To the Mid-Autumn Festival: remember each other year after year and get together year after year

/June 2022

several Xiaoxiao autumn rain, the world suddenly late, life several autumn cool.

September is getting colder and colder, not only the sorrow of last night's wine parting, but also the sweetness of the moon gathering tonight, which is the most worthy of our enjoyment.

carefully taste the taste of autumn and gently twist the bright sweet-scented osmanthus flowers. In this long and thick season of missing, the reunion and warm Mid-Autumn Festival comes as promised.

the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival is a good time for the world.

take advantage of the most special day, say a word of treasure to the one you cherish, and ask Xianjuan to send you best wishes.


Yisi Township: today, it was White Dew who suddenly thought of his distant brothers. He looked at the moon and thought that his hometown was more round and brighter.

Yu Guangzhong said: "there is no hometown in the world, just because there is a foreign hometown; there is nothing missing in the world, just because there is parting."

it coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival, and those who travel alone in a foreign land must have deep nostalgia for their hometown.

A person, a glass of wine, a round of months, drinking is homesickness, looking forward to the bright moon to send homesickness, breeze to send homesickness.

when we were young in fresh clothes and angry horses, we were complacent, we strode with meteors, always wanted to see all the Changan flowers in one day, and always wanted to go to the end of the world to pursue our dreams.

now away from home, or a few years, or thousands of miles, how much melancholy lingers in my heart.

in your hometown, there is only winter and summer, not spring and autumn.

it's like a scattered jigsaw puzzle, some lost, some blurred. Occasionally, I think that tears may not be surging, but the idea of crying is rampant.

Today, it was White Dew who suddenly thought of his brother in the distance, looking at the moon and thinking that the moon in his hometown was more round and brighter.

when you look up at all the lights in your house, you always think that the lights in your hometown are the most amiable.

you have traveled many places and seen many moons, or only the moonlight in your hometown is the most beautiful and the bright moon in your hometown is the most memorable. When will you be able to walk on the moon and return?

the Mid-Autumn Festival is the Mid-Autumn Festival for those who are adrift.

you still taste the joys and sorrows of life in a foreign land, and the people you miss are separated by the mountains and seas, and you can't be reunited with the wine, so I raise my glass to invite the charming moon and entrust my affection to them.

your yearning goes away by boat, crossing thousands of mountains and rivers, landing in the old hometown of your dreams.

with boxing and autumn thoughts, carrying thousands of words, I hope the old people will take good care of themselves.

No matter where you are and how far you have gone, there is always the moon of your hometown to accompany your tired figure, and that beam of gentle light falls at your feet to illuminate the lost you.

there is always a room, a lamp, a person, waiting for you, waiting for you to get together, comforting your homesickness.

hometown is always the softest place at the bottom of my heart. May you be safe and sound, and there will be times when we will meet again.


Acacia: a bright moon rises slowly from the sea, and I look up at the distant Iraq

Mid-Autumn Festival is always inseparable from the theme of missing.

in ancient mythology, a woman named Chang'e ran to the moon to become an immortal because she secretly ate the immortal medicine her husband had begged from the Queen Mother of the West.

from then on, she lived in Guanghan Palace on the moon and became a toad messing with medicine.

she is lonely in the middle of the month, and her husband looks at the moon and lovesickness.

Wang Jian said: "Tonight when the moon is bright, people will do everything they can. I don't know who I want to win in autumn."

Zhang Jiuling also said: "A bright moon rises slowly from the sea, and I look up at Iraq at the end of the world. Lovers share the same grievances for a long night, and they stay up all night alone, tossing and turning and missing each other. "

through the ages, how many lovers have fallen in love with each other, but they can't meet each other. On this special day, say the miss to the moon, but also to the sweetheart.

I heard that Acacia is an untouchable web, which is getting more and more messy. You don't know where to start and where to end.

but the person you miss so much, the wind tonight, the moon in the starry sky, can send you love.

is also lucky to have someone to miss. Ta is the heroic dream in your tired life, the strength and hope for you to walk through the world.

when there is a full moon, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, it is not as beautiful as the one who is right next to you.

if you don't need to look at the moon tonight, when you are in pairs, remember to thank the person you depend on and end up with.

in the world of all sufferings, may you be sincere all your life, protect you from the bitterness of parting and missing, taste the sweetness of three meals and the four seasons, understand your joys and sorrows, and give you preference.

through the layers of life, love and passion have long faded, ta still holds your hand, treats you with heart and heart in trivial daily life, and lives and dies with you in mundane life.

not separated on the road of love, not quarreled in the conflict, but in firewood and rice smoke and a vegetable and a meal, pieced together a real and down-to-earth happiness, no matter how old you are, you think you are the most lovable, such a partner please cherish.

because, ah, it is too easy to move for a moment, and it is really rare to have a heart for the rest of your life.

May you be the most seamless perfection, and now the late autumn moon continues to be happy.


should be reunited: may people be reunited for a long time, with a full moon in the sky and a half moon in the world. Reunion has been the most eternal and warm picture of the Mid-Autumn Festival since ancient times.

however, there are always too many adults who can't help themselves and get together indefinitely, and reunion can only be a wound in the heart and a wish out of reach.

there is a saying: "the biggest mistake in life is to think that you have time."

We always think that the days to come with our parents will be long, but the days will pass by. Don't wait until there is no wind, no moon and no relatives before we know how valuable reunion is.

take advantage of the tenderness of time, let the concerned people appear in their hearts, warm the wine to the moon together, sit and whisper, is the meaning of happy holidays.

there are all lights in every house, and there are people waiting in place for someone who has not returned. No one can get out of the thoughts of their families. Don't let them look forward to it.Ten percent of people lose to the impermanence of the world.

even if you have to go back to another country after a hasty reunion, it's better than a Mid-Autumn Festival where you can't get together. Life is too short, don't waste time, don't let regret be too long, please cherish the joy of the moment.

the moon will be full and missing, people will be reunited and separated, we grow up in the impermanence of the years, tired of the scenery, tired of reading poetry, home is your kind retreat, the world only parents love long.

with someone to stay with, in order to spend a good time together, you wander far away and work hard for your life, and your tiring journey home for a short reunion is all worth it because of your old friendship and good times.

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getting together is also the beginning of parting. I still lose money for the time being, but I don't know when the next reunion will be. Or, separation is for the best reunion, north and south, east and west, there is no separation.

when we are willing to go back to the Mid-Autumn Festival, we always have warm feelings, the bright moonlight shines on Xiao Qiuyi, and those who say goodbye under the clouds always have a reunited meal under the moon.


the generations of life have been endless, and the years of Jiang Yue are similar.

on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, whether you are reunited with a loved one for a long time to enjoy the moon, or look at the moon alone to send lovesickness.

in the world of fireworks, the seasons go round, some people miss you, and there are people you miss. The ritual of the festival has proved that you love and be loved.

bid farewell to the worries of yesterday and embrace the romance of tonight.

Don't forget the date of return, but please rejoice.

May there be lovers in the world who will remember each other year after year and get together year after year.