What do children have to go through in order to understand the importance of study and the difficulty of parents?

/June 2022

Before the article begins, let's take a look at two examples of sanitation workers.

every weekend morning, the little boy helps his mother, who is a sanitation worker, to clean the street.

after cleaning, mother and son will have a rest together and talk, and the warm picture is touching.

A fat young woman dragged a sanitation worker for several meters with her hand, while other sanitation workers hurried forward to block the frame. It turned out that the daughter was asking her mother for money!

the mother is nearly 50 years old and has been a sanitation worker for more than 10 years, with only a few thousand yuan a month.

her daughter has also become a mother, asking her mother for money every now and then, abusing, quarreling and fighting without giving money.

both the children of sanitation workers, why is this little boy so considerate to his mother, while that young woman has become a "white-eyed wolf"?


how does a teenager who grew up in Mili know how to feel sad

someone asked the mother of the little boy: your child is so sensible. How do you educate him?

this female sanitation worker is not good at words and can't say much about education. Some say sheepishly:

among the children of the poor, many are very sensible, and many are very capricious.

I believe that there must be something that makes the difference.

what is this factor? After reading the following story, it dawned on me.

when he was in high school, he was addicted to the Internet and often went out of school to surf the Internet in the middle of the night. One day he climbed over the wall as usual, pulled out his feet and ran home in the middle of it, looking strange and silent.

from then on, he studied hard and stopped surfing the Internet. It was widely rumored in the school that he had seen a ghost.

later, when he was admitted to a famous school, his former classmates asked about it. He was silent for a long time and said that his father came to pay his living expenses that day and was reluctant to stay in a hotel. He sat under the wall all night.

have you been moved by this father?

but if the father's hardships are not accidentally discovered by the mischievous son, will the son turn over a new leaf?

Children are not born to sympathize with their parents.

only after they really feel the hardships and sufferings of their parents, will they be grateful to their parents, and then be strict with themselves and live up to their parents' painstaking efforts.


parents' excessive "care" is blindly "poison"

at present, in China, there is a very terrible phenomenon-the "rich second generation" of the whole people.

the children of the rich should be raised by the second generation of the rich, and the children of the poor should also be raised by the second generation of the rich. As the saying goes, "No matter how poor you are, you cannot educate the poor, and no matter how hard you are, you cannot suffer the children."

there are many parents who try their best to let their children enjoy the best living conditions regardless of the differences in family resources and endowments.

husband and wife plus four old people, six of them take care of a child, holding out their clothes and opening their mouths, they are really afraid of falling in their hands and melting in their mouths.

the saying that the children of the poor are in charge early is true in the past.

when I was at school, I worked hard to strive for a better life through study.

I never spend money lavishly, because I know that every penny my parents give me for my studies is hard to come by.

not only me, but also most of the children around me at that time.

now, some families who are not well-off feel that they owe their children and worry that their children will be outdone by others, resulting in a sense of inferiority. On the contrary, they are more pampered and spoiled.

most children live an enjoyable life, with air conditioning when they are hot, heating when they are cold, snacks for every family, and new clothes for everyone.

parents are reluctant to bear their children's suffering no matter how tired they are.

when parents want to give all the good things and all the love in the world to their children, they forget to tell their children one thing: the hardship of life is unimaginable.

excessive "care" of parents is undoubtedly poison for children.

Children enjoy everything with peace of mind, and have no idea of contentment, gratitude and consideration for their parents, let alone that life is not easy.

on the contrary, it also breeds many bad habits of vanity and laziness.


the so-called wealth, illness and difficulty in adapting to it are all hypocritical

there was a very hot post on Zhihu.

refers to the rich second generation who study abroad, who are ignorant and unable to adapt, and have a very serious sense of exclusion for studying and living abroad, and intend to drop out of school after barely finishing a semester.

his father didn't say a word and told him not to return home during the holiday. He couldn't stay at home and had to go out to work.

found a job in a Chinese restaurant, and the teenager began to live in dire straits and dark days.

the owner of the restaurant is so harsh that he throws me any dirty words. My main tasks are washing dishes, mopping the floor, chopping vegetables, moving drinks, and stir-frying rice frequently. For a time I even dreamt that I was cooking rice.

I have to follow the instructions of other shop assistants, where the garbage should be dumped, where the toilet is clogged, and as soon as their upper lip touches the lower lip, I have to deal with it.

the people who work in the store have no education, no green card, no English, but I am new here, and I have the lowest position, so I naturally have no status.

after work in the evening, a group of people share a room with no privacy at all.

they sleep and snore, which is another torture for me, who sleep very little. I often can't sleep all night, and I will be scolded if I don't have the energy to work the next day.

A month later, he returned home with hard-earned money. Dad said something meaningful.

not everyone has to follow the rules to finish high school, go to college, go to work after college.

it's just that if you don't take this relatively easy road, what most people have in front of them is hard work.

but hard work is divided into different groups. Some people can do it, while others can't.

some people have no conditions and no choice but can only do rough work, that is nothing to say; but if some people willfully give up and miss out on good conditions and opportunities, it will be too late to regret in the future.

of course, these words do not apply to someone who is gifted, such as reading music at 3, arranging music at 5, or playing NBA at 18. Otherwise, it will never hurt people to study hard.

from then on, teenagers studied hard and got used to it.

the so-called diseases of wealth and honor, which are difficult to adapt to, are all hypocritical. It would be better to endure hardships.


diligence and hard work are the best gifts for children.

We do not allow our children to study far away from other places, but we can still give them more experience in their daily life and provide opportunities for them to harvest and hone.

my nephew finished the high school entrance examination, followed by a long holiday. His parents asked me to help introduce them to the milk tea shop near my home to work and experience life.

come back every day, there are new topics, either tell us what we did during the day, or who came to the store, but also know some fast food riders and some salesmen.

one day I asked him, "is it easy to go to work?" He said:

I told this to his parents, and they were very pleased.

No matter how good a child's education is, it's better to let him feel it for himself. It's not easy in the adult world.

as Zeng Guofan said, "apart from reading, it is excellent to teach my nephew to sweep the house, wipe tables and stools, collect dung and mow weeds. We must not think that it is harmful to our airs."

Today's parents always want to give their children the best conditions, which is actually harming their children.

in the process of growing up, the more abundant the material is, the more exhausted the spirit is; when the spirit is tired, the pace of material creation will naturally stop.

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on the contrary, giving children real growth, making children understand difficulties and hardships, teaching children to cherish gifts and wealth, and guiding children to rely on diligence and hard work is the most profound gift to children.