To parents: no matter whether the child is scolded or punished, he will certainly become a bear child! (good article)

/July 2022

there is a saying in

A child will become a bear child no matter what he or she does.

parents are the best teachers on the way their children grow up, and disciplining their children is the most important responsibility of parents.

behind bear children is the connivance of parents

family education is related to the cultivation of children's character, conduct and habits. Good family education can benefit children for life. Behind excellent children, there must be a pair of parents who strive to lift, while behind bear children is the connivance of parents.

there are children making a scene in public places, and their parents are playing with their mobile phones without movement. other passengers dissuade them one after another, but the parents say, he is still a child, so what's wrong with being naughty?

when the child fights with his classmates at school, the teacher asks the parents to talk, but the parents say, "my child is not sensible yet, so don't worry about it, teacher."

there are many examples like the above. Parents always miss the opportunity to educate their children under the pretext that "he is still a child who is not sensible".

A habitual child is like killing a child. The more indulgent the child is, the more willful the child will be, and then one step at a time, one step at a time.

every time parents give in, they will make their children more arbitrary and make no distinction between right and wrong.

No matter whether the child is scolded or punished, he will certainly become a bear child.

parents should lead by example

as the main imitation learning object of their children, parents' words and deeds are likely to be imitated by their children. Parents' long-term bad behavior will make their children develop bad or even wrong behavior habits.

parents are a mirror of their children. on the way to educate their children, parents should lead by example.

first of all, you should regulate yourself in terms of words and deeds, such as observing order with your children in public, not making noise, standardizing your behavior, and setting an example for your children.

speak to relatives and friends of your elders, be modest and courteous, and let children learn to respect others.

moreover, parents should not spoil their children.

parents' love for their children is far-reaching. To love their children is not to meet all his requirements.

Love the child to a certain degree, do not easily satisfy the child, do not worry too much about the child, some setbacks must be experienced by the child, and only after experience will he understand that it is not easy for the parents. Only after experience can he know that there is gain when he gives. Doting will only cultivate the mentality of taking.

secondly, "he is still a child" should not be used as an excuse to cover up the child. The child is indeed young, lack of cognition in all aspects, immature in thinking, and naive in behavior, but parents, as the child's first guardian, should educate their children to distinguish between right and wrong and learn to take responsibility.

it is not terrible for children to make mistakes, the terrible thing is that they are always running away, don't give up doing good things even if it is not important, do not do bad things even if they are inconspicuous, often make mistakes in childhood and do not repent, they may lead to irreparable mistakes when they grow up.

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teach children to learn to make rules

No rules, no square, if children do not have rules, they will only become more and more mischievous and capricious.

the sooner the rules are made, the sooner the child will benefit.

parents should tell their children the rules of speaking, let them say more polite words, more civilized words, no swearing, and less ostentatious words. Teaching children how to speak is more helpful for children to communicate with teachers and get along with classmates.

parents should teach their children the rules of doing things, encourage them to do what they like, but should not do things that benefit themselves at the expense of others, encourage children to take risks bravely, but also abide by the rules.

for example, children like to doodle, but they can't doodle in public, let alone in other people's homes or on other people's things without their consent.

parents should teach their children to take responsibility, such as taking other people's things and hurting others or public interests, stand up bravely, dare to admit mistakes, and take the initiative to take responsibility.

Don't forget to tell your child that there are parents behind him. It is not terrible to do something wrong, and running away is the stupidest way.

from an early age, children should establish a sense of responsibility, cultivate their ability to assume responsibility, and establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life, and values. Only then will children take every step in a down-to-earth manner.

truly love the child, for the good of the child, not only to give the child plenty of love, but also to let the child develop good rules and habits from an early age, so that the child can become an educated and disciplined child.

always remember that indulging the child will harm the child's life. Be the child's life mentor and set rules for the child as soon as possible in order to raise a grateful child.