When people are alive, it is better to be angry than to be proud, and it is better to complain than to change. (incisive)

/June 2022


at a certain age, a lot of things are slowly fading away.

along the way, I have suffered losses, been tired, and have sighed and resented. Now looking back, think about it carefully, people's life is only a few decades, in fact, there are really not many things worth wasting time to get angry.

Don't get angry because you care about gains and losses. It's yours, it's yours, no one can take it away, it's not yours, even if it's forced to stay, it won't stay long.

Don't be angry with gossip. There are not too many people who understand you, two or three are enough, and the rest of them, just pretend that they don't exist and don't take them too seriously.

Don't get angry about money. Money this thing, life does not bring, death does not take, good health is our greatest capital, take good care of ourselves, better than anything else.

when you get angry, you often punish yourself with other people's mistakes, hurting you, hurting others and hurting yourself!


once there was an old monk who raised a pot of orchids. He cherished the pot of orchids very much and took good care of them every day.

once, when the old monk was going out to visit a friend, he entrusted the pot of flowers to his apprentice and asked him to take good care of him, and the apprentice took good care of him.

one day, the apprentice watered the orchid, put it on the windowsill and left. Unexpectedly, there was a heavy rain, and the strong wind knocked the orchid on the ground and smashed it.

when the disciple came back, he saw only the broken branches and leaves on the ground. He was very sad and was afraid that the old monk would blame himself.

A few days later, the old monk came back. The disciple told him about the orchid and bowed his head to be scolded, but the old monk said nothing. The apprentice was surprised, the old monk just smiled and said:

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A very simple sentence, but expressed an open-minded attitude towards life.

this life is a trivial matter except life and death. Since it is a trivial matter, why spend precious time to be angry?

people, the bigger the heart, the smaller the worry. The smaller the heart, the greater the worry.

calm down, ignore the noise outside, do your best, listen to your destiny, and that's fine.


rise and fall, gather and scatter and clutch, and everything is fixed. Do not dispute, is compassion, do not argue, is wisdom.

even if life gives you thousands of reasons to cry, try to show it. Always believe that: if you are alive, there is no hurdle that cannot be crossed!

leave a little advantage for others to take, a little road for others to take, and some time for yourself to think.

take a light view of everything, cherish what you already have, and don't force what you don't have. Life is simple, but we always think of it as too complicated.

as said in the Journey of the Flying House:

Happiness is not immortality, not a big fish, not a big fish, not power.

Happiness is the fulfillment of every tiny wish in life. You have something to eat when you want to eat, and someone to love you when you want to be loved.

it is not easy to live in the world. Cherish it when you can. It's time to eat, sleep, don't put everything in your heart, don't embarrass anyone, don't embarrass yourself.