To myself, this paragraph will never expire.

/June 2022

Rousseau said:

I think so.

Life is like a cup of tea. Some people like it stronger, others like it lighter, and different people have different opinions.

Life is like a dream, suddenly looking back on everything.

when you are unhappy, tell yourself: all you have is to make life more comfortable, happier and happier.


the heart is as broad as the sea.

there is a proverb:

to get along with others, you can't get along with others without a wide heart. A happy life begins with a wide heart.

wide-hearted, it is a person's bearing.

in order to win the hearts of the people, we often forgive others with a lenient heart and forgive others with a forgiving heart.

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Han Wudi Liu Che was an emperor with a magnanimous mind and a thirst for sages.

on one occasion, Liu Che paid a visit to a place called Baigu.

they stayed at an inn at night.

the shopkeeper thought they were thieves when he saw that they were young and secretive.

Liu Che is thirsty and wants to ask for some water.

the shopkeeper said angrily, "I have no water here, only urine!"

this makes Liu Che very embarrassed.

the shopkeeper was still looking for someone to beat them, but his wife stopped him. The wife said:

so the hostess slaughtered both chickens and sheep and set up a banquet to entertain the guests.

later, Liu Che learned what had happened.

he immediately summoned the shopkeeper and his wife, first gave the hostess 1200 gold, and then set his sights on the male owner.

the atmosphere in the main hall suddenly became tense, and people thought that the male host would be punished.

who knows, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty not only did not commute his crime, but praised him as a strong man, and worshipped him as Yu Lin Lang on the spot.

after the story spread, Emperor Wu's prestige was even higher.

many wise people have come to him to help him build up rivers and mountains.

Sukhomlinski said:

breadth of mind is not only a philosophy of life, but also a realm of life.

narrow-minded people will think too much about themselves and care too much about others.

slowly, there are fewer friends around, and the reputation outside is bad.

in the invisible, my life path becomes narrower and narrower.

when people are alive, they will be more happy if they look at people and life with a relaxed heart.


the mind is more important than the body

Lu Xun once said:

in this regard, some people say that in this dye vat, no one is clean.

but it's not true. People with clean hearts, no matter how dirty the dye vats are, can't pollute their hearts.

people with a pure heart are more likely to let go of temptation, not to be happy with things, not to be sad about themselves.

I have seen such a story:

the old monk went on an excursion with the young monk.

one day, two people passed by a village and saw a village woman fall to the ground.

the village woman seems to have sprained her ankle and can't walk.

the old monk came forward and asked the village woman if she needed help.

the village woman said that she had sprained her ankle and her home was two kilometers ahead. I hope they can carry themselves home.

the kind old monk agreed and carried the village woman home.

then the old monk and the young monk went on their way.

on the way, the young monk kept muttering, "how can master memorize a woman?"

along the way, thinking all the way, finally the little monk could not help it and said, "Master, you have broken the precepts, you have carried a woman on your back!"

the old monk said in surprise:

the young monk said, "Why?"

the old monk touched his head and said:

the young monk suddenly realized.

when the body is dirty, it is easy to decontaminate; the heart is difficult to clean.

A clean mind is more important than physical purity.

writer Lin Qingxuan said:

only when people have a simple heart can they be at ease with all the noise around them.

because only when the heart is pure can the mind be calm, and only when the mind is calm can it be relieved.

the most important thing to be a person is to be simple and clean. the cleaner the heart, the nobler the person is.


some people say that when they have status and wealth, they will be satisfied;

others say that they will be satisfied when they are famous and everyone knows themselves.

and there is a highly praised answer: we are most satisfied with living in peace of mind.

there is a saying:

people who have peace of mind are all open and open.

Confucius has more than 3,000 students, of whom 72 are famous.

one of Confucius' favorite disciples is Yan Hui.

Yan Hui has never been an official all his life, nor has he left a masterpiece, but why did he win the favor of Confucius alone?

because Yan Hui is very rich in heart, her daily life is very comfortable.

on one occasion, Confucius expressed his admiration for Yan Hui's life in front of many students.

Yan Hui usually eats rice with bamboo wares, scoops water with wooden ladles, and lives in a simple alley.

this is a difficult life that others cannot bear, but Yan Hui is still happy every day.

as for Confucius himself, he wants to do a lot of things, wants to say a lot of things, wants to promote his ideas, but there are not many monarchs who recognize him.

he has been wandering all his life, and he has met some people who want his life.

looking back on your life, what you do isMeaningful, but the heart is always drifting, there is no home.

there is a saying:

everyone can only live once, so don't live too hard!

there is no standard reference in life. It is enough to live with peace of mind and ease.

in many cases, the more you want, the less happy you will be.

in the face of gains and losses, you will feel more at ease with fate; in the face of temptation, contentment will be more secure.

be a magnanimous person, not afraid of suspicion, not afraid of rumors, can live a more pleasant life.


as the old saying goes,

things in the world are disturbed one after another. if you put all the gains and losses of right and wrong in your heart, your heart will be tired.

be more tolerant, make your heart bigger, let go more, let your heart be clean, and be more contented to make your heart more secure.

since ancient times, people will be reunited and separated, and the moon will be full and missing.

but no matter how things change, it is your greatest strength to have an optimistic and open-minded state of mind and peace of mind.

this paragraph will never expire to myself.