When you are old, you don't want to be disliked by your children. Please keep these three points in mind.

/July 2022

do children depend on it?

certainly! But when our children are not dependent, can we spend the rest of our lives on our own?

is filial piety an obligation?

certainly! But when our children don't want to do their duty, can we guarantee that life is still easy?

people, when you are old, you can count on someone, but you can't bet all on others, including your children.

when you are old, if you don't want to be rejected by your children, keep these three points in mind.


Children's days, do not interfere too much

when children have a family, we should learn to quit at the right time.

Children have their own attitude towards life, which is not necessarily the same as our values.

there are some things we don't like, but that doesn't mean it's wrong. Children are adults, so don't preach all the time.

if you really don't like it, you can exhort, but not dominate.

in this world, everyone is an independent individual, including our children.

if you manage your children like your boss, it is better to be a best friend to understand your children, to learn to understand and to be tolerant, is the best love.

especially for married children, we can't interfere too much in their husband and wife's life. After all, another person has become a relative with us through his or her children.

be kind, don't be harsh; be able to listen, don't nag.

think more about your children and take care of some things less, not only to relax yourself, but also to set your children free!


save some money by yourself, and it is a virtue not to rely too much on children to be filial to their parents. If we meet the children of unfilial parents, we have to live.

sometimes we need children. When they are not around, all we can rely on is ourselves and our partner.

Don't give all the money to the child. You can take care of everything the child wants. What do you do when you give everything for the child and have no place to go?

Don't always say that if you love your child, you should give unreservedly, give unreservedly, and give yourself a way out without conflict.

save some money by yourself, and when you get old in the future, it is also a guarantee to make a living.

whenever a child encounters any difficulties, parents can help them as soon as possible.

to love children, we should learn to love wisely and teach them to fish. It is better to teach them to fish than to dote on them.


exercise more, not lazy

people, you must be kind to yourself and exercise your body more.

to keep yourself safe is the greatest comfort to your child.

having a good body, being responsible for ourselves and reassuring our children is also what we do for our children.

when we are old, we should pay attention to a healthy diet and take good care of ourselves.

in the first half of life, we run for our family and children; in the second half of life, you must learn to please yourself!

people, when you get old, don't beg for nothing. At this time, it is really foolish to trade health for wealth.

learn to love yourself, everything is good for yourself, and you are healthy, that is to lighten the burden on your children.

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there are detours in everyone's life, and so do children, and sometimes it's not a bad thing to let him walk.

I hope that parents all over the world will learn to love their children and love themselves better.