Your attitude towards mobile phone has exposed your attitude towards life.

/June 2022

do you have such an experience?

I stayed up late to watch TV series the night before last. I woke up the next day after 10:00. I lay in bed brushing the hot list of Weibo and moments, and ordered a takeout.

it was two or three o'clock in the afternoon while eating takeout and watching variety shows.

wanting to do housework but too lazy to move, I just collapsed on the sofa and continued to browse the short video. The eyes are getting sour and the phone is getting hotter and hotter, but I just don't want to put it down.

at this time, looking out of the window, it was getting late, only to find that I had wasted another day, and I could not help feeling a brief emptiness.

however, the next day, it will be repeated as usual.

perhaps, most of the time, it is not we who dominate the phone, but the phone that "dominates" you and me.



screen is depriving us of happiness

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in 1995, American strategist Brzezinski put forward a famous theory called "nipple Music Theory" at a conference in San Francisco that gathered 500 global political and economic elites.

he believes that with the rapid development of productivity and globalization, the competition between people will continue to intensify.

80% of the world's wealth will be in the hands of the other 20% of the elite.

one of the ways to appease the "mediocre majority" is to let people indulge in entertainment. Enjoy the sensory stimulation brought by the product, so as to divert attention and weaken the sense of competition.

this theory, which came from 25 years ago, now makes people think about it very much.

it seems to be becoming a reality step by step. While most people indulge in the pleasure of electronic screens, the real elites are engrossed in their studies and careers.

as a result, the gap between the two will only widen.

but because of all kinds of entertaining gossip, funny videos and top games, most people don't realize that they have fallen into the trap of "nipple music theory".

however, how often do the real elites use electronic products? One or two can be seen from their education of their children.

when ipad was first released in 2010, when a reporter from the New York Times was interviewing Steve Jobs, he inadvertently said, "your child must also like ipad.

unexpectedly, Stephen said:

isn't it amazing?

similarly, at a school near Silicon Valley, students do not use any electronic screens until eighth grade, and 75% of the parents in this school are technology executives of Internet companies.

this makes people wonder, what is the impact of electronic screens on our lives?

the waste of time, the "indigestion" caused by a lot of information, the brief pleasure and long emptiness of indulging in popcorn entertainment.

over time, there will be anxiety that you can't control your time and life.

when we happily suck our nipples, the screen is depriving us of our ability to perceive happiness and think independently.

only when we see funny videos do we stretch our eyebrows and laugh, but become numb and resistant to the joys of life.

it's easy for us to be manipulated by the media and public opinion to manipulate our value judgments. gradually become followers;

it's even hard to put down your phone and concentrate on one thing, even if it's just going to the bathroom.

isn't that sad?

We all seem to forget that mobile phones are just a tool, not our lives. It appeared to make life more convenient, but now it has become the "number one player" of "harvesting" life.


what really destroys you is laziness and indulgence

when my younger brother Xiaojiang signed in for the postgraduate entrance examination last year, he would go to the library and clock in every day, go out at 06:30, and stay until 10:00 in the evening before returning to the dormitory.

in the eyes of roommates, if Xiao Jiang works so hard, he will certainly succeed in getting ashore for the postgraduate entrance examination.

unexpectedly, just a few days before the exam, Xiao Jiang suddenly decided to give up the exam.

it turns out that he just "seems to work hard" when he goes out early and returns late. After reciting words and doing a volume of high math questions every morning, Xiao Jiang will feel a little tired.

at this time, the mobile phone suddenly jumped out of his favorite program update notice, a variety of interesting app recommendations, can not help but click on, unwittingly an hour passed.

at that time, Xiao Jiang would share his study plan for today in moments every day, and he seemed to have done a very beautiful and meticulous job. But in fact, few of the tasks listed can be completed by clocking in.

whenever he plays with his mobile phone, Xiao Jiang will think:

as a result, there are more and more unfinished learning tasks, and this "inefficient" learning mode makes Xiao Jiang feel uncertain at the last minute and choose to give up.

whenever he mentions this experience, Xiao Jiang always says with emotion, "I wish I had left my phone in the dorm, carried my bag and went straight out."

