Transposition (very incisive)

/June 2022

when confused, look at things from a different point of view; when depressed, take a deep breath in a different environment.

when you are having a hard time, change your emotions to face it; when you are confused, think differently.

blame others, first ask yourself, so that contradictions will be less and less; forgive yourself, first forgive others, so that we can get along well with each other!


your honey, your arsenic, has different positions and different feelings.

therefore, it is most taboo to get along with others and impose their own ideas on others.

others are not you, what you can bear, they may not be able to bear; what you don't care, they may not care!

between people, there must be more care!

the best way to get along is to come in time when the other person needs it, and to keep your distance when the other person is busy.

do not give people the feeling of depression, do not sprinkle salt on people's wounds. Only if you put yourself in other's shoes, can you have a long-term relationship!

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your bitterness is not understood by the other party, so you don't have to complain to everyone; you don't understand his tiredness, so don't call him hypocritical.

keep your mouth shut, don't make mistakes; control your heart, don't be tired.

be kind to people, don't say cruel words if you can be tolerant; be relaxed, don't worry about it if you can think about it.

there are some things you can't figure out, so think about it from another place. If you were him, how would you choose?

learn to understand each other's difficulties, people will cherish you; learn to forgive each other's mistakes, feelings will be more rich!

facing others sincerely, it is possible to walk into each other's heart!


remember! Between people, is a heart for heart.

if you are lenient, people will be lenient to you; if you care about it, people will quarrel with you.

to be a man, you have nothing to lose, and you have nothing to lose.

only by being friendly can we get along harmoniously; only when we are generous, can we have a comfortable life!

knowing how to transposition is not only an attitude, but also a kind of treasure, a kind of self-cultivation, but also a kind of spiritual practice!

transposition with family, family is harmonious; transposition with lover is sweet; transposition with friends is sincere.

transposition will make you more and more broad-minded, will make you feel better and better, accumulate good fortune and have a good life!