You should care about your life.

/December 2022

I told you a while ago that I would pick one or two letters a week to reply. This week, I received more than a dozen letters, and time was limited, so I only chose the one I thought was the most interesting. If you want to play, you might as well send your questions to my email [email protected]. It's best to add causes and consequences, or I don't know how to reply to you.

so today is the first reply.

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College roommate, you will wipe it away with anything 1.25 cents. When you give her money in this situation, you will add 50 cents to her, but when she does, you will give you 50 cents, and will ask you for this 50 cents. Money is not a big problem. The key is that every time she doesn't even say a word, for example, she doesn't have to give it, the fifty cents.

what would you say about such a person? is it worth being a friend?

it's not a problem to have very little money, but how can people do that?




besides email, you asked me the same question backstage, which shows that this question is really important to you.

when I first saw this question, I didn't care about it, so I replied to you in a very simple sentence. But this question is so strange that it has been stuck in my heart since you asked it. Because there are too many such situations in life, the "fifty cents" you say can be "ten yuan" or a meal.

in other words, when we keep making some small concessions in our relationship, the other person is still haggling from his point of view, what should we do? Is this kind of friend worth making?

tell you a story that may have nothing to do with these two questions or may have something to do with it.

I think of some of my friends. In my more than ten years of relationship with them, I seem to be the one who is "poor" and "poor", so I should be the one who gets more and gives less. Because I don't have to pay for it every time I go out with them, they always say, "We're all out to work. You're still a student. What do you pay?" "

they are one year older than me, but I am an undergraduate, and they are majors, so they all come out to work two years earlier than me. So, for example, the taxi fee, ah, the Internet fee we used to gang up, they are paying. I still remember that on my birthday two years ago, they asked me to go out to dinner, and then they took out two hundred and said, "that must be enough."

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shall I pay some, too?

they said, "it's your birthday. We can't even treat you to dinner."

at that time, my monthly living expenses was 500, and every time I told someone about it, I would be asked, "how did you survive?" I always tell them with a smile that I'm not very difficult. I go to Internet cafes every week. I don't save much when I should go out for dinner.

I didn't say it was because of them, who had lower academic qualifications than me, but said every time that I was still a friend of the students.

they grew up with me, from Warcraft to LOL. Slowly, they went to a not-so-good high school and then went to a not-so-good university. We see more and more different things, and even there are fewer and fewer opportunities to meet, but every time we have any questions, we can call each other to the edge of the basketball court, drink beer and talk about troubles.

I am much richer now than I was two years ago. I begin to invite them to afternoon tea and play computer games.

once I invited them to finish breakfast, and A joked: "making money is different."

I said, "No, I just ate so much of you before, so it's time to pay it back."

they walked in front, and B turned to me and said, "what is it? we don't have to talk about it."

I froze for a moment and said, "good."

several others shouted: "come on, the Internet bar is out of order."

this is the end of the story, which seems to have gone a little too far.

in fact, I just want to tell you that you can care about your life, you should also care about your life, you can draw all your efforts and gains in a relationship on paper, and then use it as a basis to judge whether a person is worthy of a deep acquaintance, and you can even establish your own scoring criteria to help you make decisions quickly and decide whether this person is in deep acquaintance with you. It's still a timely stop.

but I want to tell you that if you really want to be someone's friend, or make someone your friend, give him more time, or set the stop point higher, like you are now, set the stop point at 5 cents and 1 yuan, but my advice is, if the stop point can be set at 10 yuan, set it at 10 yuan, if you can set it at 100 yuan, set it at 100 yuan.

because of that, you are less likely to miss out on your "best friend for life".

because of this, you may have a better chance of becoming someone else's best friend for life.

in fact, timely concessions, or giving more will not make your life too bad.

then try to give more if you want to.

you might get more out of it, really.

good luck.