Walk with good people, work with reliable people, get along with people who understand you

/August 2022

likes the saying that

is indeed the case.

different people have different lifestyles.

some people are suitable for short-term companions, while others are suitable for long-term companionship.


walk with excellent people

Prince Shao Fu Zhen says, "those who are close to Zhu are red, those who are close to ink are black."

what kind of person you walk with, he will greatly influence you and make you the same type of person.

if you walk with a villain, your virtue will be lowered; if you walk with a gentleman, your virtue will be promoted.

so, you still have to walk with excellent people in your whole life.

at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a man named Guo Tai. He had both ability and political integrity and was respected by everyone.

at that time, in the university, a student named Zuo Yuan was expelled from the county school for committing a crime.

Zuo harbors a grudge and wants to get back at the teachers and students of the university.

at that time, Guo Tai happened to meet Zuo Yuan. After knowing what he was thinking, he first gave some advice to let go of his hatred.

but after Zuoyuan was fired, life was so bad that no one wanted to accept him.

Guo Tai kept him by his side and taught him carefully.

when reading, let him keep company; at the party, take him to meet the literati.

slowly, Zuoyuan, like a changed person, is fond of reading and behaves very elegantly.

others say that Zuo Yuan is becoming more and more like Guo Tai, and more and more people are willing to associate with him.

Buffett once said:

I think so.

birds of a feather flock together.

if you want to get better, you have to go with good people.

walk with diligent people, you will not be lazy; with positive people, you will not be depressed.

this is how people influence each other.

with good people, before you know it, you will become better and better.


working with reliable people

, I often hear people complain that they are too tired at work.

in fact, most of the time, it is not the work itself that is tired, but working with unreliable people.

A simple job can make everyone suffer because of an unreliable person.

Sanmao once said: "Reliability is an invincible sword in society, and you should take it with you wherever you go."

Reliability is an essential quality for people to gain a foothold in this society.

I have read such a story:

Lao Chen wants to find a partner to contract a project together.

his cousins and friends all want to join.

but Lao Chen thinks it is more appropriate for two people to contract, so he should choose one of them.

Lao Chen asked the two to go back and prepare first, and we'll talk about it in detail in a few days.

Go for the fashionable knee length homecoming dresses only at a cheap and affordable price. There are different cuts and styles to choose from.

A few days later, my cousin brought money to Lao Chen's house and said how much help he could provide to Lao Chen, how to share the profits after making a profit, without mentioning what he would do.

Lao Chen is very disappointed.

when my friends came, they brought a lot of information, visited the project on the spot, made relevant plans, how much profit is expected to be made, and how to control the cost.

after reading it, Lao Chen was very satisfied and decisively chose to contract the project with his friends.

isn't it more trustworthy for his wife to ask Lao Chen to cooperate with her cousin?

Lao Chen said he was looking for a partner, not an investor.

my cousin only wants to give money, and then he will be tired to work with him as a shopkeeper.

while a friend acts cautiously and reliably, only by cooperating with him can we complement each other and maximize the use of resources.

this is indeed the case. The project has been very successful and the cooperation has been very harmonious.

writer Chi Li said:

reliable, it is not a promise that stays in the mouth, but in the actual action.

working together is for the common good.

working with unreliable people will only consume yourself and encourage the laziness of others.

therefore, it is necessary to work with reliable people to move forward towards a common goal, so that things will go more smoothly.


get along with people who understand you

see a question on the Internet: what's it like to get along with people who don't understand you?

A high praise replied:

it's really tiring to get along with people who don't know themselves.

there is a saying: "understanding is more important than love."

get along with people who understand you, no matter how simple the feelings are, they will warm you.

in the TV series Little Joy, Tong Wenjie and Song Qian have been friends for many years.

Song Qian resolutely filed for divorce when her husband was suspected of having an affair.

there are many people around her to persuade her to forgive her husband.

only Tong Wenjie understood the pain in Song Qian's heart, supported her decision, and silently accompanied her through that difficult time.

later, Tong Wenjie also suffered a big setback.

the couple both lost their jobs at home, and after their parents were cheated for 800000, they happened to be pregnant with a second child.

everyone is not optimistic that she does not have the conditions to raise a second child, but she still wants to have a baby.

Song Qian did not persuade her, but supported her decision.

accompany Tong Wenjie, silently help her, recognize her child as godson, and raise children with her.

in order to give the children a good living environment, Song Qian also sold a school district house to Tong Wenjie at an ultra-low price.

many viewers sigh how lucky it is to have such friends in life!

the feelings they understand each other are really enviable.

in fact, it is not only friendship that understands each other, but also any relationship.

understand each other, make love sweeter, make families more harmonious, and make friendships stronger.

there is one of the most powerless tiredness in the world, that is, no one understands you.

when you are sad, there is no one to comfort; when you are aggrieved, there is no one to complain.

so get along, be sure to find someone who knows you.

when you are upset, understand your grievances and listen to you; when you are tired, understand your pain and comfort you.

this kind of getting along is both comfortable and reassuring.

Rogge said: "No one is an island."

therefore, there are countless encounters in one's life.

those who meet, short or long, will leave a deep impression on our lives.

what kind of people you are with, you will live the same life.

when you go with good people, your conduct will certainly not be bad.

things will go more smoothly when you work with reliable people.

you will feel happier when you get along with people who understand you.

Life is short, and we must be with the people who make us better.

in this way, life will be happier and happier, and people will live younger and younger!