Walking is "the best health care in the world".

/July 2022

you may not believe it, the one thing we do and must do every day is too much good for our health, and that is: walking!

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition points out that walking 20 minutes a day can prolong life.

the Daily Mail also reported that walking for 20 minutes a day, or the same amount of exercise, can reduce the risk of early death by 1/3.

the World Health Organization also believes that walking is "the best exercise in the world"!

according to statistics:

each step can promote 50% of the blood flow of the human body, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis;

can squeeze 50% of the blood vessels of the human body, which is a simple "vascular gymnastics";

at least 50% of the muscles can be exercised, which helps to maintain the total amount of muscles.

the more you walk, the healthier you are.

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many studies have clearly pointed out that people who walk more will be healthier.

both hiking and walking exercise can play a role in physical exercise. Experts believe that walking 6000 steps a day can achieve the effect of fitness. Why on earth is this?

experts believe that walking 6000 steps a day ≈ 3 to 4 km walking distance ≈ 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise.

Dietary guidelines for Chinese residents also recommend that adults should take more than 6000 steps of physical activity every day.

so 6000 steps a day is the healthiest step to walk!

experts say that long, rhythmic, relatively fast walking can improve health for six reasons:

1. Caloric consumption helps to control body weight;

2. Promote venous reflux of lower extremities and protect heart;

3. Exercise the ability of coordination and sense of balance to delay aging;

4. Exercise muscles and bones, dredge the vein of stasis;

5. Enhance cardiopulmonary function and improve blood circulation;

6. Relax the tired brain and restore energy.

the more you walk, the longer you live

1. Beauty is a person who comes out

. Whether it is beautiful or not is directly related to the purity of your blood.

Blood is like a stream. A clear stream is naturally pleasing to the eye. It is the same with people, there is no garbage in the blood, that person's body, must be refreshing, external performance, nature is as beautiful as flowers.

and walking is the main way to get rid of garbage in the body and blood. Walking can not only burn calories and maintain physical beauty, but also eliminate garbage in the body and make people beautiful from the inside out.

2. Walking makes people smarter

there is an indirect relationship between stupidity and blood purity. If there is more rubbish in the blood, there is less nutrition to reach the head, brain cells are not active, and people naturally become stupid.

regular walking can remove rubbish from the blood, eliminate fatigue, make people feel happy, relieve palpitations, eliminate exhaust pollution, make people more spiritual and lively, and make people become smarter.

3, walking can increase memory

with age, people's memory begins to decline, often walking, remembering the changes of buildings on both sides of the road every day, landscape changes, can increase memory, prevent memory decline.

4, walk, can open meridians

in the office, sit all day, every day, meridians will be stiff, the whole body will have small pimples, adhere to walking, pimples will be much less.

5, walking, can clear the pulse

6, walk, make people physically and mentally relaxed

physical and mental disharmony, physical and mental uneasiness, physical and mental illness all come from qi and blood blockage, the reason is the obstruction of meridians and collaterals, therefore, the body and mind are not free.

by walking, the qi and blood are unobstructed, and the body and mind are free.

7. Walking can enhance the heart function

walk, enhance the heart function and make the heart slow and powerful.

do not like exercise, the heart will be bad, there will be a variety of heart diseases.

8. Walking can increase the elasticity of blood vessel wall

walking, enhance the elasticity of blood vessel wall, reduce the possibility of vascular rupture, and enhance the elasticity of the whole body.

9, walking can unobstruct blood circulation

the blood of the human body is not smooth, because the meridians and collaterals are blocked, people are easy to get sick.

Walking can open the meridians and enhance the blood circulation and metabolism of the human body.

10, walking can enhance muscle strength

do not exercise, the whole body muscle is stiff and inelastic, no strength.

Walking can not only enhance muscle strength, but also strengthen leg strength, foot strength, muscles and bones, and flexible joints.

11, walking can enhance renal function

sedentary injury kidney, long-term inactivity, will cause kidney deficiency, glomerulonephritis, kidney stone, kidney function decline. If the kidney function declines, the blood supply is insufficient; if the kidney blood is insufficient, the liver blood is insufficient; if the liver blood is insufficient, the painstaking effort is insufficient, and you begin to get sick.

if you get sick, you have to take medicine, which is a third of the poison, and taking medicine will further increase the load of renal function, thus creating a vicious circle.

Walking can enhance renal function. If the renal function is strong, the root will be strong, and other internal organs will form a virtuous circle.

12, walking can reduce the diseases of the five internal organs

13, walking can cure the three high

walking has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, habitual constipation and so on.

there are three highs. Start walking for half a year and lose dozens of jin. If you take a look, the guarantee of the three highs will not be high.

14, walking can reduce myocardial infarction

in medicine, myocardial infarction is mainly caused by obstruction of qi and blood and blood.When clots block blood vessels, walking can reduce the formation of blood clots and reduce the possibility of myocardial infarction.

15, walking is good for brain health

outdoor exercise helps the brain release more euphoric hormone endorphins, and outdoor walking is more beneficial to mental health than indoor treadmill exercise.

if you look at the computer, or read a book, write an article for a long time, and your head is numb, you will go for a walk outside, get some fresh air, your brain is aerobic, and your mind will become clear and flexible, which is more conducive to learning.

16, walking can enhance eyesight

according to the test of relevant experts, those who walk for one hour three times a week for 4 months have a sharp response and have an advantage in vision and memory compared with those who do not like sports.

17, walking can make people feel happy

Medical studies have proved that people's happiness index is related to blood purity.

regular walking can eliminate the symptoms of cardiac ischemia or lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar and blood lipids, eliminate fatigue, relieve palpitations and make people feel happy.

while walking, you can also eliminate blood stasis, blood disease and other rubbish in the blood, the blood is pure, qi and blood is unobstructed, people will naturally feel happy.

18, walking, can prolong life

6 scientific ways, walk out of a body to be healthy

1, "10:10" walk: protect the cervical vertebra

arms tilt upward, just like the watch needle pointing to the position of "10:10", raise your head and chest, and carry out walking exercise, which helps to exercise the muscles of the shoulder and neck, alleviate and prevent cervical vertebra diseases.

2, wiggle walking: prevent and cure constipation

3, walk slowly: promote sleep

in the evening, walk slowly for half an hour, rest for 15 minutes and then go to sleep, which has a better sedative and hypnotic effect.

4. Walking backwards: relieving backache

5, knocking: reducing waist circumference

walking with hands and some movements (such as tapping on both sides of the waist) can help reduce waist circumference.

6. Walk with a long stride: prevent hunchback

stride away, which can relax the muscles of the waist and back. at the same time, it can also exercise the muscles of the back and abdomen and lighten the burden on the waist.

there is an old folk saying: practice comes first.

long-term walking has a great exercise effect on the whole heart and lung function.

Shang Shu, a doctor of the Fifth people's Hospital of Shenyang, once said in "I am an orator":

only by respecting your own life and restraining your desires can you make your life safer and of better quality.

Health ultimately depends on yourself. A healthy lifestyle is the best vaccine to prevent disease.

the best doctor is himself, and the best exercise is walking. Those who walk for a long time are the ones who can keep good health.

doctors can only cure your illness, but not your life. You have to manage your health on your own. Walk up every day, walk three heights, stay away from terminal illness, and don't spend a penny. How can you find such a good thing?