humiliate their own dignity.

Confucius once said:

A circle that is not suitable does not need to be forcefully integrated. No matter how prosperous the circle of others is, it may not be suitable for you.

but the real circle, which blends with each other's aura, is the true acquaintance of life.


the circle does not lie in many circles, but in "Zhen"

Bai Juyi's "Pipa Line" has such a sentence:

to the effect that when a woman is famous, all kinds of celebrity circles come to visit.

then there was a sudden change, and her face was gone, and those who had come to please were far away from her.

this is the reality. When you are rich and powerful, there are always people around you. Once they are down and out, they run faster than anyone else. That's all for the so-called "soft nails".

the world is bustling for the sake of profit.

after half a lifetime, we know that the circle does not lie in many, but in "truth".

when people are down and out, they know whose hand is the most precious.

from small to big, I have met countless people, experienced touching and betrayal, and most of them are drifting away.

time filters most people and things, making us see more and more clearly.

people are unpredictable. Not all circles are your friends, and not all "friends" are called friends.

autumn is known only when leaves are fallen, but friends are known when they are in trouble.

be sincere to those who treat you sincerely; those who take advantage of you, stay away as soon as possible.


although the circle is small, it is better to be clean

as the ancients said: those who are close to red are red, those who are close to ink are black.

when you reach middle age, you don't have to invite everyone into your life. You should learn to subtract and remove unimportant people from your life.

this is respect for yourself and responsibility for life.

because it really matters who you are with.

A circle of "clean" people must have a pure mind and a simple and fulfilling life.

they have a scale in their hearts, they know how to stop, who should treat them attentively and who should pass by.

they will not lose themselves, nor will they be attached to others.

keep a clean heart and circle, the body will not feel tired, but also will live a happier and simpler life.


the real circle will not deliberately include you, but will accept you because of your beauty.

there is no need to please others, just wait for the people you are attracted to and come together with.

Life is precious and everything is beautiful.

the ancients said: choose those who are good and follow them, and change them if they are not good.