What kind of temper, what kind of life

/August 2022

as the saying goes:

take a step back and endure calm for a while.

know very well that not being angry with others is not only a kind of self-restraint, but also an open-minded outlook on life.

as the saying goes: if you are not angry, you can see clearly how a person is cultivated.

people, losing their temper easily will not only hurt people, but also affect their mood.

it is better to be angry than to be angry. A really smart person will never get angry with others at will, be calm and calm when something happens, and always keep the wind light and light.

it's not that big a deal, it's worth worrying about too much, and it's not worth putting it in our hearts, relaxing our minds and looking down on things.

learn to control your temper and adjust your mindset. The milder the temperament, the greater the reward!


leave a good temper to those who love you

especially agree with one sentence:

the two most useless things in the world, one is to be angry, the other is to complain.

being angry is the stupidest behavior, which not only makes the problem unsolved, but also aggravates the contradiction.

losing your temper with a stranger is not worth it, because he is not important to you, and losing your temper with someone close to you will outweigh the gain, because they will be cold.

A truly mature person, no matter how big things happen, will not get angry with those close to him and know how to control his temper.

in this world, those who really love you really care about you. There are very few people who really care about you. If you get angry wantonly, hurt them and let them leave with a cold heart, you can only regret it.

A responsible person will not get angry with those who are close to him, no matter who he is, he is gentle and polite, will not criticize others, and knows how to keep enough dignity for others. Anyone is willing to get along with him and is welcome wherever he goes.

when people are angry, what they say is the most hurtful, and the decisions they make will eventually be regretted.

Don't rely on others to care about you, you can unscrupulously get angry with each other, have grievances, vent your anger on the person who loves you, is the most stupid behavior.

those who tolerate our bad temper and don't care about us are those who really love us. Cherish them.

remember to communicate well when something happens. If you can be tolerant and patient, don't get angry easily.


people with greater skill have less temper

Zheng Yuanjie once said:

people with greater skill tend to have less temper.

in life, it is not difficult to find that the more capable people are, the more they have a big pattern and a big mind, and they will not quarrel with people, but are tolerant of all things.

once, when Premier Zhou's barber was shaving him, the Premier suddenly coughed and the knife cut his face.

at this time, the barber was so nervous that he didn't know what to do.

after a while, Premier Zhou did not blame him, but said kindly to him, "it's not your fault. I didn't say hello to you before I coughed. How do you know I'm going to move?"

A person who has too little experience tends to have a big temper, because he sees too little and his vision is not broad enough, the less he can deeply understand, the less he will overestimate his position, and he is easy to be arrogant and defiant.

and rich experience, knowledgeable, resonate with many different things, the world is no longer only black and white right and wrong, know their own smallness and ignorance, more know how to keep a low profile, know how to respect others.

what a person's temperament is, one can tell more or less about his self-cultivation.

people with mild temperament tend to be more cultured, less aggressive, low-key and polite.

A person with a large pattern will not care about the gains and losses of one city and one pool, let alone get angry because of a trivial matter, keep awake all the time and control his temper.

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May you and I both become a person with greater ability than temper, less grumpy, less angry, gentle and sober.


if you are atmospheric, you must be blessed

atmosphere, which is not only a manifestation of broad-mindedness, but also a way for us to accumulate blessings for ourselves.

now that something has happened, let's face it calmly, don't get angry, learn to let go, learn to be bearish, instead of clinging to it, it's better to let yourself go.

in the face of those passers-by on the way of life, don't worry about it, let alone please, the one you love will give you a hug.

No matter how difficult it is, you should face it calmly, don't lose your temper, and face it calmly.

in life, the reason why we feel tired, very often, is not that the pressure is too great, let alone that life is too difficult, but that we are unwilling to let go, do not know how to let go, and finally make ourselves unhappy.

in this life, people walk through gains and losses, gain and loss is the normal life, no longer care too much, get not complacent, lose do not complain, live in the present, make the present better.

in this life, no matter how much you ask and think about, it will become a cloud in the end. It is better to relax your heart and live a happy life.

Mr. Yang Jiang also said:

the most beautiful scenery in life is the calmness and calmness of the heart!

Life is only a few decades, do not leave yourself any regrets, why care so much, why quarrel with yourself? It is better to be broad-minded, not to compete with others, to treat others with atmosphere, and to accumulate blessings for yourself.

would like to be able to control our temper for the rest of our lives, be gentle and sober, be calm, be generous and not compete with others, and laugh at the ups and downs of life!