What exactly is the purpose of taking a wife? That's the best answer I've ever heard.

/August 2022

what on earth is the purpose of taking a wife?

in the Battle of Love, Tu Lei's answer hit the nail on the head:

"wife is not used to have children, but to grow old together. Some men are no different before and after marriage. He thinks that finding a wife means having children and doing housework.

I'm telling you, you're wrong. You have found someone who can support each other until they are old, instead of working at home and swallowing their anger all the time. "

one remark, watching and crying countless people, caused countless moments to retweet and share.

the real pursuit of getting a wife and spending a life with her is to "wish to have one heart and one heart, and never part with each other".


take a wife, in order to stay together for a lifetime

according to the ancients, the wife of chaff can not be abandoned.

chaff refers to the poor food used to satisfy hunger, which means that wives who have shared hardship cannot abandon each other.

if you take a wife, you should know each other, never give up, and go from sharing hardships to sharing joys and sorrows.

Ge You's wife's name is he Cong, and she is not very attractive, so some people often lament:

"it's really a bit unworthy of Ge You," and "Ge You hasn't changed his wife yet."

Ge You, however, silenced those people with one sentence:

the highest state of marriage is "a broad bond between life and death, say with your son, hold your hand, and grow old together."

since I met you, it has been you for the rest of my life, never give up, support each other, you know my worries, I know it is not easy for you to help each other to the end.

the most moving marriage is that when love is weathered and weathered, and ends up in the dull years, it becomes more cherished, tolerant and willing to accompany each other through the rest of their lives.

when you are here, you will feel at ease, and you will not be afraid of white clouds and dogs. Things are unpredictable.


to marry a wife, in order to talk about everything

marriage, in the final analysis, it is just two people in one room, three meals and four seasons. If you lose interaction and communication in the daily life of firewood, rice, oil and salt, then the feelings will not flow, and it will not be far from the backwater.

the so-called love is to talk well. Even the pillow person, once cut off communication, is as far away as the end of the world, is the most familiar stranger living under the same roof.

if you cherish a relationship and value a person, you must attach importance to the power of communication.

"the most Romantic thing" sings:

the most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you, collect bits and pieces of laughter along the way, and save it for later to talk about everything in a rocking chair. Even if you live in a place of chicken feathers, you can also live a steaming life and shine with happiness.


to marry a wife, in order to grow up together,

I very much agree that group meditation is the highest state of the relationship between husband and wife.

many men like to say, "I will support you all my life." those who really know how to raise a wife will not only meet their survival needs, but also grow up with their wives.

when she got married, Liu Ruoying said to her husband Zhong Shi, "I will never be a full-time wife at home. I will sing, act and write as usual."

Zhong Shi smiled and replied, "it is because you are so rich and interesting that I marry you."

when decorating the new house, Zhong Shi set up two studies at both ends of the house. After he and Liu Ruoying entered the house, they walked one to the right and the other to the left. The common space was the kitchen and dining room in the middle.

Attract your audience when in casual mother of the bride dresses by showing confidence, femininity and elegance. Always our pleasure to see you getting your desired garments.

he works and talks in his space, she is not affected, she also meditates in her space, writes and reads books.

they are independent in their own small space and love each other in the same big house.

A good marriage is mutual achievement, not compromise.

grow up together in marriage, respect each other, nourish each other in life, support each other in wind and rain, and be in the same boat over the years.

the most beautiful love in the world is when one heart meets another;

the most moving marriage is when one soul awakens another soul.

the two formed a bond, helped each other in the mountains and rivers of time, spent ten or twenty years together, and spent the rest of their lives. When all the splendor is dull and all the desires fade one by one, there is still the only wish in my heart, that is, to hold each other's hand, until I am old, and until the end of my life.

for the rest of my life, I would like to have a single heart, white heads will not be separated, and every minute and every second will be flickering.