Who cares if I leave?

/June 2022

I have heard such a saying:

people are the only ones who can accompany us all their lives.


who will comfort me if I am aggrieved

recently, I watched a popular movie called "Marriage Story".

this film, which was nominated for best picture and scored 8.6 at the 92nd Academy Awards, had only one feeling after watching it: it was so real.

through the divorce story of a couple, the movie tore open the cruel truth of marital life.

Charlie and Nicole are a couple everyone envies.

at the beginning of marriage, two people appreciate each other and love each other, which can be regarded as a model for a perfect couple.

but with the birth of the son, the couple's marriage ushered in a seven-year itch.

as the backbone of family life, his wife, Nicole, shifts more energy to home, spending time with trifles every day.

in marriage, life is blurred and self-lost;

at work, from once popular actresses to less and less sense of existence.

husband Charlie, on the contrary, because of his wife's efforts, the family does not have to worry too much every day, and his career is booming, and the more he lives, the more he has a sense of achievement.

she gradually lost her wife and was so miserable that she almost collapsed. She confided to her husband, but only got scolded by her husband.

Charlie said:

"even if you marry another man later, the result will be the same."

because you need a voice, but you don't want to have a voice. "

in the eyes of the husband, the wife's grievances are nothing but groaning without illness.

the two people who once loved each other drifted apart.

in marriage, there are not so many major contradictions between right and wrong, but they are just incomprehension and incomprehension accumulated in the daily life.

in a relationship, one's greatest grievance is that the other party turns a blind eye.

at the end of the story, Nicole finally realized: in marriage, she doesn't love herself, who else will love you?

feelings need to give, but if you give blindly, the other person will get used to taking it for granted and forget that you also need love.

in a relationship, selflessness cannot be exchanged for dignity and happiness.

it is better to love yourself unconditionally than to love others without restraint.

if you learn to love yourself, you will have more strength to love others. If you want to have a better life, you should first use love to turn yourself into a better person.


if I am sad, who will feel sad

someone on Zhihu has asked:

the highly praised answer is:

Aunt Zhang is warm-hearted.

when the children of distant relatives go to work and come to their own city, she offers to help, running before and after running, to help him rent a house.

because the rent was too high and worried that her children could not afford it, she went to several intermediaries to bargain with people and broke her tongue.

worried that the children can't eat well alone, so the houses they are looking for are all near their own homes, making it easy to take care of them.

she thought she had done a good deed with all her heart.

unexpectedly, instead of being grateful, the other party questioned her profit from it.

Aunt Zhang's enthusiasm was extinguished instantly.

in order to avoid suspicion, she proposed to let relatives contact the intermediary themselves.

unexpectedly, the other party became more and more certain that Aunt Zhang helped out for the sake of profit. Now that the matter was revealed, she was ashamed to face it, so she gave up.

they even secretly rejoice and think they are extremely wise.

No one feels sorry for Aunt Zhang's sad exit, and no one is grateful for her kindness.

the ending is ironic and heartbreaking.

there are many things in the world and people are complicated. Those who have experienced human feelings are cold and warm, and they just want to remind you:

Don't take others too seriously and don't take yourself too lightly.

No one has to be you, nothing has to be you.

Life comes and goes, and those who have appeared in life will leave after all.

for them, you, too.

each of us is an independent individual, and no one is born for others.

instead of standing in the same place and receiving a critical blow, it is better to keep your distance and live well.

feelings are mutual, ungrateful people stay away from a little bit, and let go of unhappy things.

in the world, don't take it too seriously.


if I am alone, who will accompany me

all these years, we have walked all the way, looked for it, and lost it all the way.

then it becomes clear that some people are meant to miss it.

Zhang ailing once had a good friend named Yan Ying.

the two are classmates of HKU. They watch movies, go shopping and share each other's secrets together, so good that they are inseparable.

she once described her relationship with Yan Ying in this way:

Zhang ailing wrote Yan Ying into her articles many times, and even wrote a book "Yan Ying Quotations" specifically for her.

and it is such a close friend that makes Zhang ailing feel lonely in life.

when Zhang ailing went to Japan and the United States, her life was in the doldrums. At that time, Yan Ying, who was also living overseas, became more and more natural. She intended to turn to her best friend, but she did not get a response.

what saddens her even more is that Yan Ying not only failed to come forward to tide her over the difficulties, but also kept boasting to her about how good her life was and how popular she was with the opposite sex.

Zhang ailing is discouraged.

later, when she recalled this friendship, she said that she had only cried twice in her life, one of which was because of Yan Ying.

is enough to seeThe weight of this best friend in her heart.

Love is not long-lived, but wisdom is bound to hurt.

you always think that you can get your heart in exchange for your heart, but you don't realize that sometimes you can only get black and blue in exchange for your heart and lungs.

the feelings you think are important may be forgotten by others in the twinkling of an eye;

the feelings you think are secure may collapse in an instant;

is the coldest and most heartless.

No matter how good the relationship is, there will be a day when you walk away.

so don't overestimate your feelings and don't pry into your heart.

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as written in the White Night Walk:

Don't overestimate your weight in the hearts of others, so that you won't get hurt easily.


if I leave, who cares if I leave?

in the movie Chongqing Forest, there is a classic line:

"I don't know when to start." there is a date on everything. Saury will expire, canned meat will expire, and even cling paper will expire.

I begin to wonder what else in this world will not expire. "

the truth is very straightforward, and the truth is very gripping.

just like, not all fish live in the same sea.

everyone has their own trajectory of life, and there are always some people who drift away after you have intersected.

the encounter between people depends on fate, and the relationship between people depends on sincerity.

Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone.

fall in love with people, treat each other sincerely, appreciate each other and grow together;

accompany with people, cherish fate, get together and leave to the years;

get along with others, respect each other, keep a distance and keep a balance.

in this world, there are many people who walk with you, but few people accompany you to the end.

in this world, no one has the obligation to protect you from the wind and rain, and no one has the responsibility to accompany you with frost on your temples.

on the road of life, most of the time, we are doomed to walk alone.

if you have someone to accompany you and understand you, it's not supposed to be, it's rare luck.

be more open-minded and less persistent, look down on people and accept the impermanence of the world.

there are flowers in spring, moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time for the world.

live the rest of your life with calmness and look at everything in the world with a normal mind.

be nice to yourself as you get older.