Why the more people like to post on WeChat moments, the better their luck.

/August 2022

when it comes to people who often post on moments, some people are dismissive. "only people who have never seen the world will show off on moments."

at first hearing such an argument, I couldn't help nodding.

but if you think about it, isn't it ridiculous that you keep your head down and brush through your moments all the time, but dislike people who often post news?

besides, it is everyone's freedom to post on moments. If you don't want to see the screen, there is no need to point fingers.

and in my opinion, those who often post on moments have the best luck.


record your life carefully and always cherish the present.

A few years ago, people were often exhausted after writing manuscripts, but she was the only one who kept her spirits happy all the time.

I didn't know where her vitality came from until I added Wechat and watched her moments.

she has a rich circle of friends, sometimes sharing simple and interesting life tracks, and sometimes showing her love with her husband on a daily basis.

later, when she had a child, the child's first toddler and first speech were recorded by her heart in her moments.

although her work is still busy, she never gets tired of the details and always makes her life happy and beautiful.

when she is in an unhappy mood, she flips through her circle of friends and can't help sighing the solidity and romance full of smoke and fire.

I think such a person will have the courage to live a good life at any time.

just like the passage she wrote in moments:

in the final analysis, besides socializing, the most important function of moments is to record life.

people who often post on moments are good at capturing every detail of life and discover all the wonderful and beautiful things in the world of fireworks.

each time they send out photos and paragraphs of text, it is their way of happiness and self-healing.

such people, no matter how hard life is, they will not complain, and no matter how difficult life is, they will smile.

they will always cherish the present, seriously enjoy the process of life, and maintain enthusiasm and expectation for the future.

therefore, people who like to post in moments are the happiest people. They know how to cherish love and good memories, and life will give you the most gentle feedback.


know how to please yourself and enjoy life

some time ago, Wechat released a set of data. Every day, 1.09 billion users open Wechat and 780 million users enter moments. But in the end, only 120 million users post on moments.

Why do more and more people begin to disappear in moments?

one netizen said:

"I posted a moments in the early hours of yesterday morning, but I deleted it a few minutes later, then re-blocked several people and sent it again and again, so I sent and deleted it back and forth several times.

finally sent out, but there is no joy at the beginning. "

I don't know since when, the more people we know, but the smaller the circle.

you have to consider for a long time when posting a message on your moments. Negative emotions can't be sent, family conflicts can't be sent, and what visible range should be set.

in the end, I stopped posting it at all, fearing that I would become the girl in the eyes of others who had never seen the world, and that she would post on moments at the slightest "crap".

so, on the contrary, we will envy those who often post on moments, at least they can express themselves generously and confidently without fear of other people's eyes.

people who often post on moments are actually a little careless and don't have too many worries and no intentions.

in their minds, posting moments is their own freedom, and it has nothing to do with showing off, not to mention the disapproval of others.

such people are simple, real and pure.

in fact, when people reach a certain age, they will understand that life is ultimately their own and has nothing to do with people.

instead of living in the eyes of others, it is better to please yourself and be a simple and happy person so that you can be unscrupulous.

your circle of friends can post whatever you want. The simpler your heart is, the happier you live.


pay attention to feelings and treat people most sincerely

do you have such a moment when you miss someone, open Wechat, find his profile picture, and click on moments.

want to see how he is doing recently, but only sporadic developments of a few weeks ago appear in front of him.

I don't know how he's doing recently, and I don't know how to start the topic, so I have to turn off the chat box and stop interrupting.

you think you will be good friends for the rest of your life. In the long years, you are drifting away.

so, I am still very grateful to those friends who are constantly dynamic.

they look like talkers, but in fact, they are the most emotional and worthy of deep acquaintance.

people who like to post on moments may not want to say so much, but they are still willing to let others know themselves through moments.

they also regularly flip through other people's moments, look at each other's lives, click on likes, leave a compliment, and try to maintain a relationship.

behind these seemingly careless things, there is actually unspoken concern and attention to feelings.

in this era of convenient communication, it may be possible to find someone with a single Wechat on the phone, but for those who don't know how to express their thoughts, moments are still the most convenient way to socialize.

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so, if you have people who interact with you often in your circle of friends, you must cherish those who are open to you.


know how to share and reap double luck

A few days ago, I heard a friend say that Lao XiaoI got a promotion.

speaking of his experience, everyone envied his good luck and caught up with the good opportunity.

after graduation, Lao Xiao entered a leading company in the industry. His position is not high, but he is honest, but every time someone asks him for advice, he always spares no effort.

at the end of his internship, he took the initiative to sort out a document on the problems often encountered in his work to facilitate the company to train new partners.

it was this detail that made him stand out in front of the leader, was quickly appreciated and reused, and has now become an important leader of several projects in the company.

in fact, I am not surprised that Lao Xiao has achieved what he has achieved now, because he has long been able to spy on his circle of friends.

since college, Lao Xiao has had a habit of sharing some interesting things to his moments every now and then.

sometimes it's an inspirational story, sometimes it's a useful experience, sometimes it's a good movie, it's a good book.

but without exception, every time he shares, he writes a short recommendation, or his own experience.

in fact, most of the time, a person's every move in the moments also implies his character and represents his attitude towards life.

people who like to share moments are actually people with a big pattern.

even if life is not easy, they still love life and are willing to pass on warmth around them, give rise to more happiness and enrich themselves spiritually.

but at the same time, knowing how to share is a kind of wisdom.

they are more likely to reap good opportunities and popularity than ordinary people, and their lives will naturally move upward.


the heart is really strong. What you see is the scenery

Zhihu has a question: why do many people look down on people who like to post moments?

one netizen retorted:

everyone has their own way of life, so there is no need to envy or judge others.

you don't think you are rich enough, why don't you learn something to improve yourself, instead of thinking that others are just going through the back door?

you think life is not as good as others, why not try to change the status quo, but envy or even envy others?

you can tell the world that you are happy, or you can treasure your happiness carefully without mentioning it.

this is your attitude towards life.

in fact, we all know that those who are active in the circle of friends may not have a smooth and wonderful life, and those who quietly withdraw from the circle of friends are actually doing well.

but what we can be sure of is that those who often post moments must be very strong inside.

even if they are occasionally sad and decadent, they still present the warm and positive side in front of people.

their world, all they encounter is scenery, what they see is beautiful, and every circle of friends sent out is just to witness their hard work all the way.

I have read the sentence

"listen to your voice and do what you want to do." There is no right or wrong in life, but no matter what way of life you choose, don't forget that pleasing yourself is the best way to live. "

so, it's a long road in life, and all you have to do is--

strengthen your heart, live your heart, love what I love, and say I want to live up to this hard-won life.