What is home? (every sentence is reasonable)

/July 2022


what is home?

Bai Juyi has this description of home in "growing Peach and Apricot":

Home is a warm place to remind people of, and home is where people feel at ease.

No matter what we have experienced outside, no matter how big the storm, how big the frustration, as long as we think of home, we feel at ease.

because we know that the family will always accept us, poor or rich, beautiful or down-and-out.

this world, no one to whom for no reason to pay, no feelings in return, sooner or later come to an abrupt end.

but our families are different! The family paid for us and never thought of giving back!

parents try their best to raise their children, never thinking about whether their children will repay them; their loved ones are so attentive that they don't care how much they gain or lose.

if we have a family as a backing in this life, our hearts will always be warm and soft.


what is home?

long Yingtai said:

a line short dress for prom proves not only sense of beauty, but also a charming silhouette. Enjoy the combination of simplicity and utility.

there are people we love most and those who love us most.

We have our parents, our partners and children at home. They are the people who have been with us for the longest time in the world.

accompany parents to have three meals a day, talking and laughing, modesty and concession are the best years.

spend the four seasons with your lover, being considerate to each other, never giving up, is the most beautiful years.

We must have a family all our lives. We must manage it well.

parents in the family are getting older, tolerate them more and speak less harsh words; the partners in the family have differences, communicate with them more and lose their temper less.

Love is easy to say, but it is not easy to practice it in a lifetime. Especially for our families, to love them is not just to say, but to put it into practice, tolerance, concessions and cherish!


what is home?

Home needs to be maintained and built!

A home with love will not be cold, and a loving home will not be cold.

Home, we need each of us to take care of and cherish as our most precious things. Only in this way can we make our home look like a home.

Home should be the most warm place in people's hearts, so you and I must say less cruel words and be more tolerant;

Home should be the most relaxing place, so you and I must be less critical and more encouraging.

Men seem to be invincible, but in fact, they also have weaknesses in their hearts; women seem to be tender, but in fact they also have scars. When a man loves a woman, the family is harmonious; when a woman loves a man, the home is sweet.

families need to pay for each other, everyone has to work hard for it, only by building together can they always be prosperous, and only by making concerted efforts can they prosper.