Whether the marriage is good or not, just weigh it!

/June 2022


Marriage makes people "inflated"

if years are a "pig knife", then marriage is a "pig feed".

having dinner with a girl I haven't seen for a long time two days ago, I was surprised to find that she had gained weight after less than a year of marriage.

the best friend said with a smile that this is good for herself, and then go to see his husband. If the whole "fat" two people, there were abdominal waistcoat lines before, and now they all have big bellies!

remember that before, there was a group of very popular photos on the Internet, talking about the comparison of the figure before and after marriage:

the handsome little flesh before marriage, and the fat uncle with a fleshy face after marriage!

I was a golden boy and girl when I first got married. After marriage, I became fat and became a "ball".

in fact, if you look at the friends around you, you will find that there are really not a few men and women who gain weight after marriage.

sure enough, "marriage expands people" is not a lie.

in order to study the relationship between marriage and weight change, researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Education in Germany, the University of Mannheim, the University of Leipzig and the German Institute of Economics conducted an experiment.

they chose 20,000 Germans as subjects and tracked them for 16 years. The results showed that

that is to say, after marriage, they gain weight almost twice as fast as before marriage.

moreover, weight gain after marriage still exists even if important factors such as age, fertility, exercise, health and stress are excluded.


gaining weight after marriage is probably due to "happiness fat"

she also said that since marriage, she has been in a good mood and a good appetite, so she has to eat a few more mouthfuls every day. And do not have to worry about marriage, she no longer deliberately to lose weight.

most importantly, her husband is still a foodie, and eating and drinking with her husband has become her happiest thing every day.

nutrition and weight management expert Izzie Cameron once suggested: "happily married couples will have higher psychological satisfaction and more or less weight gain."

it can be seen that gaining weight after marriage is probably "happiness fat"!

I have seen such a question on Zhihu: "Why do men get fat after marriage?"

"people are indifferent and don't make friends. I only want to eat, drink and have fun with my wife.

not only after marriage, but also since I fell in love, I have been running farther and farther on the fat road.

with a leprechaun who can't walk when he sees delicious food, he has to stop to buy something to eat anyway. Then she couldn't eat after two bites. Eat two wontons in a bowl and two in a wing bucket. I am also a person who doesn't waste anything, so I can only eat her share.

as a result, the leprechaun is still a leprechaun, but I am swollen. "

when two people love each other, they will get tired of eating and drinking together. What could be happier than tasting delicious food in the world with people who love each other?

his slightly bulging belly and your looming double chin are all nourished by a happy marriage.

the more "happy", the more "inflated", in fact, there is a scientific basis.

in 2013, scientists at Southern Methodist University did an interesting experiment.

they found 169 young couples who had been married in the past six months, with an average age of 25 for husbands and 23 for wives. The

experiment was conducted for four years, and during the four years, the researchers collected data on their weight and their satisfaction with their marriage for eight times.

simply put, the more satisfied a couple are with their marital status and the happier they are, the more likely they are to gain weight and gain weight.

think about it, when you live alone, you save breakfast, order takeout for lunch, make do with dinner, and muddle through the day.

Require to replace your queen anne wedding dress after each occasion? Perfect choices for your big day!

but when there are two people, they have milk, bread, fruit and fried eggs for breakfast. At noon, they work together to have a meat dish with three dishes and a soup. In the evening, they go out to have a meal and drink a little wine.


what can be defeated by appearance is not love. Before

, there was such a news story on the screen.

as a result, the once sweet-talking husband began to dislike his wife's obesity and asked for a divorce: "you can do whatever you want when you are thin, but I can't stand you like this now."

netizens almost overwhelmingly hope that Liu Yajuan will get a divorce and leave her husband, an unreliable "scumbag".

indeed, his wife gives birth to children for him, and he in turn dislikes his wife's body. If the other half does not leave now, he may even dislike his wife's old age and senility in the future.

in fact, the figure itself is a touchstone, which can help you find out whether the person you marry is good or bad.

Liang Jiahui, the veteran actor who has won the Golden Picture of Hong Kong three times, is no stranger to all of us.

before he became famous, he was banned by Taiwan and had a particularly depressed time.

after marriage, with the support of Chiang Ka-nien, Liang Jiahui's career began to improve, but Chiang Chia-nien was sick, took a lot of hormones, gradually bloated, and his face was no longer what he used to be.

someone once asked Liang Jiahui, "your wife is so old, haven't you ever been seduced by the outside world?"

Liang Jiahui replied firmly:

in fact, love that can be defeated by appearance is not true love.

True love will not fade with the change of appearance, let alone disappear with the passage of time.

the person who really loves you, who loves you now, will love you later, no matter you are tall, short, fat or thin, in his heart.Is the most beautiful.

it is praiseworthy to be able to maintain self-discipline, exercise and graceful figure after marriage.

but after marriage, because of the nourishment of the family and loved ones, they are comfortable and fat, as long as they do not affect their health, there is nothing wrong with it.

some people say that love means one room, two people, three meals and four seasons.

but I think love is not only laughing and playing together, but also eating together and getting fat together!