What is the hardest thing about people? Every sentence touches the heart

/August 2022


the most difficult moment is the trough

Xin Qiji once wrote: "sigh life, unsatisfactory things, ten often eight or nine."

Life, everything is hard; life is hard everywhere.

everyone may go through a difficult time.

when we are at a low ebb, we are lonely and desperate, hoping for a hand to give us a hand, but most of the time, disappointment is inevitable, and the source of disappointment is hope.

for example, expect others to be nice to you, warm you, and help you. In the end, you will find that you can rarely count on others.

mature people, the most should lose is the hope for others, which is a positive self-vigilance.

what Mr. Ji Xianlin said in "joys and sorrows":

"on the road of life, everyone is a lonely tourist.

there are thousands of things in the world, joys and sorrows, ups and downs, but there is nothing others can do to help. "

when you see this fact clearly, your heart will be much brighter.

when you are at a low ebb, instead of always expecting a savior, you should learn to save yourself and become strong.

get through it, digest troubles by being alone, rely on a stable state of mind, grow toward the sun, and have light in your heart, you can get closer to beauty.


the hardest thing to do is self-discipline

there is a sentence in Hu Shi's Diary of studying abroad:

he wanted to supervise his study, but for three days in a row, his diary wrote "playing cards."

the ideal is very plump, and the reality is very bony, which seems to be no different from us.

enterprising is bitter and tiring, and even the masters of the Republic of China did not find it easy.

but those who can achieve great things are by no means lazy. During that time, Hu Shi finished reading Tao Yuanming's Poems and Xie Kangyong's Poems, studying Latin, giving lectures, and talking to celebrities.

writer Scott Parker said:

executives, high achiever, professionals, celebrities. Anyone you envy struggles with nature, defeats again and again and stands up.

there is such a saying:

the more bitter, the more difficult, the more self-discipline, grind life carefully, live seriously, and cultivate the strength to escape from hardship.


the most difficult emotion to manage is anger

on the one-way street of life, ability is not our greatest enemy, emotion is.

if a person cannot control his emotions, indulge too much in negative emotions such as anger, depression, depression, anger when he should not be angry, and depression when he should not be depressed, then he will not even have an opportunity to learn, let alone move forward and succeed.

emotional instability brings a lot of negative effects to people, which affects people's marriage happiness, children's education, personal health, interpersonal relationship and so on.

being out of control is a disaster, and the most difficult thing to control is the anger.

"it's easy for everyone to get angry.

but it is not easy for everyone to express the right degree of anger to the right person, with the right motivation and in the right way at the right time. "

if you are in a mood, call a stop, calm down, find a space to be alone, listen to music, or talk to friends. You don't have to become a ticking time bomb.

take the initiative to adjust your emotions and don't be led by anger, so that you can walk steadily uphill.


the most difficult wealth to keep is health

We seem to spend half our lives making money, entertaining, and saving contacts, but forget about health.

Last November, a mother of her second child died in bed at home. It is daily for her to stay up late and swipe her mobile phone.

on January 4, 2021, pinduoduo's employees worked overtime until the wee hours of the morning and died suddenly on their way from work.

the reason behind the thrilling cases is just staying up late, drinking, and browsing your cell phone for a long time.

We are all gamblers of our lives. We gamble with our health. If we win the bet, we will get something wonderful. What if we lose?

you can't afford to lose a healthy thing, not to mention that you won't win this bet.

over the years, the physical function is completely depleted, and you can't escape the pain you have saved.

there is a sentence in the memoirs of survivors:

Don't trade your health for anything you want. find all kinds of problems in your old age, and you will understand that the most worthwhile thing to have is good health.

if you stay healthy long enough, you will have wealth and laugh until the end.

in this life, what is difficult to do and what should be done are often the same thing.

it's hard to get through the trough, force yourself to exercise self-discipline, dissolve your anger, and keep healthy until you get old.

but it is because it is difficult that it is worth doing.

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you can grow up after doing what you have not done; if you do what you dare not do, you will achieve a breakthrough.

when you have suffered, sad, and experienced, you gain your armor and become more and more powerful.

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