When do people understand best? You'll understand it after reading it.

/September 2022

Tagore once said: "only through hell-like training can you have the power to create heaven."

when you live a lifetime, you always have to endure hardships and sufferings, but as long as you get up, you can see a different view of life.

A lot of truth can only be understood through experience;

A lot of state of mind can only be understood through experience.

all the hard days can make you see human nature clearly and understand life.


when you are ill, you can best understand the importance of health

Zhou Guoping once said:

my highest material hope is to have a healthy body in a peaceful world.

in a word, it shows the importance of health.

when people reach middle age, they maintain a strong physique, not only for themselves, but also to make their families feel at ease and live happily.

author @ Fang Li once shared a story on a social platform.

Fang Li has a friend who is a computer programmer. He became a department manager before he was 30.

everyone admires his excellent results, but they don't know how hard he has been.

in order to finish his work on time, he often stays up late to catch up with reports and make materials;

in order to cope with the busy season of products, he buys a camp bed in the company and makes do with sleep;

in order to earn a little more money, he works against the clock and often eats instant noodles for three meals a day.

I thought I was young and could bear everything.

but the cost of consuming the body will never stop because you are young.

in a routine physical examination, he was found to have cancer.

during the period of hospitalization, his position was replaced, his wife washed her face with tears every day, and the hard-earned money was handed over to the hospital.

under the torment of illness, friends are getting thinner and less energetic.

he said:

before, I always wanted to get more bonuses, but now, I just want to have a healthy body.

when people are sick, they can best understand that good health is the premise of all efforts.

there is a good saying: "Health is 1, wealth and fame are the last 0."

if the body collapses, all wealth, fame and status will cease to exist.

Schopenhauer once said:

the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body.

when people reach a certain age, they will find that

there is nothing worth fighting for in this world.

eating on time, sleeping on time, doing regular work and rest, and exercising diligently are not only responsible for yourself, but also care for your family.

take good care of your body in the second half of your life.

Don't wait for the red light of life to realize its value.


during the trough, Mr. Yang Jiang once said:

when you are in a high position, all you see is a flashy dream, and when you are humble, you have a chance to see the truth of the world.

it is true.

when people are prosperous and rich, they are surrounded by good friends; when

falls into a low ebb, the vicissitudes of the world will emerge clearly.

A generation of gambling king Stanley Ho, born into a wealthy family in Hong Kong, has been rich in food and clothing since he was a child.

but the good times didn't last long. When he was 13 years old, his father failed in business and owed a huge debt.

the vast family fortune disappeared overnight, and Stanley Ho suddenly fell from a high-ranking son to the bottom of his life and became a down-and-out boy who was pursued by others.

in the middle of his family, he looked everywhere for people to borrow money to make ends meet, but his former "friends" had disappeared, and even his relatives were unwilling to help.

in response to a sentence: "the poor have no one to ask in the busy city, but the rich have distant relatives in the mountains."

once, because of a toothache, he went to see a relative who was a dentist.

but unexpectedly, his relatives not only refused to treat him, but also mocked him: "if you don't have any money, just pull out your teeth."

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when people fall into the trough, they can best see which people are worthy of deep acquaintance.

there is a good saying: "without a thing, do not understand a person, time is the best filter, time is the most true discrimination."

the truth is seen in adversity, and the heart is known over time.

those who come near when you are happy, and those who leave when you are down, do not have to invite him into life.

those who are still willing to stay by your side in times of adversity and who are still willing to give you a hand in times of adversity deserve to be treated with sincerity.


when the fate is scattered, you can understand that you can't be negative.

people get along with each other by exchanging hearts for hearts.

any relationship, if you don't know how to cherish it, it will come to an end.

in my life, it is a kind of fate to meet someone who really treats you. Don't let this relationship down.

in the TV series Charlotte annoyance, Ma Dongmei has been pursuing Charlotte since high school and is very kind to Charlotte.

when Charlotte suffered from stomach trouble, Ma Dongmei rubbed her hands to warm his stomach;

when Charlotte was injured, Ma Dongmei took good care of him and guarded him day and night;

when Charlotte could not eat, Ma Dongmei made fennel noodles for him, hoping that he would always think of himself.

but Charlotte never cared about Ma Dongmei's heart, disliked her in every way, and always prayed that she would stay away from her.

later, Charlotte became a popular figure in the school because of her musical talent.

he not only fell in love with the school goddess, but also farther and farther away from Ma Dongmei.