When the fool is gone, the liar is stupid (sad after reading it)

/August 2022

when a fool meets a liar, the liar says, "if I have candy, I will give you a piece."

the fool thoughtfully took a piece of candy out of his pocket and stuffed it into the swindler's hand.

the liar took the candy and said:

"if I have a lot of sugar, I will give you all of it; if I have the ability, I will certainly give you the best."

the fool foolishly believed it, gave all his belongings to the liar, and said sincerely, "what is mine is yours."

the liar said:

"if what others give me is better than what you give me, I will turn a blind eye to it. I will only cherish everything about you."

the fool was moved with tears in his eyes and gave his heart to the liar. The swindler said, "do you have anything more valuable besides this heart?"

the fool shook his head, and the liar found that the fool had nothing, so he threw the fool's heart on the ground, stepped on a few feet, and said disdainfully, "how much is your broken heart worth?"

the fool squatted down, picked up his broken heart in tears, and realized that what the liar wanted was material, not his hot and sincere heart, not to mention that the liar had never given him anything.

the fool dried his tears and said to the liar:

"you are wrong. The most valuable thing on me is this true heart. No one is willing to give you a sincere heart like me."

this heart is the rarest, hard to buy and never change. "

the fool is gone, the liar is stupid, the liar looks at the fool to give his heart to another person, he regrets, but everything can never go back.

in this world,

not everyone understands your kindness.

sincerity may be exchanged for deception,

enthusiasm may get perfunctory,

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if you do not pay, others will bear in mind that

is not your help, others will know to thank you.

you are affectionate, others may not be righteous,

you are wholehearted, others may not be wholehearted.

there is an enthusiasm.

but you should also understand that some people are warm or not.

because you treat him as a friend, he treats you as a passer-by.

in our life,

who has not met several liars,

who has not been a fool several times,

A fool meets a liar, he will only be sad.

only when a fool meets a fool, can he gain sincerity.

so be careful to make friends, don't get the wrong person,

waste your time and feelings.