What are the little habits that can last a lifetime?

/August 2022

Haruki Murakami wrote a sentence in my career as a novelist:

some things seem very small, but if they persist for a long time, three years, five years, and ten years later, this "small" thing will also become a "big" thing that will change our lives.

the power of time is far more powerful than we thought.

if we want to have a good life, we don't always need to do something big. It's enough to form some good habits and stick to it.


keep reading for an hour every day

from the host of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala to the host of the "Chinese Poetry Conference", Dong Qing is the representative of a woman with temperament.

she can always say the right words at the right time and in the right place. Dong Qing's intellectuality and elegance is what many women want to be.

in an interview, Dong Qing said:

"if I don't read for a few days, I will feel as bad as not taking a bath for a few days."

she owes everything to her long-term habit of reading. Persevering in reading is one of the things that has the lowest investment cost but the greatest long-term benefit.

replace one hour of browsing videos, web pages, and TV dramas with reading every day.

keep reading for one hour every day, seven hours a week. If you can finish reading a book in seven hours, you can finish four books a month and 48 books a year.

can not only enrich the spirit, increase knowledge, but also enrich knowledge, upgrade skills, and change temperament.


exercise for an hour every day

at the age of about 20 years old, you can also rely on your metabolism to resist fat. After the age of 25, your metabolism decreases. If you lose self-discipline, you can't control your mouth, and you can't open your legs. Weight is easy to go uphill.

so we always say that people who still have a good figure after the age of 30 are admirable.

after the age of 30, if you want to maintain that beautiful and rustling appearance, you need and must do two words: exercise.

it is necessary to exercise for an hour a day, or run, or yoga, or fitness, or just walk 5 kilometers a day.

in the short term, the effect of exercise seems to be less obvious, but in the long run, three, five, or ten years later, the spirits of people of the same age, those who exercise and those who do not exercise are obviously different, and the gap is also obvious.

persisting in exercise will not only give us a good appearance, but also let us clearly see our strength in the process of shaping ourselves through exercise.

things change a lot, but we also have something we can control.


develop a correct sitting posture

there is an important term in psychology called "embodied emotion". The core idea of

"embodied emotion" is that the process of expression, perception, processing and understanding of

emotion is closely related to the body.

emotions are also closely related to our body posture. Sitting upright can not only make our body bones grow healthier and maintain an elegant posture, but at the same time, maintaining a straight and straight sitting posture will also convey a positive and positive strength to our emotions.

develop good sitting habits, which can not only make our bodies more elegant, but also make us happier.


the alarm clock had better be set only one

before Weibo there was a hot topic "setting multiple alarm clocks repeatedly waking up can lead to chronic fatigue". Under the topic, many netizens left messages expressing shock.

the pace of life is speeding up. I am used to staying up late and staying up late, but I am afraid of getting up late in order to get up early on time.

We set several alarm clocks for ourselves in the morning.

if you have to get up at 07:30, the alarm clock will be set at 7:10, 7:20, 7:25, 7:30 and 7:35.

I thought that setting more alarm clocks and staying in bed would make me sleep for more than ten minutes and make me more energetic. But the result is on the contrary, the more you set the alarm clock in the morning, the more you stay in bed and don't think about it, on the contrary, you will be more tired.

so for the sake of health, give up the habit of setting a lot of alarm clocks in the future, stick to setting an alarm clock every day, and get up immediately after the alarm goes off.

not only saves getting up time, but also makes yourself a cool person who says you can just get up when you get up.


get your clothes ready for the next day before going to bed

the mood of each morning affects our mood for the following day to some extent.

if you get up in the morning, you still have to worry about what to wear today, rummaging through cabinets to find clothes, and looking everywhere for another sock.

if you are lucky, it is good to find the clothes you want to wear in just a few dozen minutes;

if you are unlucky, you can't find the clothes you want to wear. Finally, you rush to go out and put on clothes casually. If there is something important that day, wearing inappropriate clothes, the mood is somewhat upset.

it's a little annoying, and it can be avoided.

Ten minutes before going to bed every night, check the weather forecast, prepare the clothes to wear the next day, pack up the materials and items to take with you when you go out in the morning, and put them in a conspicuous place.

these are small things, but you can reserve a lighter and better morning for the next morning.


write down the things to do the next day in the memo before going to bed every day

more and more like to do the to do list of the next day the night before.

Open the memo and write down what you must do the next day: read for an hour;

finish an article; finish something

ask your partner about a project, follow up a project, watch a movie,

go to the library to borrow a book, attend a meeting, have dinner with friends, etc.

it seems like a simple plan for the next day, but daily to do list tells us what the important things to do right now are, reminding us not to forget and remember to help us improve our lives.

stick to it for a long time, and we can clearly know where we spend every minute. Maybe our memories will forget some things in the future, but the memos we wrote down on many previous nights will help us remember clearly.

where have we been for dinner, what movies we have seen, what books we have read, what people we have met, what things we have done.

even in many desperate and sad moments in the future, going through so many things we have done in the memo, our efforts and bravery in the past will give us a little bit of strength in the present.

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look back every day and reflect on the gains and losses of the day

before going to bed every night, lie in bed and think about what you did today and what you wanted to do but didn't do. Think about which things you handled particularly well and which things you didn't handle well enough.

make the right attribution, figure out why you didn't do these things well, whether you didn't schedule your time, or because you were lazy, or because these things are difficult to do and require more energy and time.

do a good review every day, keep reviewing, correct in time where you are not good enough, and remember to keep your strengths.

persist in review and introspection for a long time, and make a little progress every day to become a better self.


cheer yourself up once a day

I agree with a sentence I've seen on Weibo:

pessimism doesn't need talent. Everyone can. Negativity does not require effort, it will arise spontaneously as soon as it stops.

it takes effort and patience to be positive, optimistic, to look on the bright side, to achieve a little in vain in the impossible.

there are many things in life that make us sad. If we don't pay attention, the corners of our mouths will go down.

it's hard to stay positive for a long time.

but if you are depressed, deliberately remind yourself to "stay positive", "smile", "be happy from the bottom of your heart so that you won't get old too fast" and "stay happy so as not to form a bitter face." come on, you're the best.

although it is only a simple sentence, every time I encourage myself, I will be really happy in the end.

cheer yourself up once a day, remind yourself to love life, and tell yourself that there are still a lot of luck to look forward to.

think about the bright side of everything and strive to be a positive person with no surprise, peace of mind, joy and beauty.

Life is long, what we have to do is never how grand things, but to do a good job of small things, stick to it.

there are a lot of little habits in life, too.

at first glance, it is inconspicuous, but with the persistence of day after day, under the action of time, these little habits nourish us and change our lives imperceptibly.

the more persistent you are, the luckier you are.