Yes, never overestimate your willpower and self-discipline.

what really destroys a person is never his mobile phone, but his indulgence and laziness.

in recent months, I often go to a cafe not far from home to write articles. Since last Monday, I decided to do a "challenge without a cell phone".

as a result, I finished the first draft of an article smoothly in an hour and a half that day. And write a framework for the next article, a weekly shopping list and a reading plan.

you know, these things would have taken me the whole afternoon.

goWhen I came out of the cafe, I felt a sense of achievement that I had not seen for a long time.

it turns out that I can do so much by putting down my phone.

I think that when I am writing a manuscript, I often pick up my phone to reply to messages and can't help but click open when I see the push that pops up. I inadvertently distract myself without knowing it.

when I chose to leave my phone at home, I realized that there were not so many messages to reply immediately, and there was no need to know every piece of news.

what mobile phones bring us is only the pleasure of "instant gratification", but the real success is often "delayed gratification".

in life, there is no shortage of people like Xiao Jiang, who are eager to be better but can not stand the boring learning process, so they choose to indulge in "immediate" happiness.

as Van Gogh said,

if you can't stand the pain, you will never feel the great happiness of success, nor will you create a good life of your own.

what's more, the first step to success is to grit your teeth and give up the useless "pleasure" brought by the screen?


learn to resist temptation

remember that the CCTV program "is it true" interviewed Gao Yunfeng, an expert in mechanics at Tsinghua University, who specially designed a set of mannequins to simulate the strength of the spine.

the experimental results are shocking:

that is to say, when you look down at your cell phone for half an hour on the subway, it is equivalent to the weight of two watermelons hanging around your neck.

Why can't many people resist the temptation when they know the harm of browsing their mobile phones?

once upon a time, I hated myself every day.

Why am I the only salty fish? Other people's self-media accounts can work hard every day, but I can only do it two or three times a week?

Why do other little sisters insist on going to the gym to sign in every day, but I always put off for various reasons?

I have to admit that it is human nature that it is difficult to resist temptation.

if you want to improve your self-control, you can't just shout a few slogans and write down a calendar, but you need to explore some tips that are suitable for you and can persist for a long time.

share with you a few tips that I think are very practical:

1. Identify the study area and relaxation area

make it clear in what specific situations, you need to keep your phone out of sight, such as the dinner table, bed, or study.

because the human body has memories, when you develop the habit of learning and concentration in one place, you will continue habitually.

similarly, if you have been playing with your phone in the same place, chances are that you will continue to play with your phone in this place next time.

2. Set up a reward and punishment mechanism

list the positive behaviors you want to cultivate, such as reading, exercise, going to bed early and getting up early, etc., and set up a reward and punishment mechanism on a weekly basis.

for example, if you finish reading for an hour every day this week, reward yourself with a hot pot, and instead deduct a certain amount from the balance and deposit it into the wish fund.

similarly, list the negative behaviors you want to change, such as watching videos while eating and playing games for more than an hour, and set penalties accordingly.

it's best to find a partner who can supervise each other and push yourself all the time.

3. Uninstall the addictive app

think about the software you can't stop as soon as you open it.

calm down and think about what valuable things they bring to you.

if there is nothing but pleasure. Then please bid farewell to this "poisonous nipple" that is controlling your life.


embrace happiness in real life

put down your phone, open the book you've always wanted to read, and wander in wonderful words and great thoughts.

put down your phone, remember to stare into your partner's eyes on a date, and talk to ta about recent interesting things or troubles.

put down your phone, go to museums, read picture books and do crafts with your children.

go into the kitchen to help your mother and accompany your father for a walk.

We live to feel the living world around us, to let our loved ones feel our love and companionship, and to think independently and calmly in the complicated world and tide.

Don't be controlled by the cold screen, break free from numbness and indifference!

you will be delighted to find that happiness in real life is down-to-earth and real happiness.