We are very comfortable together.

/December 2022


I attended Music's birthday party a few days ago. After singing, a group of people went to the restaurant downstairs to eat. As soon as she entered the restaurant, a girl with her companion shouted, "Why is there no private room?" then she sat reluctantly in a chair, ironing the dishes with brewed tea, pouring water and saying, "look at this, it's so dirty." Originally, everyone just got together to have fun and didn't care much about the environmental conditions. after what she said, the whole table became embarrassed and seemed to look untidy if they didn't wash together, so everyone began to iron the dishes and chopsticks. The waiter rolled his eyes at us several times.

every dish after that, she would comment on it. "these shrimps are all dead. You see, they are not rolled up."this dish is not fresh. It has been kept for a long time." this fish is so rough. Are you sick? " …… All the chopsticks held up are ready to go back to rest. What was supposed to be normal food became abnormal after her comments, and neither did we eat it, nor did we eat it. After buying the bill, the girl suddenly asked loudly, "Why do you northerners eat on plates?" We southerners all eat with bowls because we think plates are so dirty. " I clearly saw that nearly half of the northeastern people present turned black for a moment.

after the party, Music whispered, "who brought this girl?" Don't bring it next time.

I noticed that the girl's Wechat signature was "be yourself", which only amused me. Maybe she took her outspoken words and mistook her for a true character worth showing off.


the truest girl I have ever met is my best friend.

she does things briskly, speaks bluntly, is careless about small things, and is meticulous and decisive in big things. The important thing is that every minute you spend with her will feel comfortable, and you won't feel violated because of her bluntness. She recently met the business student Dafang, and made an exception to enter his company as an intern. She recalled that she once had dinner together, and there were all seniors who were more senior than her. She warms up actively, tells stories and brags, and looks like a restless newcomer. She, who obviously doesn't know how to drink, lowered the glass wisely when she clinked a toast. Fat has remembered her ever since. He said, whether you can be a man or not, just look at the toast.

I think the so-called true temperament is not to embarrass the people around you, but that you know the difference between "what I want to say" and "what I should say"; it is not to insist on yourself to embarrass the scene, but to keep abreast of the times when the current situation is clear; what is more, we should not regard "telling the truth" as being honest with each other, but to speak artistically, not only to achieve our own goals, but also to prevent others from coming down from the stage.

first of all, you have to learn to be a man, and then you can let the people around you willingly bathe in your true temperament.

with only one meal, discerning people can gain insight into your way of doing things, but smart people don't say it, ordinary people don't remind them, and ordinary people keep it in mind.

after I saw m spit into the dish several times, I couldn't stand it and reminded him in private. He told me nonchalantly: "because the food is very delicious, bold and unrestrained men eat like this." I haven't had dinner with him since.

when three or five friends travel together, there is no AA system for convenience, but take turns to treat. But whenever it was Xiaobai's turn to treat, she would skip it automatically, pretending not to remember and let the next person treat. Although there is not much money, but over time, we no longer take the initiative to ask her to travel.

whether friends can get along or not, the most important thing is whether you make me feel comfortable or not.

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small details that you think don't matter are the biggest factor in judging whether it's worth interacting with you or not for friends who spend time with you every day. If what you say always makes me feel harsh, if what you do always makes me feel like you don't respect me, if you always spend money unconsciously, and leave a knot in my heart on the details, then I can conclude that you can't be a man. you can't talk. I don't think you're cute, and I don't understand that you're a child.

when it comes to making friends, I have only one rule-to get along naturally and effortlessly.

so I am hard on myself and my friends.


I hate my ex-boyfriend's boasting most, but I put up with it unexpectedly for a long time. It was only after the breakup that I realized that the reason why I had been able to refrain from exposing him for a long time was that he could really talk and be a man.

in the process of boasting, he can make you feel a sense of achievement, nonsense can make you agree, and don't forget to consider your heart as a bystander when you feel good about yourself.

so everyone has shortcomings, but the advantage of being a human being can make up for a lot.

maybe you will say that "being a man" is sophisticated, polite and shrewd. You don't think friends need to be so tired. But in fact, the higher the intimacy between friends, the higher the demand for comfort. Being able to be a person is not a deliberate unknown thing, but you naturally think for each other in order to make others feel comfortable and happy in every detail.

I always believe that most people in the world more or less understand the way of doing things, but they treat different people and quickly figure out whether each other is worth using those tiring friends.Sports Acrobatics. Maybe I always feel uncomfortable with you, not because you can't be a man, but because you think I'm not worth it.

if we care about each other, if we are friends, I believe we will learn how to get along and really realize each other's true temperament.