Who you are with determines the fate of your life!

/June 2022

birds of a feather flock together, people are divided into groups, those who are close to red are red, those who are close to ink are black.

when I am with the tiger, I think about how to dominate the forest; with the fox, I think about how the fox pretends to be the power of the tiger.

often accompany a gentleman, be nurtured by him, become a gentleman; always keep company with, assimilate and become a villain.

what kind of person you associate with, you will become what kind of person you will be, and who you will be with will determine the fate of your life!

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go with people with good character

people with good character are open and aboveboard, magnanimous, honest, down-to-earth, pragmatic, and decent.

when he encounters difficulties, he has a tough heart; he can treat success or failure in life with a normal mind!

walk with a person with good character, his good character is like a little sun, planted in his heart.

accompany you out of the trough of life, let you have a magnanimous mind.

if you are willing to help others, good retribution will follow; be kind to others, and good conduct will warm your whole life!


join hands with people with positive energy

people with positive energy are looking for ways and will not complain when something happens; what is difficult to find is a way out, not pessimistic; communication sees strengths and will not be serious!

join hands with the person with positive energy, he will transfer the energy to your hand, which will make you more and more calm and open-minded.

when you encounter setbacks, you are not pessimistic; when you encounter adversity, you stop complaining.

people with positive energy will have a positive impact on you, making you more and more energetic and optimistic!


and those who make you comfortable

stay away from those who make you sad; keep your distance from those who are negative.

A person's life depends on the magnetic field to get along with each other. For those who don't agree with the magnetic field, remember not to get to know each other deeply!

some people don't care about money, so don't talk to him; others are tricky and cynical, so don't reason with him.

keep company with someone who makes you comfortable for the rest of your life!

between you, there is no intrigue for interests, no tit-for-tat for benefits, win-win cooperation and ease with each other, such friends are best friends for life!


low-quality communication is not as good as high-quality solitude.

you only live once in your life. don't waste your feelings for people who are not worth it, and don't wait too long for things that are not worth it.

Black and white, you have to distinguish between the good and the bad, you have to understand,

drag you, calculate your people, keep your distance;

those who have helped you, those who have made you, be grateful for a lifetime!