When you reach middle age, if you want to avoid the desolation of the rest of your life, you can't lose these three "things"!

/June 2022

Middle-aged, high pressure, heavy responsibility, tears in the eyes, heartache.

Middle-aged, not easy, not idle, can not want to relax, can not want to be capricious.

Middle-aged you and me, too tired, too difficult! There are old at the top and small at the bottom. No one understands the tiredness of the body and no one listens to the tiredness of the heart.

when you reach middle age, no matter how difficult it is, you must not lose these three things for your own future.



with some money in hand, it is not difficult to live.

have some money in hand so that you won't have no way to ask for help when you use it.

in today's society, some friends change cups with you, some friends applaud you, but few people lend you money when you are down!

rely on others, no, rely on yourself, not tired!

when people reach middle age, they need money everywhere! It takes money for children to grow up, money for the elderly to live, money is the guarantee for your family's happiness, and money is a necessity for you to maintain a basic life.

you and I, middle-aged, save some money. If your children are married, don't always think about taking care of them and give them all the money.

Children have grown up, and the ups and downs of life must be experienced by them in order to make them stronger.

always do everything to solve problems for them. How can children grow up?

when money is used, we hate to have less money. If we leave some money in hand, isn't it to reduce the burden on our children? If you don't keep a penny, what should you do in your old age?



as the saying goes: Golden nest and silver nest is not as good as your own kennel.

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my own nest, how comfortable I am, how to live; other people's nest, always have to take into account other people's mood.

Middle-aged people, we should keep a house for ourselves. The house does not need to be luxurious, it is clean, and the house is not magnificent and warm.

their own house, for themselves and their partners, families with children, they lend a hand when they need it, and it is best to keep their distance when they are busy.

my own children, if they miss their parents, come back and have a look. If they are too busy, we will not disturb them. In this way, there is no trouble getting along.

when you have a house, you will not have no fixed abode after you grow old, and you will not be slow and disliked.

it is natural for parents to love their children. Children love their parents and look at human nature. Not all children know how to love their parents. Parents have their own home in order to prevent all bad things from happening.



when you reach middle age, don't lose your wife.

Don't hurt your wife because of temptation; don't deceive your wife because of ineffective socialization; don't ignore your wife because of temporary interest.

my wife is the one who treats you the best in the world and accompanies you when you have nothing. From love to affection, he has experienced too many tribulations and setbacks, he never leaves you and depends on you.

my wife is the one who cares about you most and loves you the most. When you are sick, your wife is beside you; if you are aggrieved, it is your wife who listens to your nagging; if you can't act one day, your wife is still with you!

your friends have been with you for only a few years, and your children have been filial for only a while. Only your wife has been with you, sharing the pressure for you, feeling sorry for your burden, and staying with you for a lifetime.

with your wife, you are not alone. If you have your wife to get along with you day and night, your life will have expectations!

Thanksgiving for the companionship of our wife, remembering each other's efforts, and being kind to our wife is the focus of our later life!

when you reach middle age, it is not difficult to save some money; if you have an apartment, you will have a stable life; if you have an old wife, you will not be alone!

you must try to have these three things, and don't throw them away easily, so that your old age will be happier.

prepare umbrellas and dry food. When you reach middle age, remember to prepare these three things!