We're all in such a hurry to prove ourselves right.

/December 2022


the frequency of our updates has decreased significantly in the past week, so there are a lot of messages, "you take your exams well, don't rush to update" and "I know good articles need to be sharpened slowly, so it's normal if the update frequency is low."

like a stop, we kept silent and did not reply to these messages. Because the meaning of silence is that it can't tell you whether you are right or wrong. If you don't admit it or deny it, no one will know that there is another reason why you are afraid to write.

there are a lot of hot news on social platforms these days. Some of them are under pressure to choose not to write, while others are because the events are too complicated and confusing, until we find out what the truth is. We don't want to write an incomplete tweet to guide public opinion for a tweet with high data.

and after being a "bystander" for a few days, I began to be afraid of public opinion. Because you have no idea from which moment, people on the same side of you will suddenly laugh at you as "smart people".

one second I send you the same moments to say "I support you", and the next second I leave a message below your moments: "you are still too young too simple".

you don't know why, but you don't find a new post until you refresh your moments, and this tweet is billed as "real rational thinking." You will find that those who retweet can't wait to add the phrase "No turn is not Chinese". It seems that the more enthusiastic they are on this "rational" tweet, the faster they will be able to break away from their original position. in order to continue to use extreme words to scold others for being extreme.

whether it is Brexit at the weekend, yesterday's sexual assault by journalists, and today's rumors of "looking for children". (sorry, a bit of a mouthful) everyone retweets the relevant tweets or moments to say, "I'm concerned about this," and be sure to attach their own views on the matter. This reminds me of what Xinshi Xiang said in his tweet the day before yesterday: jokes about hot events seem to have become a social tool for us. It is like people's "sign-in" for what is happening in the world.

but the screen is full of thoughtful and even extreme views, which makes me feel like we are in a bit of a hurry.

be eager to prove your speed of catching hot spots, to prove your kindness, to prove that you are smarter than others, and to prove that you understand "independent thinking" better than others.

and no one questions this "anxiety". We are eager to express our support to our friends, and then to oppose our previous support, like athletes, running from one side of the public opinion field to the other side and back from the other side. Slowly, you will find that it doesn't matter whether you are for or against it, but most importantly, how many people are on your side.

the rule becomes very simple. As long as you stand in a crowded place, you win.


something happened last week that made me unhappy with several readers. I used the word "down" in my reply to them, so that they took a screenshot and sent it to their moments saying that it was immoral for me to be a disorganized editor.

because we have common friends, several friends showed me screenshots of these moments that afternoon and asked me what was going on.

I was watching Warcraft at the cinema and didn't have time to reply one by one. So I posted a moments to explain my position, roughly: I don't think I did anything wrong in this matter, because we are not the first personal attacks, although we are writers, but this does not mean that we have to endure the personal attacks of others.

more bluntly: what's wrong with you? If you scold me, I will scold you back.

although this incident has no effect on me at all, it does show me the power of public opinion. For a time, many friends around that classmate all rose up to attack, or said, "as writers, you have no right to scold the reader." Or go backstage in the middle of the night to debate with us, saying: "I read the message, that is the general degree of Weibo attack, there is no need to fight with them."

in their eyes, disorganized media lose their qualification to be "free men" after they have more than 10,000 fans, so we should be scolded and hit back. Even my friends agree with this view: "when you have more and more readers, it means you have to bear more and more gossip."

but I don't agree, as a disorganized editor, as a self-media, as a writer, as a person, I don't agree.

because whether or not to endure insults from others is decided by those of us who have been abused, not by those who abused us.

it's like your mother found you a boyfriend, not only bad personality, but also bad appearance, but her family is very rich. You firmly disagree, so all your relatives come to your house to convince you: "they are ugly, but they have helped you a lot. Just put up with it and pass."

at this time, will you agree to this arrangement because there are so many other people?

but this always happens in life, and the more people who don't know you, the more they like to judge your life. They tell you that life should bear hardships; tell your boyfriend not to be too handsome; tell you that when others hit you on the left face, you should send your right face; tell you, your point of view too young too simple, this will hurt yourself; tell you, this is wrong; tell you, they are right, because they represent the majorityCount.

so sometimes, like me, you feel lonely, even a little shaken, and want to change the principles you once adhered to to cater to the so-called "majority".

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but every time like this, I think of what long Yingtai said in the article:

now K has also tripped. Your spiritual practice begins. Outside your isolated practice room, there are many people who hope to give you a gentle word, a warm look, and a firm hug, but the path of spiritual practice is always lonely, because wisdom must come from loneliness.

so even if you are on the side of the minority, even if you lose to the so-called majority, please, like me now, believe that you are right. Because you should know that in the history of human development, all progress has never been made by obedience, but by the words of those who stick to themselves:

"I don't agree."