What on earth have those who don't read lost?

/August 2022

once read a question: "I have read a lot of books, but then most of them have forgotten, what is the meaning of reading?"

netizens replied:

"when I was a child, I ate a lot of food, and now I can't remember what I ate.

but to be sure, some of them have grown into my bones and flesh. The same is true of the change of people by reading. "

Reading is not to make ourselves knowledgeable, but in the process of growing up, let once forgotten stories stay in our temperament, talk, in our lives and words bit by bit.

maybe reading is not like play, it can bring people a moment of pleasure.

but all the time you spend reading will be rewarded at some point or scene.

there are no books for nothing in life, every step counts.

perhaps the ultimate meaning of reading lies in the difficulties experienced in life, those who do not understand, can not understand, you can find the answer in the book.


Reading is a kind of spiritual practice

Yan Geling wrote in Reading and Beauty:

"Reading, a spiritual lesson, imperceptibly affects people and frees people from worldly desires (money, material, external beauty, etc.).

Reading is not only for people to achieve success in the secular sense, but also to enrich and enrich people's spiritual world. "

this kind of enrichment is to let people find a place of peace in the impetuous and noisy world;

this kind of peace, calm from the depths of the heart, is calm to the prosperous world, but also in the sea of knowledge, because of reading, and bring comfort to the heart.

Yu Qiuyu said: "the biggest reason for reading is to get rid of mediocrity."

by reading, enriching knowledge and increasing knowledge, all the curiosity of the world in the process of growing up, the warmth of human feelings in life, and the doubts about oneself can be found in the book.

Mr. Yang Jiang said: "if you read too much, your heart will not break the dike."

because I have seen all kinds of things in the world, I am also full of connivance to the world.

most of the people who like to read are people who live thoroughly and have a rich heart.

when you really learn to read, you will find that the world of reading is stronger and wider than you thought.

as the philosopher Hesse said:

"No book in the world can bring you good luck, but they can make you a better person."


studying is a trip

remember takeout boy Lei Hai?

in the third season of Chinese Poetry Conference, with his profound poetry skills and decades of persistence, he beat the Master of Peking University and won the championship.

if there are different class divisions in the world, then reading is the only level that is not influenced by class.

it uses the lowest cost to cultivate a person's vision and pattern, so that people have a clearer understanding of themselves.

read ten thousand books and travel thousands of miles.

all the books I have read turn into their own insights and change the pattern of their lives.

Gao Xiaosong said:

"Reading is to make yourself a less stubborn person."

what is poetry and distance? Is to make yourself bigger.

and reading is a process of making yourself vast. "

Reading is not only a way to enrich oneself, but also a process to broaden one's horizons and set up a pattern of life.

the larger the pattern, the wider the road.

those books that have been read will eventually become the most precious wealth in life.


Reading is a key

George Martin said in the World of Power:

"Reading can experience thousands of lives, and those who do not read can only live once."

Reading can make people stay away from the real world and experience another kind of life in books.

just like everyone, there is a different world; every book is a door to a different world.

Zhihu has such a question: "what's the difference between people who often read books and people who don't read books?"

one of the netizens' answer makes people agree:

"if you read too many novels, you will see all kinds of ups and downs of life, no matter what you face in the future, it is a bridge that your heart has experienced;

if you read too much history, you will see all kinds of tiny individuals wrapped in the torrent of fate. Things are set to be changeable and cycle back and forth.

if you read too much in sociology, you will find that the common things actually come from there. You are just a part of the system, as light as duckweed. "

those who can not participate in the world, the experience of life, through books, can experience one by one.

Life is so short that we cannot increase the length of life, but we can broaden the thickness of life, improve the quality of life and experience different lives by reading books.


Reading is a way to cultivate

if there is really a shortcut in life, it must be to read more.

it helps us form our own thoughts and have our own judgments, rather than deciding our lives based on the words of others.

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French philosopher Pascal once said:

"Man is just a Reed, the most fragile thing in nature, but he is a thoughtful Reed."

people who love reading can constantly enrich their brains, cultivate independent thinking and know how to distinguish between right and wrong in the process of reading.

Reading is not for excuses, but to enable yourself to think and solve problems at a deeper level.

while sorting out self-prejudice, keep a good heart and feel the beauty of people and the world.