To be a man, please be kind.

/August 2022

your kindness is your blessing, and your kindness is your way back. No matter what others do to you, no matter what you've been through, stick to your inner goodness.

maybe sometimes, your kindness will be misunderstood. Don't be too sad. To survive in this complicated world, everyone can't help but be defensive. The reason why he misunderstood other people's goodwill does not mean that this person has a bad nature, but that he may have suffered some losses and been hurt, resulting in vigilance and sensitivity, so he has become less credulous in other people's goodwill.

maybe you suffer from your kindness, but don't take it too seriously as long as it doesn't hurt yourself. People like to be good, although the good fortune has not yet come, the misfortune is far away. Give people and good, widely planted Futian, the kind is their own sowing, nature, there will be their own harvest. What you give will eventually come back to you. It just may have been changed at a different time and in a different way.

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your kindness is unknown, God knows.

but in fact, most of the time, people also have perception. Kind people will be treated well after all. It is because there are too many people tested that a kind heart is even more precious.

True goodness is a natural expression, without any affectation or hypocrisy. Everything can push yourself to others and put yourself in the shoes of others. Heart to heart, think from each other's standpoint, everything does not have to do too much, too absolute, too harsh, if the role is changed, how should you be? With this heart, for the other heart, naturally more understanding and tolerance, less difficult and picky.

the desire for money is the most easy to smoke in the world, which often makes people forget their original intentions and become calculating. In fact, a person who really wants to "get" should keep a kind heart in dealing with others. The gentleman is avaricious, takes it to be correct. Work hard for what belongs to you, not your own, and you will never be greedy. People with compassion cannot bear to let other people's sweat flow in vain. Everyone's life is not easy, how can they bear to see others suffer losses.

Don't give up doing good even if it's not important, don't do bad things even if it's inconspicuous. When you think of others, a little good is also a great good; when you think of harming others, a small evil is also a great evil. Although sometimes no one will appreciate your kindness, you still have to choose to be a kind-hearted person. Choose what kind of person to be for your own sake, not because of others. The goodness of your appearance depends on the person you face, and the goodness of your heart depends on yourself.

kindness is the most valuable quality in a person. We should keep a kind heart at all times. The rest of your life, but do good deeds, do not ask about the future, give people good, there will be something in return.