To be healthy is to be rich!

/August 2022

living in this vast world, everyone wants to live a comfortable and warm life, but the premise is to have a healthy body as the capital, which is the most basic guarantee for the happiness of a family.

because in life, health is the source of a happy family life, no matter how outstanding your talent and strength, no matter how wise you are, once you are ill in bed, everything will become empty talk and extravagant hope. As Zhou Enlai said: only in good health can we study well, work well, and develop in a balanced way.

people come to the world, the future is not long, live, we must learn to cherish, cherish, run healthily and happily on the ideal road, even if the road is full of vicissitudes, we should also be positive and enterprising, and strive to make progress, so that we can calmly face the impermanence of the world, let life have more beautiful sunshine, and leave as few regrets as possible, which is the best peace of mind, that is, happiness.

because we only have a lifetime, a lifetime that can not be repeated, only good health is the most precious property in life, it is the first condition to earn money to support our family, and it is closely related to life. Therefore, to cherish health is to cherish life. As long as you have a healthy body, everything will be possible to achieve the ideal you want, and there will be hope for everything.

you know that the true happiness of life is not money, status, luxury cars and mansions, but having good health and living a plain and happy life with your family, even if you are not rich. Even if the house is simple, you are satisfied.

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as long as you keep your love of life, do not cling to wealth and health, then ordinary days will become steaming hot and exuberant.

just because the greatest joy of life is to live in the world healthily and safely with a positive and optimistic attitude, and then find happiness and peace from firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea, rest when it is time to rest, work when it is time to work, cherish time, cherish life, even if life is not perfect, we should try our best to make life colorful and interesting.

to live a life is to choose moderately, take your time, and keep yourself physically and mentally healthy all the time in simplicity. Although health does not represent everything, if there is no health, everything will be the moon in the water, flowers in the mirror, no matter how powerful you are, no matter how rich your material foundation is, it will be useless.

because money can buy material luxury things, but not good health, only good physical care is the guarantee of a happy life, the rest are fleeting. As for the others, some are the icing on the cake, but nothing is still magnificent!

therefore, learning to take good care of yourself and be kind to life is something that every one of us must pay attention to. As Tao Xingzhi said: ignoring healthy people is tantamount to joking with their own lives. Montaigne also said: as long as you lose your health, life is full of pain and depression. Without it, happiness, wisdom, knowledge and virtue are overshadowed and vanished.

so, with good health and all the ups and downs, we can face it calmly and walk through it calmly. Otherwise, once you are ill, it will be tantamount to bringing a disaster to your family, let alone being responsible to anyone. At this point, some people will sigh like this: the difference between a wise man and a fool is to see who can cherish health and grasp happiness!

May we all be contented and happy, have a lot of happiness, be open to everything, and stay healthy all the time! With this, encourage together!