When you reach middle age, don't show off these things in your moments. They seem to be sought after by people, but they are actually annoying.

/July 2022

Life is a sea of life, things are impermanent, and everyone has a different way of living.

in life, we will inevitably meet some people who want to be recognized by others, who never rein in their edge and use ostentation to brush their sense of existence.

No one knows that the greatest sorrow of human nature is actually high-profile and publicity.

people who are really rich in heart never show off everything they have.

as the saying goes: the more a person likes to show off, the easier it is to lose something.

showing off with a high profile will only show your shallowness, while showing off and showing off is more likely to cause trouble.

therefore, when you reach middle age, don't show off, let alone show off everything.


exaggerate the facts and show off your contacts

there was a question on Zhihu: "are contacts really useful?"

there is a highly praised answer: "you are not strong, no matter how many contacts are useless."

networking is not one-way, but two-way.

but if you don't have the ability, no matter how many people you know, it's pointless.

Wang Shimin, founder of YouCore, once said one thing.

when Wang Shimin's wife was in MBA, a classmate, Lao Yang, was almost never absent from any activities.

whether it's dinner competitions, campus visits or parties, Lao Yang spends at least three or four days a week on various social activities.

Wang Shimin's wife was very puzzled by this kind of behavior, but Lao Yang said, "aren't you studying MBA to accumulate contacts?"

over time, many people in the school know him, and Lao Yang often thinks of himself as "well-connected." Today, he shows off which brother he met and which professor he had dinner with yesterday.

however, when there was something wrong with Lao Yang's graduation defense, no one was willing to come forward to help him.

in the end, I had to study for one more year to get my MBA degree.

there are many such people in their lives who pin their lives on networking and plunge into parties and socializing.

but in reality, the contacts that we used to be proud of have come to naught at the critical moment and can't help at all. So, how can anyone be well-connected? The so-called network is just the exchange of value between people.

the adult world is cruel, and your strength is your greatest social strength.

people have no strength, and no matter how many contacts they have, they are just bragging and showing off.

admittedly, don't use your contacts as a capital to show off, it will only expose your ignorance and incompetence.

as said in the book "very simple Force":

instead of being infatuated with illusory relationships, it is better to manage yourself and stand up on your own strength.

as the old saying goes, "the mountain is deep and the dragon is there, but Wu Gao has its own Phoenix habitat." as long as people have their own strength and do not need to brush their sense of existence, their contacts will come.

in this world, it doesn't matter who you know, it's who you want to be.

people who are really good never need to cater to the eyes of others, but choose to cultivate themselves.

after all, if you work hard and are excellent, you don't have to ingratiate yourself and rely on others to prove your excellence.

because your best person is yourself, and networking is just the icing on the cake.


love vanity and show off wealth

Italian jeweller Meleki went to London for a gem auction.

he saw an old man sitting next to him, dressed in ordinary clothes, but wearing a watch with several gems.

Meleki asked the old man, "is your jewel watch valuable?"

the old man smiled and said, "No, it's just an ordinary watch!"

when Meleki heard this, he seemed a little proud, so he showed off how many gems he had in his home, and ignored the cold faces of others, and talked eloquently about his own method of identifying gems.

at auction, Meleki sold a precious sapphire for £60,000.

after the show was over, Meleki got the jewel and went to the old man to show off again.

but not, the old man said:

Meleki was surprised. It was only then that he realized that the old man in front of him was special. He was the world jewellery tycoon Graff.

British writer William Somerset Maugham said:

people live in the world, there are always some people who are good to face and show superiority.

they always like to try their best to promote themselves, hoping to satisfy their vanity through the sense of identity of others in exchange for a different view of others.

but in reality, things often backfire.

the infinite expansion of showing off will not be envied from the bottom of the heart by others, but is easy to be despised by everyone and make itself a joke.

you must know that no matter how much wealth you have, money is just something outside the body.

people who are really rich, never disdain for the vanity brought by money, have long forgotten their identity and let go of their sense of superiority.

besides, since you already have it, why worry about it all the time!

the days are for yourself, not for others. What you need to do is to make yourself expensive from the inside to the outside, and have the strength and ability to support "vanity".

your life must be free and easy and live much more thoroughly.


domineering, showing off his knowledge

Su Dongpo, a great writer of the Northern Song Dynasty, has been talented, intelligent and well-read since childhood, which is often praised by people.

for a long time, Su Dongpo, who became famous as a teenager, could not help feeling a little complacent, with his eyes above the top and not letting go of anyone.In the eyes.

one day, when he went on an outing in the countryside, he saw many farmers picking up mud and fertile fields.

he walked on the ridge of the field and unexpectedly welcomed a peasant woman carrying mud head on, blocking his way.

the two will not give way to each other, and there will be a stalemate.

Su Dongpo said arrogantly, "everything is inferior, but reading is high." I am a scholar, and your wife should give way to me. "

the peasant woman showed no sign of weakness and replied, "since you claim to be a scholar, I'll give you an upper couplet. If you can get out of the lower couplet, I'll make way for you."

Su Dongpo paid no attention to the peasant woman at all: "the bullfight is hidden in the chest and the economy is full, of course."

hearing this, the peasant woman blurted out impolitely: "A load of mud blocks the road."

Su Dongpo was surprised when he heard that Zhong Ni was Confucius and Zilu was a student of Confucius.

the farmer working in the ridge of the field couldn't help laughing at Su Dongpo's embarrassment.

finally Su Dongpo was very witty. Seeing this scene, he suddenly realized something and hastened to connect with the Tao: "the Master of the two lines smiles back."

although he is on the couplet, he also realizes that he is really too ostentatious and arrogant.

also understood that no one should be underestimated, so he hurriedly took off his shoes and socks and went down to the field to make way for the peasant woman.

since then, Su Dongpo has put down his arrogant attitude, stopped being arrogant and learned to respect everyone.

I like a sentence very much:

think about it carefully, there is nothing wrong with being a human being and like to express yourself, but there are always some people who are so inflated that they think that everyone has to make way for themselves.

No one knows that all we know is a drop in the ocean. If we think too highly of ourselves, we will eventually be in danger of being hit in the face.

and, the more knowledgeable people are, the more they can recognize themselves and accept their own smallness and mediocrity.

they never talk about knowledge, know how to hide their edge, do not pretend to be arrogant, and do not rely on talents and things.

as the saying goes: solid ink does not want empty ink to sound, full bottle does not move half bottle shake.

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keep three points in everything, don't overestimate yourself and don't underestimate others. No matter what situation you are in, don't indulge in the past blindly. Learn to show others with a low profile and spur yourself to forge ahead in order to create unlimited highlights.

so, don't always think about showing off. Only if you don't laugh at other people's shortcomings and don't be proud of your own strengths, can you go far.


as the old saying goes, "if the wood is beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy it; when the pile comes from the shore, the current will be turbulent; if you walk higher than man, you must not do it."

if you show off too much, you will offend people if you are light, and you will get into trouble if you are serious.

whether it is scenery or success, there is no need for praise or envy. Only modest and low-key is the way to deal with the world.

the humble bamboo has low head leaves, and the proud plum has no upside flowers.

A person's life is expensive but not obvious, flashy, low-key, far-sighted, humble, and wise.

light up "watching". Time flies and time flies. May we not be frivolous, be happy, and spend our lives sober and transparent.

this is the best time in life.