To cultivate one's self before one's mouth, and to be a man before doing things.

/October 2022

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "words and deeds, the development of cardinals, the Lord of honor and disgrace."

talking and doing things is the key to living in the world.

Don't be ignorant, let alone take it lightly.


Cai Gentan says: "Nine out of ten languages may not be called strange, but if you don't hit the mark, the trespass will be set in parallel. A gentleman would rather be silent than impatient. "

means that nine out of ten sentences are correct, and others may not think you are powerful; if you say one sentence incorrectly, you will be immediately blamed.

as the saying goes, "Disease enters through the mouth, and evil comes out of the mouth."

some people just can't keep their mouth shut and like to pry into other people's private affairs and talk about other people's rights and wrongs.

make waves in words and confuse black and white on the tip of the tongue.

or love to make great achievements, like to brag, and like to blow small things into big things.

Zhao Kuo's talk on paper, Ma Kuo's big talk about the loss of the street pavilion, and the plain talk of the celebrities in the Wei and Jin dynasties are all oral faults.

A wise man would rather be clumsy and remain silent than talk too much.

there is a saying in the secrecy of the small window: "those who like to spread words, do not talk to them; those who are good negotiators, do not plan things."

those who like to spread words everywhere cannot confide their thoughts to him;

those who like to talk about right and wrong cannot entrust great things to him.

according to Buddhists, evil mouths, false words, funny words and two tongues are all "oral karma".

vicious words are used to attack others and cause harm to others.

talking nonsense means talking nonsense, without factual basis, and speaking irresponsibly.

Yi words are sweet words that specialize in demagoguing people and deceiving others.

two tongues, that is, gossiping, saying bad things about people behind their backs, or sowing trouble, or damaging the reputation of others.

A person can learn to speak in a year or two in his life, but it takes decades to keep his mouth shut.

at any time, be sure to point to the end:

understand or not, don't say much; be upset and calm, speak slowly; if you really have nothing to say, don't say it.


do things first.

to do things, you must first know how to be a person. The thickness of personality determines the space for doing things.

as the ancients said, "if virtue is the source of water, talent is like the wave of water."

A man's greatest wealth is his own moral character.

when you have a good character, it is not difficult to be a man, and it is not difficult to be knowledgeable and do things.

Look for fabulous wedding dress for apple shape and be the spotlight of crowed? There are arrivals in the latest fashion trends.

No matter how strong the ability is, it is useless if you fail in character.

Xunzi said, "if scholars do not believe, but many have knowledge and ability, they will be regarded as jackals."

A capable person with bad morality can be as dangerous as a jackal.

in ancient times, there was a teacher who wanted to find a successor for himself.

he called in two proud students and gave each of them a bag of rice.

the teacher said, "if I give you a year, whoever finally reaps more rice will be my successor."

from spring to autumn, a year passes in the twinkling of an eye.

the big apprentice returned with a full load, but the second apprentice received no harvest.

who knows, the teacher unexpectedly announced that the second apprentice would be his successor.

the big apprentice was not convinced, and the teacher revealed the mystery: "the rice I gave you is all boiled and cannot be sown at all." Although you have gained something, you have lost your integrity. "

things change endlessly, but character does not fade with time.

the word "human" is easy to write but difficult to do.

only by properly handling all kinds of social relations and creating a good environment can we gain the support of all parties.

do things first, grasp the direction, and stick to the right path in order to stand and work.