What is the difference between reading and a life without reading?

/October 2022

I saw a question on Zhihu: "I have read a lot of books, but then I forgot most of them. What is the meaning of reading?"

there is a very appropriate and excellent answer.

"when I was a child, I ate a lot of food, and now I can't remember what I ate. But what is certain is that some of them have grown into my bones and flesh. The same is true of the change of people by reading. "

what's the difference between reading and not reading? Uncle Fan got some answers from several book anchors.


Reading enables people to cultivate their horizons and patterns at the lowest cost

Li Xiaomeng was once a popular TV host of CCTV's "half the Sky", "Oriental time and Space", "24 hours" and other popular TV programs. In the prime of her career, she had a lovely child. But at first, she was not good at education. She was often worried about it, but the child turned a deaf ear to it.

at this time, Li Xiaomeng thought of her father: she was in poor shape before preparing for a speech contest, but her father said nothing but accompanied her to demonstrate over and over again to let her know when to pause and where to be passionate.

this made her realize that parents should not expect to educate their children by preaching, but should influence their children through their own living conditions.

when she was at CCTV, Li Xiaomeng often did a lot of desk work for interviews. This time, she flipped through a lot of parenting books for her children.

after reading these books, she felt more and more clearly that these books were not only teaching her to raise children, but more importantly, she seemed to have raised herself again in the process of reading.

in the book, she understands the basic laws of people's growth, psychological states and needs at different stages, and is able to face all kinds of accidents or fears brought about by children with a more peaceful state of mind.

she gradually got into the habit of giving more than 10 books as gifts when she heard that the people around her were pregnant. What's more, it has opened a Douyin account specifically for the production and live broadcast of short videos of books, hoping that more people can benefit from reading.

under her short video, a young girl left a message: "I am determined to be a dink. After listening to your book, I think maybe having a child is not entirely a bad thing."

and the father of the child privately wrote to her: "it was my wife who forced me to read this book at first, but the more I read it, the more I understood how to be a good father. In the past, I only knew that a man's family responsibility was love." and this book taught me how to express love. "

Li Xiaomeng also wrote the essence of reading and life experience as "Hello Child," which has garnered more than 15 million hits in Fan Deng's interview. Many mothers say that they are less anxious after reading the book and begin to enjoy the mysterious journey with their children as described in the book.

friends always say that Li Xiaomeng started a lecture-style live broadcast-in her studio, you may forget to place an order because she was fascinated by the golden sentences and quotes in the book. But good content will always be found by the platform. She has brought hundreds of thousands of Montessori children to teach early on Douyin, and books in the live broadcast are often snapped up.

"A good parenting book can really open the hearts of a parent or child, open many closed hearts or closed relationships, and open channels of communication between them." Li Xiaomeng thinks.


the process of studying is actually a process for you to find yourself.

as soon as you graduated from Tutuma University, you received admission notices from several top 500 offer and national civil servants. After graduation, graduate students were admitted to a global leadership program at Microsoft.

the second child fell to the ground and there was a turning point in his career. She decided to find a balance in life, work and family, and share the life of her second child with two other mothers at Peking University. They chose to do short videos and live broadcasts on Douyin e-commerce, mainly introducing products about family education.

Tu Tu Ma's two children, one is in the third grade and the other is in the middle class of kindergarten. So in the choice of books, she starts entirely from the needs of mothers to educate their children.

she hoped that the third-grade Tutu would further expand her knowledge beyond her study, so she began to study how to find a good set of general education books for her children. But all the books on the market failed to satisfy her completely.

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at this time, she thought of her childhood's "general education"-subscribing to magazines.

Tu Tu Ma loved to read magazines when she was a child, and she was reluctant to put it down every time she held "Reader" at recess. In her opinion, the fragmented reading of magazines is very suitable for children's fragmentation time. A magazine is all-inclusive, which can help discover children's interests, expand their knowledge, and perfectly meet the needs of general education.

but when she put forward this idea, many people advised her to give up: "how can anyone subscribe to a magazine these days?"

Tu Tu Ma insisted: "some children can't read long-winded books. But the magazine has illustrations and different contents are interspersed with each other, which actually provides a point between paper books and digital reading, allowing children to slowly develop reading habits. "

sure enough, every magazine show of Tutuma is very popular and is often sold out.

as a mother, Tutu Ma also attaches great importance to the values of books.

many mothers hope to buy original English books in the studio. On the other hand, Tutu Ma feels that this generation of children are born with national self-confidence with the development of China's economy and science and technology. While absorbing foreign cultures, we should also let Chinese children listen to more Chinese stories.

she once sold a set of magazines called "ask the Heavenly Youth", which is the first set of original aerospace science popularization in China.

"this book sells well because I told every mother at that time that we actually let our childrenReading knowledge and reading every word is actually building values for our children. We should convey national confidence and technological confidence to our children. This is the deeper meaning of reading. " Tutu Ma said.

although selections are often not understood, Tutu Ma has proved to everyone that it is valuable to stick to good content and adhere to the needs of a mother-she achieved a turnover of 1 million in a live broadcast in September. Good books, good content, good book anchors, will not be missed.


Reading can make people jump in the cognitive circle.

when it is clear that the teacher was originally an ordinary male kindergarten teacher, the parents of a student thought that the story he told their children was wonderful, so they suggested him to move the story to the Internet.

in his Little Reader, there is a child from Ningbo. When he was young, his mother specially called to thank teacher Mingming. The first sentence was "Thank you for letting our child take such a good first step in life."

later he learned that the young reader had accumulated a large number of words through the stories he told.

but the child's mother says this is not the most important thing. Most importantly, the child followed teacher Mingming's audio reading and established a very good reading habit. He regarded books as toys and even as his own partner for answering questions. When you encounter a problem, first go to the book to find the answer, and will tell the truth in the picture book to your parents and apply it to your life.

"Reading is a very convenient and fast way to improve one's cognition. Through reading, we can see how famous masters did things thousands of years ago and how to solve difficulties, "Mingming said with emotion." these have a very far-reaching impact on children. If they later encounter difficulties in life, they can find the answer in the book. "

Reading can make people jump in their cognitive circle and learn the precious spiritual wealth left behind by outstanding people from all over the world. If you apply these spiritual wealth to your life, you can reach a good channel.

in order to bring more good books into readers' families, teacher Mingming began to try to do e-commerce on Douyin on the fifth day of the Lunar New year. He brought in several anchors who were also familiar with the book industry and introduced some interesting books to give children imperceptible exposure to some philosophy of life. Team sales are rising, from three people at first to a company of 200 people now.

"I like reading. I prefer reading to children. It's really good to be able to turn what I like into a career I like." And Douyin's business system is very strictly controlled, with authentic and quality requirements for our products, which allows us to conduct business activities in a standardized manner on the platform. "

while Douyin provides channels for these book talents, it also opens up new markets for the transformation of the traditional book industry and online sales.

more families and more children have access to good books through Douyin e-commerce platform and developed good reading habits.

the more you read, the more you will find that the difference between reading and not reading lies not in the conversation for a while, but in whether the world has a broader perspective and a more tolerant attitude towards life.

in the long course of life, the details of the books you have read and the things you have experienced will one day be forgotten, and the rest will become your self-cultivation and character, which will shine one day.