To love a man who takes you to the top of his heart

/July 2022

recently, news of # Rimei Ishihara's marriage and # widow Scarlett's marriage has been revealed on Weibo. A few days ago, Wang Han revealed in the program: "du Haitao and Shen Mengchen are planning their wedding."

while blessing, it also makes people wonder: what kind of man is worth marrying?

I think if you want to marry, marry the man who takes you to heart.


the person who puts you on the tip of his heart

will always take care of your mood

recently, many people have been attracted by rapper GAI after watching the popular variety show "freshman Diary."

after his wife Wang Siran gave birth, his family gathered around the newborn, completely unaware of Wang's loneliness and helplessness.

only GAI first thought of spending time with his wife. He said, "I'm going to see ran ran, my youngest son is ran ran."

the man who puts you on the top of his heart will always put your emotions first.

after giving birth, women are the most vulnerable and sensitive period. while they have to adapt to the new identity of their mothers, they have to bear all kinds of unspeakable pain caused by childbirth, breastfeeding and so on.

Wang Ziran collapsed while everyone was watching her breast-feeding. She said:

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I don't feel like a living person, like an animal being watched in a zoo.

GAI immediately stepped forward to deal with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, telling her mother not to watch breast-feeding. And made it clear to his parents that he hoped that everyone would give way to Wang Siran.

"I told her that you two will love her, tolerate her, and be your own parents." A reversal not only solved his wife's troubles, but also did not make her parents-in-law disgusted with her daughter-in-law, and played a positive and positive implication.

even though his wife has become a wife and mother, in her husband's eyes, she is still a little girl who needs to be cared for, and she deserves all the good things in the world.

compared with novice moms, dads don't have much to bear.

what dads should do is not to ignore their grievances and efforts, let alone feel that their wives are hypocritical.

but let them have someone to complain about when they are vulnerable and someone to rely on when they are helpless.

A man who puts his wife on the tip of his heart will feel sorry for his wife's fragility and helplessness and appease her mood. Instead of letting the birth of a child be left alone by his wife.


the person who puts you on the top of your heart

will give you the sense of ritual you want

Haruki Murakami said: "the sense of ritual is a very important thing. Life without luck is just a dry desert."

A sense of ritual is a sign of serious life and love.

it makes us look forward to the ordinary life and let the trivial time shine.

recently, a "marriage proposal video that has been recorded for three years" has gone viral on the Internet.

A young man named Yang Pei decided that he was the one who wanted to get married hand in hand after dating his girlfriend Wang Yuanyuan for less than half a year.

so he began to prepare for future marriage proposals. Wherever he and his girlfriend go, Yang Pei will secretly record a marriage proposal video. In three years, I recorded everything I spent with my girlfriend.

in April of this year, he finally proposed.

such a sense of intention and ritual makes a lot of netizens call it too sweet.

backstage, a reader contributed and really sprinkled a handful of dog food to a single uncle. She said that her boyfriend usually attaches great importance to the sense of ceremony, birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries will prepare surprises in advance, even this Singles Day is not left behind.

behind every sense of ritual, there must be traces of love, weaving the days into love with actions.

in fact, the sense of ceremony itself is not important, what is important is the intention behind the sense of ritual, which can make girls feel that they are cared for and preferred.

Today, I saw a video on Weibo showing an uncle constantly teaching her aunt to adjust her posture, patiently adjust her angle and set up props, just to help her take a good picture.

even if the years change, I must still think my wife is beautiful in my uncle's heart.

Source: Weibo @ other people's love

couples who have been married for many years can also be so affectionate that netizens shout about immortal love one after another.

judging from the unconcealed smile and tenderness on my aunt's face, my uncle must have loved and accommodated his wife very much.

in fact, the sense of ritual is hidden in these little things, so that ordinary life can be a little more sweet.

A man who takes you to heart will find ways to meet your expectations, remember every day that is important to you, and fill your life with a sense of ritual.


those who put you on the tip of their heart

are willing to be soft in front of you

the "Happiness Trio" went online, and Wu Jing's "follower" quotation went viral.

in the program, the host asked Wu Jing, "what do you think are the criteria for a good husband?"

Wu Jing replied: tolerant and follower.

in fact, what he called "follower" can also be understood to mean that a man should learn to be soft in front of his wife.

Wu Jing is a ten-billion-dollar actor who has always been known as a tough guy.

but when he got home, he was "obedient" to his wife and showed his gentle side to the one he loved most.

he will personally cook and cook soup for Xie Nan, take the initiative to apologize to Xie Nan during a quarrel, and amuse Xie Nan in his own way.

I have heard such a saying: behind every grumpy wife, there is a husband who does not know how to be soft.

there is a friend around her. She has been with her boyfriend for more than a year, and she has become much more depressed and grumpy.

her boyfriend likes to argue with her about everything, and he always has to win or lose every time.

but after every quarrel between the two men, the boys never take the initiative to apologize and accept softness.

at first, friends will apologize if they still think about their feelings. Later, as she became more and more tired, she took the initiative to end the relationship.

with a person who doesn't know how to be soft, that's probably it. You just want a hug, but he has a lot of truth.

Home is originally a place to talk about love, and most of the men who win a quarrel lose love.

and a man who puts his wife on the top of his heart, no matter how awesome he is outside, will be willing to be soft in front of his wife, put himself down, give way to her during a quarrel, and take the initiative to coax her with anger.

because they don't want to see their wives sad, but also because they know that if they coax their wives well, the family will be harmonious and their lives will be happier.


there was a popular video on Douyin in which a man who went out to work got up early in the morning and worked hard every day and gave all his money to his wife as soon as he got home.

on his way home from work, he didn't forget to buy his wife her favorite roast duck.

and carefully put it into your arms, for fear that the roast duck will not taste good if it is cold, and keep it warm with your body.

A person who puts his wife on the top of his heart, no matter what situation he is in, poor or rich, will always put his wife first and always think of his wife.

and a man who thinks of his wife is bound to have a happy family.