To September: may all your summer regrets be the groundwork for autumn surprises

/June 2022

the heat wave in August has just begun to spread, and in September, it comes with the free and easy and cool feeling of autumn.

January passes faster than January. We have just said hello to August, and now we are looking forward to the new September.

September is the season of harvest and the season of starting anew.

there are pomegranates and oranges, cooler winds than in summer, maple leaves that are beginning to turn yellow, blue skies that are taller and more transparent, and a better you.

in September, we came.


in September, I want to live up to my time in poetry.

I have heard a friend say that

the best life is firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, accompanied by sword wine, piano, chess, poetry, calligraphy and painting.

to meet the needs of material life, there should also be space for spiritual life, simple but delicate, peaceful and substantial.

in fact, the days are very trivial. For one day, one hour, and one minute, we spend most of our time working for "money". There are hardships and grievances, merits and regrets.

sometimes I am tired for a long time, only to find that when I am busy with the reality and the future, I forget life instead.

when I eat casually, I run out of energy, and when I get home, the first thing I do is Ge You lie down and brush her mobile phone, or barely prop up her tired body and clean the housework.

more complaint, less joy. Much sorrow, but little contentment.

We envy those who can always turn their lives into poems, with an indelible love in their eyes.

there is a girl like this hidden in moments. She already has a 6-year-old child who can take care of her life after work.

sometimes develop a new dish at dinner, or copy the words carefully, teach yourself a new musical instrument, and raise a yard of flowers.

Life is already clear and lovely, and everyone deserves to live with relish.

in September, live your days in poetry and live up to time.


September, give your heart to the autumn wind and learn to be relieved that many stories have happened in the middle of summer.

some people bid farewell, some people are reunited, some people are sad, some people are happy, some people are excited, some people leave the field gloomily, some people live a quiet life, and some people have ups and downs.

it is as if the whole sky is buried in my mind, either anxious, restless, irritable, or depressed.

now, September, autumn girls are coming, the summer story let it stay, with the autumn wind, gradually drifting away.

Don't linger on any more. Those bad memories will eventually become bubbles floating high in the sky, and they will be gone if they are broken. Those sad troughs always start to climb upward with time.

Don't make yourself cry easily. When you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. But when you cry, you are the only one in the world crying.

there is no big deal, there is nothing unforgettable people, life is moving forward, the heart should also move forward, yell, put aside the past, be yourself.

in September, give your heart to Qiufeng and learn to be relieved.


in September, we should turn courage into wings and move forward.

Schiller said that there are three steps of time: the future comes late, the present flies like an arrow, and the past will never stand still.

only now do you need to invest 99% of your energy.

the past is in the past, and the future is still in the future. Today is the most crucial factor that determines tomorrow.

Don't be distressed and depraved by previous failures, don't fall into the circle of self-pity, hate yourself for nothing and blame yourself for wasting time.

the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, followed by now.

whether you are 20, 30, 40 or 50, you have the ability and opportunity to change your life into what you want it to be.

pluck up the courage to pursue your dream, take every step, don't give up, don't say "I can't" at the beginning.

Life never sets limits for anyone. What you think of as a "chain" is just a self-restraint in your heart.

if you want it, do it. The courage to execute is the real courage.

if you dare not even be brave for who you are now, how good will the future be?

the times are changing so fast that who you were three months ago decided who you are now and what you will look like in three months' time.

in September, turn courage into wings and forge ahead.


September, in order to keep up with the results, we may have paid a lot in the past eight months, but we have achieved nothing. Maybe we have persisted for a long time, but there is still no glimmer of hope.

I remember that Jack Ma once said: today is cruel, tomorrow is even more cruel, but the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, and most people die tomorrow night.

the process of persistence is very bitter and tiring, sometimes I give myself chicken blood, sometimes I can't help but doubt myself, and I live day after day, with some small surprises, but never wait for a result.

Don't worry, autumn is the harvest season, sweet-scented osmanthus blossoms, wheat ears will become full, fruit will become sweet, everything is full of hope.

long-term efforts will eventually lead to the right ending, even if the ending is not good enough, we will get the growth we deserve in the process.

Summer regrets will be gently resolved by the autumn wind, no matter what else is unsuccessful this summer, the way to go.

September, let the flowers that persist in bearing fruit live up to their expectations.

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September, leave love to those who deserve it, with no regrets./p>

at some point, we begin to understand that not all love is worth it, and not everyone is worth it.

after being hurt and hurt, I woke up, but also lost the courage to trust and love.

in fact, looking back, what is most worthy of our giving and love is always our family members.

if you get hurt outside, go home and call and chat with your parents more often. They give you enough feedback to make you feel warm.

parents are old and go home more often. What they lack is not money or perfunctory greetings, but sincere companionship.

Don't let someone who is not worth it affect your mood. Please remember that in this world, there will always be someone who really loves you and loves you silently.

maybe you don't care, maybe you take it for granted, maybe you know it clearly, but you don't care.

there are some feelings that need to be cherished, and some feelings, just let go.

in fact, in this world, there are many good people, many bad people, many people with bad hearts, and many people with true feelings.

what matters is not that person, but this effort. For you, there is no regret.

in September, leave love to those who are worth it, with no regrets.


September is a short end and a new beginning

Today is the last day of August and a symbol of the end of summer.

unfinished stories in summer, please continue in autumn. Summer has embraced regret, please wave goodbye in autumn.

September, a lot of good things are about to happen.

Children go to school one after another, and college entrance examination students finally go to their dream university under the epidemic. The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day come hand in hand, pomegranate, grapefruit, and oranges are going on the market one after another, and the weather is neither hot nor cold. It is suitable for autumn outing.

September, you are also about to usher in a better you, the one who has grown and transformed in the first eight months, the one who knows more about life and cherishes more, the one who works hard and perseveres, and the one who is desperate to achieve you.

September is a short end and a new beginning.

May all summer regrets pave the way for autumn surprises.

wish you a better life.