Walk with people with clean souls.

/July 2022

I have read such a passage:

the value of mountains does not lie in the overlapping peaks, but in the geographical location;

the importance of water does not lie in the accumulation of water into an abyss, but in the tolerance of all things;

the rank of people does not lie in their birth class, but in the cleanliness of the soul.

I think so.

our highest opinion of a person is that his soul is clean.

people with clean souls, no matter what tribulations they go through, no matter how difficult they are, they still have a noisy state of mind of a cup of tea, and they can still look at life with a peaceful attitude.

there are too many false faces in the world, and our choices are extremely important. Choosing to walk with people with clean souls is also invisible to cleanse and cleanse our hearts.


Clean speech is the best self-cultivation

psychologists have found that speech and behavior is the key to affecting personal image, in which speech is more important.

in fact, it is not difficult to find that

if a person is always rude, people around him will be anxious to avoid him and do not want to have anything to do with him;

if a person speaks elegantly and softly, the people around him are more willing to be close to him and make friends with him.

speaking carefully, courtesy and manners in life is actually a very difficult thing. After all, no one can guarantee that they will not say too much about something.

but comment on everything and speak coarsely for fear that others will not know what they are thinking. To put it bluntly, they do not have mature knowledge, let alone the self-cultivation of speaking.

people often say: you are what you say.

A well-mannered person often speaks cleanly and always takes into account other people's emotions before speaking, so as not to embarrass them.

to speak well, you are responsible for other people's feelings as well as your own words and deeds.

A person who speaks cleanly, naturally has extraordinary demeanor, always considerate the heart of others, and the cultivation of intellectual atmosphere.


Clean conduct is the best reputation

A person's real capital is not beauty or money, but character.

after experiencing the social crawling and rolling, after seeing all the hypocrisy and cunning in the world, after tasting the warmth and warmth of human feelings around us, it is how rare it is to be able to maintain good character.

in this indifferent and ruthless society, character is not only the key for us to walk in the vast sea of people, but also the excellent quality for us to make friends and enter a clean circle.

Gu Cheng said:

although there is always darkness in life, although we have all felt that bad people are in charge, it is difficult for good people to be in charge.

but all these are not the reasons for us to give up being clean and willing to degenerate.

We always have inner persistence, and we always have the idea of not abandoning or giving up.

even if the road ahead is boundless, we should light up in our hearts, grope in the dark, move forward, and always meet the light that belongs to us.

strive to be a clean person and spare no effort to move forward.

people with good character are always the sunshine and rain of life.

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Clean conduct will always be our best reputation.


the soul is clean, which is the best way to practice

Chekhov once said:

in this noisy and mixed world, it is a rare thing not to go with the current and strive to become a person with a clean soul.

some people look ordinary, but their hearts are as gorgeous as a rainbow;

some people are as tiresome as rashness, although they are glittering with jewels and shining with gold.

Clean means not only the way you dress, the way you talk and behave.

what is more important is to practice both inside and outside, to integrate knowledge and practice, and to live a suddenly enlightened self in the complex world.

from today on, practice your heart and strive to be a person with a clean soul.


only by snuggling up to each other in the depths of the soul, can we go hand in hand better.

May we all walk with people with clean souls and live as we like.