Why do people take you less and less seriously? (kind people look at it)

/August 2022

as the old saying goes, there is a limit to everything, and it is better to go too far.

whatever you do, you need a limit.

the same is true of interpersonal relationships.

once you lose your limit, it is easy for you to be weak and strong.

it is human nature to bully the soft and afraid of the hard.

the more you think of others and the lower your profile, the less others take you seriously.


the more talkative you are, the less people care about

, the better your temper, and the more you are bullied

Why do people take you less and less seriously?

because you are too easy to talk.

you agree to something as soon as others look for it, and give it to others as soon as they ask for it.

the easier it is to get, the less cherished it is.

as Mile said:

in his hometown, there is an uncle who is friendly to people and has never seen him in a hurry with anyone.

he has a classmate, Lao Luo, who is in business. Because the business is not good, he loses money and has no money to get the goods.

he asked his uncle, borrowed 10,000 yuan to help him, and promised to return the money to his uncle with interest.

Uncle did not hesitate to lend him the money and said that if you need it, feel free to ask.

A month later, Lao Luo borrowed money from his uncle and said he had no money to turn around.

Uncle didn't refuse either and lent it to him.

Lao Luo became more and more impolite. He borrowed it several times, each time getting more and more.

Uncle is not easy to refuse, so he lent it to him, with a total of more than 50,000.

slowly, Lao Luo's business took a turn for the better, but he didn't mention the repayment at all.

later, my aunt got sick and needed money for treatment, so she asked Lao Luo to pay back the money.

as a result, Lao Luo turned his face and didn't recognize anyone. Instead of paying back the money, he blacklisted his uncle.

in "disqualification in the World", Tai Zaizhi wrote:

the more talkative, the less people care; the better the temper, the more bullied.

this is reality.

you have fulfilled others and wronged yourself.

in the eyes of others, you are not kind-hearted, but weak and useless.

therefore, you can't be too talkative, and you still have to have your edge.


the heart is too soft, it is always taken advantage of

people are too kind, and they are always bullied

as the saying goes, horses are ridden and people are deceived.

kind, there is nothing wrong, but if you are too kind, you are indulgent.

good people are honest, soft-hearted and accommodating to others.

but there are always some people who will take advantage of your kindness, take advantage of your feelings, gain an inch, and eventually make an honest man suffer.

I have heard such a story:

there is an aunt Chen whose children work out of town, and she usually lives alone.

the children will buy her a lot of things and send them home.

Xiao Li is a courier in charge of the area near her home.

one day, when Xiao Li was delivering, Aunt Chen was not at home.

Xiao Li called Aunt Chen and said she was in a hurry to leave the delivery at her door.

Aunt Chen understood that Xiao Li was not easy, so she agreed.

but Aunt Chen did not expect that no matter whether she was at home or not, Xiao Li did not contact her and left it on her doorstep.

on several occasions, the express boxes were all taken apart. Aunt Chen was worried and asked Xiao Li to inform her later.

but Xiao Li said that he was in a hurry, but the express delivery was still left at the door.

once, the neck massager bought by Aunt Chen's daughter disappeared.

while Xiao Li shrugged off that it is none of his business, the express delivery has been delivered, and it is Aunt Chen's fault.

Aunt Chen said, then complain!

Xiao Li complains about Aunt Chen, how poor her family is and how pitiful she is.

Aunt Chen is soft-hearted, so let it go.

because of this, Xiao Li held a grudge and deliberately put some heavy couriers at a distant post station for Aunt Chen to carry.

after Aunt Chen's daughter knew about it, she complained directly and let the matter stop.

Bi Shumin said: "refusal is a right. If you are so easy to talk, who can understand you?"

if the heart is too soft, it is easy to be used; if a person is too kind, he will always be bullied.

in this world, not everyone deserves to be kind to each other; not everything is worth being soft.

kindness needs a scale, and softness needs a limit.

in this way, you will not waste your kindness and consume your enthusiasm.


to whom the soft heart should be divided, and kindness should be given to others

Russell said: "of all moral qualities, the nature of kindness is the most needed in the world."

in getting along with others, kindness is essential.

you can have kindness, but it depends on who it is; you can have softness, but you have to divide it to whom.

when actress Sun Li was not popular, she supported a poor student through a program.

later, after the student was admitted to the university, he realized that the person who funded him was Sun Li.

so he began to ask Sun Li for money even more.

Sun Li will give him money at first, but it is getting more and more excessive.

Sun Li didn't want to hurt him, so he cut off his financial support.

unexpectedly, in exchange for retaliation from that student, he joined the media to crack down on Sun Li.

this makes Sun Li very cold.

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her kindness was given to the wrong person, which not only got nothing in return, but also got revenge.

in contrast, I recently saw a video:

when a nurse sister first came out to work, she sponsored a little girl.

sheSave several hundred yuan a month and remit it to the little girl until the little girl graduates.

the little girl will greet her during the holidays.

one day, the nurse sister received a thank-you note, in which there was still a bank card.

was written by the little girl she funded and told her that there were 20,000 yuan in the bank card and the password was the nurse's sister's birthday.

that was the money saved by the little girl after work, which moved the sister nurse very much.

both are kind, but have different results.

as the saying goes, the human heart is unfathomable and human nature is cold.

if you are kind to everyone, you are cruel to yourself, because you never know whether you will get something in return or revenge.

therefore, softness should be divided to whom, and kindness should be given to others.

for those who are sincere, give him more; for those who are hypocritical, stay away from him.

only by giving kindness to others will it be meaningful and will not make you feel cold.

"Zengguang Xianwen" says, "Don't get it easily, so take it easy."

people, that's it.

the kinder you are, the more bullied you are; the softer you are, the more difficult they are.

if you think of everything, the less others take you seriously.

goodness is beautiful, but too much is not enough, and softness is good, but not as good as too much.

only when kindness has its edge and softness has its limits, others dare not bully you and ignore your efforts.

for the rest of your life, you should give your kindness to others and let your kindness give play to its due value.

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