When people reach middle age, the best health care is forgetfulness.

/August 2022

not long ago, I saw a question on the Internet:

"what are the characteristics of the people around you who are happy every day?"

the high praise answer has only two simple words: forgetfulness.

indeed, living a life is troubles stacked with troubles, troubles chasing troubles.

when I reach middle age, my life is half-sloping, my daily life is full of mundane things, and my energy is not as good as I used to be.

more and more I feel that if you want to have a good body and a good mood, you must have a bad memory.

when people are alive, forgetfulness is the best way to keep healthy.


forget annoyance: troubles have no roots, and if you don't pick them up, you won't have them.

I have heard a very reasonable saying:

"every day you can't let go of today will be your bitter yesterday."

most of the time, the reason why we are unhappy is because we have a good memory.

I still feel unwilling to think about a small failure at work.

I was deceived by a familiar friend, but I couldn't swallow it for a long time.

I had a quarrel with my family and didn't like anything for several days in a row.

it is clear that the matter has passed, but it is still bitter about it.

but the size of the fist, bad things pretend for a long time, people will be tired, heart hurt.

forgetfulness is the best antidote to the heart.

as the writer Yishu mentioned in her book:

once she visited Ni Kuang's house and saw that his green plants were lush and liked them very much.

so she asked, "what's the secret to raising your potted plants so well?"

Ni Kuang replied with a smile, "it's very simple. The secret is to throw away the dead and buy new ones."

this is the case with potted plants, but it is also the case with living.

Why keep thinking about things that you can't get over? it's better to throw away things that make you sad.

the Buddhist saying is good: "worry has no root, if you don't pick it up, there will be no source of confusion, and it's easy if you don't correct it."

when people are alive, it is a blessing to forget their troubles, and to let go is the way.

people are comfortable with what should be put, and free from what should be forgotten.

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cut off the troubles of the past so that you can free up your hand to embrace today's happiness.


forget: the sun of yesterday does not dry today's clothes.

there is a very popular post on Douban: "what happened to the person you loved?"

messages keep pouring in, piling up more than 5,000-storey buildings.

some people are nostalgic for the beauty they first saw, some people are recalling their regrets at that time, and some people are missing them after they poured out their parting.

after reading all the responses, the poster wrote a paragraph in the comments section:

"the sun of yesterday will never dry today's clothes.

Let all memories be sealed in this post. Wake up tomorrow and let's hit the road again. "

Yes, no matter how good memories are, they are just memories after all.

holding it and refusing to let go, it is of no use except to torture yourself.

those who leave unheartedly will not turn back because of your heartbreak.

A relationship with a beginning and no end does not mean that you can start all over again when you see your heart broken.

between people, they are often caught off guard, but they are always premeditated to leave.

not all stories can wait for the ending that belongs to them.

not all thoughts can wait for the response of that person.

if you are not doomed to help each other, you might as well be cruel and forget with him.

as the saying goes:

"the flowers in the garden, thank you, just let it thank you.

there will be more blossoms, and there will be more and more fragrant flowers. don't always think about that one. "

if there is no chance here, there may be a good relationship elsewhere.

Let go of the past in order to reap a new life.


forget words: other people's mouth, their own way.

as the saying goes, "the Buddha has seven hands, which cannot cover the population."

in this life, people will meet countless people and hear a thousand words.

not everyone can share your soul and values.

you are kind, some people will say you are fake; if you are kind, some people will say you are stupid.

if you like the quiet days, you will be accused of not making progress; if you work hard, you will be satirized by others.

there are as many people as there are in this world, and there are several ways to live with as many mouths as there are.

just listen to what other people say, keep it in mind, and you lose.

you know, some people only judge your life and can't really live for you.

Why do you bother to take those words to heart and ponder them over and over in the dead of night?

as a Zen master said:

"A jin of rice is rice in the eyes of peasant women, rice cakes in the eyes of chefs, and wine in the eyes of restaurants.

but rice is still rice, and similarly, no matter what others say, you are still you. "

some people praise you as a genius, others call you a fool, but that doesn't stop you from being you.

right and wrong, time has its own judgment, and it is enough to understand yourself.

good and bad are your own feelings, and it is most important to be comfortable in your heart.

how you live and how you live is your own business, not anyone else's.

Mr. Lu Xun said: "only silence is the greatest contempt."

for gossip, only forgetting is the greatest disdain.