To find a reason for everything from oneself is a person's highest self-cultivation.

/August 2022

"I didn't mean to";

"I was just quick on the spur of the moment";

"it wouldn't have been like this, it's all my fault."

everyone makes mistakes, don't make a fuss.

in life, there are always some people who make mistakes, but give such a response, either passing the buck or talking about him left and right.

the only thing missing is the attitude of facing up to mistakes. Self-criticism is the strictest and most beneficial.

it is a person's highest self-cultivation not to evade mistakes and to find reasons for everything from himself.


introspection is an upbringing rooted in the heart

Mencius said, "if you can't do it, you can't do it."

the main idea is: things can not be done, or interpersonal relationships are not good, you should know how to reflect on yourself and look for reasons from yourself.

when there is a problem, it is not complaining, but introspection, so that the problem can be solved more quickly.

in marriage, firewood, rice, oil and salt has become a daily routine, and it is also easy to cause friction because of the trivialities of chicken feathers in a place. If you quarrel and quarrel constantly, your feelings will be affected if you don't handle it properly.

if you pay close attention, you will find that couples who get along well with each other have one thing in common: they do not blame each other when they encounter contradictions, they can understand each other and communicate calmly.

and this stems from their sense of self-reflection.

when friction occurs, the first thing to do is not to blame each other, but to think about whether you have done something wrong.

instead of focusing on verbal disputes, we should patiently resolve conflicts.

there is a saying: "Happy families are all alike, and unhappy families are unhappy in their own way."

the stumbling of life is often the touchstone of a husband-wife relationship.

the burden of the family is borne by husband and wife, not to blame, but to reflect on themselves, so as to turn hostility into harmony, and move forward with a more tacit understanding.

in dealing with the world, we should find more reasons from ourselves, have a tolerant heart, show self-cultivation everywhere, and create a comfortable life with our own hands.


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introspection is the cornerstone of success

self-knowledge and the rarest knowledge.

Lu Xun said: "I do dissect others all the time, but I dissect myself more mercilessly."

A person's progress depends not only on the new knowledge he has learned, but more importantly, on being able to correctly understand himself and recognize his own shortcomings.

share a story:

during the Xia Dynasty, a betrayed vassal led troops to invade. Xia Yu sent his son Boqi to meet him, and Boqi was defeated.

his subordinates were not convinced and asked to continue the attack.

but Boqi said, "No, I have more troops than him and the land is bigger than him, but I have been defeated by him." This must be because my moral character is not as good as his, and my method of leading troops is not as good as his.

from then on, Boqi got up early to work, had a light meal, took care of the people, appointed talented people, and respected moral people.

after a year, the vassal knew that he not only dared not invade again, but surrendered voluntarily.

those who know themselves are better than those who win.

excellent people, in the face of mistakes and failures, see not their own incompetence, but room for progress.

only through constant self-reflection can we clearly see our own shortcomings, know them, and then change them in order to make progress.

people inevitably like to be praised and affirmed, but excessive immersion in the world of good words, refusing to think and reject the voice of opposition will only make people rest on their laurels.

know not enough, then change, can progress; self-reflection, is the required course to success.

Life without introspection is meaningless. On the way of life, you should dare to admit your mistakes.

do not indulge in applause and pride, nor do you stop at setbacks and adversity, so that you will have a better chance to realize your life value.

Zhang ailing said:

in the long road of life, the beauty and survival of life are always accompanied by a shadow, so there are mixed joys and sorrows and joys and sorrows coexist.

only by constantly self-examination, facing the "lice" on the body, and correcting mistakes in time, can we walk more happily and smoothly in the right direction.