We shot a MV "I don't have a boyfriend" in a week.

/December 2022

@ Yang Manjing

NetEase Cloud has a feature called daily song recommendation. One night insomnia a month ago, it gave me a song called "I don't have a boyfriend yet". It exploded after listening to it at that time, and got up the next day and forced the song to Xiumin, who was also single in the bed next to the dormitory. "you must listen to it! You must listen! " That's what I told her before I went out.

unexpectedly, when I went to the Japanese class that night, I found that she was brainwashed like me, and she copied down all the lyrics. At that time, the Japanese teacher was teaching "his period" on the stage, and we agreed with a can of Coke under the table, "Let's make a short film, this week."

so we planned, conceived, and filmed, and in the later stage, we really finished it in a week. During those days of shooting, the weather was cloudy and sunny, the sky was exposed to the sky, half of the torrential rain was taken outdoors, it was drenched and bitten by mosquitoes, and each sentence of 40 lyrics had to change into a suit of clothes, which is equivalent to carrying about 20 sets of clothes and cameras every day. Tripod ran all over a big school, from the south gate to the north gate. Even because we couldn't get help from actors, we shrunk from a short plot film to an unsatisfactory MV.

the last shot was on the rooftop above the canteen, which was the scene with the happiest laughter in the film. at that time, we recorded a long sentence, and now I only remember the sentence, "our university is very troublesome." there are some things you obviously don't have to do, but because you think it's funny, you rush up. But at least we did our best, whether in love, in the past, or even in the future. "

@ Yao Xiumin

Yang Manjing, who has experienced extremely haggard vicissitudes of life, stayed up late again to edit the refined edition. The first time she sang Amway

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I refused, and I didn't start the single cycle until she forced the headphones into my ear. The more you listen, the more poisonous you listen, and the more you become addicted to it.

I finally couldn't help it that night. I said, "I'm listening again. I don't have a boyfriend yet." I suddenly want to make a movie.

she replied: "Pat" and "together".

at that time, I wanted to go to Taiwan as an exchange student right away, so let's just take pictures of the campus.

so 40 lyrics, 40 scenes, N costumes, strange hairstyles. I thought that there should be a boy on camera. When I saw a man on the way, I grabbed him and giggled at the camera together.

within one day, there are three or four showers, patting and stopping, and mosquito prevention stickers are posted everywhere. In the muggy weather of more than twenty degrees, I still put on winter clothes.

We hide it from filming to editing, for fear that the whole world knows that I don't have a boyfriend.

Video planner x director x appearance x later

Yang Manjing and Yao Xiumin