What is the purpose of marrying a wife? this answer has caused a sensation in the circle of friends and made countless people cry.

/June 2022

what on earth is the purpose of taking a wife?

some people say that there is no reason why. When they are old enough to rush around at home, they will find a woman to marry.

the implication is that you can marry anyone, almost fine.

A lot of people hold this view, and then their marriage life is pretty much the same.

so that in the long years after marriage, I do not know how to love and understand, do not know how to feel distressed, frequent conflicts and quarrels.

what on earth is the purpose of taking a wife?

A wife is not a product that arises at the historic moment, a wife is not an excuse to prevaricate marriage, and a wife is not a tool to have children.

what on earth is the purpose of taking a wife? I appreciate such an answer:

my wife is a right-hand man. Without her, life seems to be a lot of scarcity, and my wife is a rib bone. Without her, life seems to lack something.

wife is not everyone can choose, anyone can deal with life, the wife is unique, except her, no one can.

the wife is not to fill the emptiness in life, the wife is to fill the gap in life.



Love is not the product of marriage, but marriage is the crystallization of love.

wife, these two words must be for the person you spend your life with.

at least at first.

some people will say that love is slowly eroded by reality, if there is no love, how to go for a lifetime?

Love will not always be vigorous, as the ruts of life continue to move forward, love will become ordinary.

at this time, some people can not bear loneliness, change their heart, because they know each other too well, take chances and do things that hurt their wives.

years or even decades of marriage has come to an end, not because there is not enough love, but because it is difficult to love for a long time.

without love, there is no marriage, and then the wife becomes a stranger.

only when there is love, there can be marriage. Only when love is continuous, can we talk to each other happily, let the marriage continue, and let love be passed on in the way of family affection.

what is the purpose of taking a wife?

in order to experience the taste of love, in order to grow old hand in hand, in order to complete their own life.

therefore, the wife is both a benefactor and an honorable person.

with her, some people care about firewood, rice, oil and salt, some care for the elderly and children, and some advocate clothes for the four seasons.

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my wife is not only a good wife, but also a right-hand man. She is the person I love most in my life. Not everyone can do it.


when you have a wife, you have a small family.

A man's greatest success is not the success of his career. But have the ability to make the family harmonious, make the wife happy, and let the children thrive.

another name for a wife is "wife", which stands for "wife" and "son".

in order to fulfill your happiness, your wife leaves home, conceives for 10 months, gives birth to children and takes care of the family.

because of you, she learned to clean, to cook, and to take care of children. These are things that a woman has never experienced, but she can support everything for the sake of marriage and for the sake of a man.

A woman who is willing to have children for a man is an expression of enough love and a bet on her whole life.

my wife comes back not to roar, but to love, not to vent her anger, but to accompany her.

Don't regard a woman's reluctance to this family as a bargaining chip because she has a child.

wife is a lifelong companion, not a lifelong maidservant. If you should cherish it, you should cherish it. Don't wait until you lose a sigh.

although a woman's shoulders are narrow, she doesn't seem to be able to do without you. But don't forget, in this world, there are few things that can't be done by grit of teeth!

when a woman becomes a strong girl and no longer needs you, it will become your biggest regret.

A man, spoiling his wife is tantamount to spoiling himself, because your wife will repay you twice as much!