Two of the most useless things in the world, one is anger, the other is.

/November 2022

Lin Yutang said: "the wisdom of life is to gradually clarify and filter out those unimportant impurities and retain the most important parts."

I think so.

the world is complicated, and you will inadvertently fall into chores and trifles that consume you.

if you want to make a difference in the world, you must avoid the two most useless things in the world, one is anger, the other is complaining.


being angry is the worst thing to lose.

as the Zen saying goes, "when you think of anger, a million barriers open."

when a person starts to get angry, he is losing his fortune.

I have read a news report.

there is an old man watching chess in the park.

the chess player made many mistakes, and the old man couldn't help but ignore him. The old man got angry, but did not leave and continued to watch the game.

seeing that he was about to come to a dead end, the old man was so anxious that he began to give advice again, but the chess player still wouldn't listen. The old man became even angrier.

in a hurry, the old man's face became more and more ugly. He had a sudden heart attack, his body tilted and fell down.

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the Master of clearance said: "there is a business in the world that is always losing money, and that is losing temper."

emotion is an alarm signal of the body.

more than 80% of known diseases are caused by emotion. Among the various emotions that hurt the human body, anger ranks first.

experts point out that once angry, six major organs of the body will be injured at the same time.

this is exactly: all diseases are born of qi, the worse the temper, the worse the health.

time flies, and time flies. Not everything in life is worth caring about.

angry, we punish ourselves for other people's mistakes while others do stupid things for them, but we act stupid for them.

as one writer said, "when the mirror is dirty, we don't think our faces are dirty." But when others say hurtful things, we feel bad about ourselves. "

Life is precious. Let go of other people's mistakes and be kind to yourself.

the rest of my life is not long, leave time for the most beautiful scenery, enjoy it all the way, and enjoy it.


complaining is the most incompetent expression

one writer said: "spending time on progress instead of complaining is the secret of success."

read a workplace story.

A clothing company held an annual summary meeting.

A store manager complained: "the price of the physical store is too high, unpopular, the staff do not want to do, can not do."

while another store manager said calmly, "the cost of rent, water, electricity and so on is indeed high, but you can try it on in physical stores." We train our employees to be personal image consultants and often sell a whole set of clothes at a time, which has a very good reputation. "

this is what Bai Yansong said: "instead of complaining, it is better to change; if you want to change, take action."

complaining is a pair of poison. Once it becomes a habit, it not only suffers itself, but also harms others.

I have read a short story.

the Zen master took the complaining disciple to the lake, scooped a glass of water and put a spoonful of salt for him to drink.

the disciple shouted, "it's so salty that it's bitter."

the Zen master sprinkled a spoonful of salt into the lake and scooped another cup of water for him to drink. The disciple smiled and said, "it's so sweet."

Master said, "Life is not satisfactory, just like this spoonful of salt, its saltiness depends on the container it carries." A glass of water? A lake of water? How will you choose? "

the position is different, the pattern is different, the result is also quite different.

that's the way life is.

if you stand on the 20th floor and look down, you can see all the beauty; if you stand on the second floor, you often feel dilapidated.

if there is no height, there are problems everywhere; in life, if there is no pattern, you can complain about everything.

the Festinger method tells us: "what has happened accounts for only 10% of your life; the remaining 90% depends on your reaction and decision to what has happened."

on the way of life, whether walking alone or living in groups, please give up complaining and be your own ferryman.


stillness is the greatest blessing in life

Weng Tongshu, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, said: "there is stillness in every great event, but there is no ancient sage in the present."

stillness is a kind of kung fu. The more important and urgent you encounter, the more you need peace of mind.

I have read a short story.

in order to avoid literary prison, a scholar hid his ancestral letters in the bone handle of a special umbrella and prepared to go back to the countryside to take refuge.

unexpectedly, on the way home, the umbrella was taken away.

umbrellas are not worth much, but in case a letter from home is found, disaster will come at any time.

the scholar did not panic or complain. He examined all the parcels carefully and left nothing but the umbrella.

therefore, he speculated that the person with the umbrella did not steal, but may have stolen it when passing by.

therefore, books make a living. He set up a booth and put up the sign of "exchanging old umbrellas for new umbrellas". For a moment, the umbrella changers crushed their heads.

finally, a child came with an old umbrella. The scholar saw that it was the one he had lost.

"University" said: "quiet and then can be safe, quiet and then can worry, worry and then can get."

peace of mind is the basis on which people can settle down, think, and finally have something to gain.

just like the scholar in the story, he can turn the corner because he can calm down.

all my life, I often face the choice of crossroads.If you are impetuous, you will often make trouble in haste and make mistakes in chaos.

it is said in the New Edition of Zhaode: "the quiet pole of water makes the image clear, and the quiet pole of man leads to wisdom."

Water, calm down, can reflect all things; the heart, calm down, can perceive.

quiet is a kind of wisdom. It can quickly shield people from all interference, focus on major and important things, and often get twice the result with half the effort.

for the rest of my life, keep a quiet breath and cleanse the soul.

maybe what you get angry is not what you feel; maybe what you complain about is not what you see. If the heart is quiet, the years are quiet; if the heart is quiet, the blessing is long.

Wang Xiaobo said: "all human suffering is essentially anger at one's own incompetence."

Why get angry and complain if you have the ability to solve the problems you encounter?

when you encounter a problem, you can better solve the problem by putting aside useless anger and complaints and thinking about it.

capable people have been trying to improve their problem-solving skills and abilities, instead of being busy getting angry and complaining.