What kind of water is it when you were born? it's too accurate!

/July 2022

Life should be like water, sometimes like a big river, with the splendor of stormy waves; sometimes like a stream, with calm and comfortable.

in fact, water is not only a representative of beauty, different types of water, but also indicates different personalities.

We have been associated with water since we were born. Every lunar month represents a kind of water. Come and see which one you belong to.

January Rain Water

Egret fly before Xisai Mountain,

Peach blossom

mandarin fish fertilizer.

Green Ruo Li, green coir coat,

oblique wind and drizzle do not need to return.

-- Tang Zhang Zhi and Yuge Zi

born in January, you are Rain Water, and sentimentality is synonymous with you.

you always like to fantasize, live in your own world, like simple and beautiful, straightforward personality, and hate flattery.

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the person you identify will be committed and a rare loyal partner, but you are always worried about gains and losses and like to be paranoid, so you are easy to get hurt.

February spring water

the wine will be near the spring water, holding the piano is easy to rely on the long pine.

South Garden dew sunflower folds, Donggu Huangliang night Chung.



people born in February are the most understanding, like springs that nourish all living things.

you come from deep mountains and valleys, so you are a bit mysterious, gentle, helpful, considerate to friends and loved ones, considerate and popular.

however, your biggest disadvantage is that you do not know how to reject others, often complete others, wronged yourself.

March dew

A drop of autumn lotus falls into the sky at night.

in the future, the circle will be known on the jade plate.

-- Tang Wei Ying Yong Lu Zhu

born in March, you are like a reserved and introverted dew, introverted.

you are delicate, serious, quiet, not good at socializing, easy to be restrained in front of strangers, but especially lively and cheerful in front of friends.

when your partner does something that makes you sad, you don't like to argue, you forgive silently, and you are not good at explaining misunderstandings.

April tide

August waves roar,

head height touches the mountain back.

but he went into Haimen for a moment,

rolled up the sand like a snowdrift.

-- Tang Liu Yuxi

born in April, you are as warm and generous as the tide.

you are heroic, informal, sincere, unmotivated, fond of making friends, and are pistachios in the eyes of friends.

you always look like a natural optimist and always have a passion for life. Occasionally, you will feel tired and need to be taken care of.

May tea

Jiuri Mountain Monastery, Dongli chrysanthemum is also yellow.

there are many laymen who drink too much, but who helps the smell of tea.

-- Tang Jiaoran's "drinking Tea with Lu Shi Yu on the 9th"

born in May, you are like tea, you are rich in learning, and your temperament is synonymous with you.

you are well-mannered, well-spoken, cultured, and charming from the inside out.

wherever you are, you are the best, but you keep a low profile and don't like publicity.

June drinks

the little red mud stove is burning red, and the green ants are baking wine.

it's getting dark and heavy snow is coming. Can we have a drink, man?

-- Tang Bai Juyi asked Liu Nineteen

people born in June, like wine, distinguish right from wrong, dare to love and hate.