Tolerate words, tolerate things, tolerate people (good text)

/June 2022

he who blames himself with the heart of blaming others and forgives himself with the heart of forgiving others is a sage.

tolerance can dissolve the indifference between people and the estrangement between hearts.

when people live a lifetime, they will meet many kinds of people. They will be tolerant of others and be kind to themselves.

A person can be tolerant, and tolerant of what others cannot do before he can do what others cannot do.



the world is wide in the chest, and there are often ferries!

if one's mind is as broad as heaven and earth, then the road of life can be equally broad.

and tolerance is not only a character, but also a pattern.

such people are broad-minded, have a high vision, value the overall situation, and do not care too much about it.

Li Shutong once said, "it is better to tolerate slander than to be able to argue."

at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao fought in all directions, wiped out Yuan Shao, Yuan Shu, Lv Bu, Ma Chao and other separatist forces at home, defeated Xiongnu, Xianbei and other foreign tribes, and unified northern China.

the reason why Cao Cao has made such a great achievement is inextricably linked with his pattern. He is not only resourceful and good at using the army, but also tolerant of people's opinions.

at that time, Yuan Shao and Cao Cao, and the two great princes of the north, were like water and fire, and the battle of Guandu broke out.

before the war, Chen Lin wrote an article "written by Yuan Shaoxing in Yuzhou" against Cao Cao.

Chen Lin scolded Cao Cao not only that, but also all the eighteen generations of his ancestors.

later, Yuan Shao was defeated and Chen Lin had nowhere to escape. She was captured alive by Cao Cao. Cao Cao not only did not kill him quickly, but also attached great importance to him because he appreciated his talents.

after Chen Lin was attached to Cao Cao, she followed him wholeheartedly and never opposed Cao Cao.

Cao Cao's tolerant mind and pattern is far from comparable to that of the princes of his contemporary. it is precisely because of this that Cao Cao can dominate one side.

in fact, people have as much tolerance as they have.

it is not that you don't care about the details, but you can ignore the small things in front of you by taking a longer-term view.

as the ancients said, "if you listen at the same time, you will be clear, and if you are partial to trust, you will be dark."

tolerance is not only a pattern, but also can open up a wide range of words and draw on collective wisdom.


only by tolerating people and things with tolerance can we carry things with virtue.

as the saying goes, "A big belly can accommodate things that cannot be tolerated in the world."

if there is no capacity, great things will not be achieved.

Li Shimin has always been tolerant and tolerant, and he can forgive as long as it does not involve matters of principle.

Tang Taizong liked calligraphy and often waved "Feibai" banners to reward courtiers.

in the eighteenth year of Zhenguan, such a thing happened.

Tang Taizong entertained officials of the imperial court, and the ministers asked Li Shimin to reward "Feibai" calligraphy.

Taizong, taking advantage of the wine, immediately brushed and gave it to the courtiers.

the usual attendant Liu Kui has always been arrogant. Taking advantage of the strength of the wine, he forgot the etiquette of the monarch and courtiers, ran to the emperor's throne and snatched the "Fei Bai Shu" from Taizong.

when several ministers saw that Liu Kui got carried away, they said to Taizong:

Liu Xun immediately lost the feeling of drinking, and his legs trembled with fear, and immediately kowtowed to plead guilty.

Taizong smiled and jokingly said:

it is because of Emperor Taizong's tolerant mind that Datang is open, tolerant and strong.

the Master said, "people can be magnificent, not Taoist."

people can not be stuck in their own world, what is more needed is tolerance and magnanimity.

instead of being aggressive, it is better to be calm.

if you care blindly, there will be complaints everywhere; if you are tolerant of things, good luck will come naturally.


allow people

Mencius cloud: those who love others will always love them; those who respect others will always respect them.

people all have their weaknesses and should be tolerant of each other.

if there is no room for people, everyone will live in contradiction, pain and distress.

people should tolerate each other and regard harmony as beauty.

when Tao Xingzhi was the headmaster, when he saw a classmate hitting a classmate with a brick, he immediately scolded him and called him to the office.

when Tao Xingzhi got to the office, the boy was already waiting for him.

he took out a piece of candy and rewarded, "you got here before me. This is your reward."

then he took out another piece of candy and said, "I yell at you, you stop immediately, it shows that you respect me, and this is for you."

the boy took the second candy doubtfully, and Tao Xingzhi said, "I asked my classmate that you beat him because he bullied the girl. You have a great sense of justice. I will reward you with another candy."

the boy burst into tears and said, "Principal, I was wrong. No matter how wrong my classmates are, I can't take this extreme way."

Mr. Tao pulled out another piece of candy:

Tao Xingzhi not only has a tolerant heart, but also an educator.

the cloud in Huai Nan Zi: broad but shuddering, strict and warm.

tolerance is not endless indulgence. We should be lenient with strictness, leniency with strictness, and combining leniency with justice.

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Life should maintain a tolerant attitude, replace quarrels with understanding, and eliminate complaints with understanding.

to tolerate others is to let yourself go.

A truly broad mind is never stingy and tolerant.

A person, with a broad heart of tolerance, has unlimited charm.

LifeNot easy, may your heart be as wide as the sea, really, live every day well.