Time will leave the most real people (profound)

/June 2022

as the saying goes: know the people, know the face, not the heart.

most of the time, it is often difficult for us to know a person from the surface;

but time can help us really see a person clearly.

time will make everything tell the truth and help us see who is true and who is false.

time is the best touchstone, and it will help us keep the person we cherish the most.


time can verify the truth

Yu Hua once said:

think about it, it is true, time will never deceive people.

time is like a mirror that reflects the truth;

time is like a sieve that screens out the truth.

in the entertainment industry, Gao Xiaosong and Han Han can be said to be "no quarrel and no acquaintance".

in the early years, the two had a war of words, but after that, after getting to know each other better, they became good friends.

at that time, Gao Xiaosong was jailed for drunk driving. Coincidentally, the film he directed was about to be released, and he was unable to attend the premiere.

so he called many of his friends while in prison, hoping they could help go to the platform to publicize.

those friends said yes on the phone, but no one was present at the premiere.

only Han Han came all night after he was busy, and went to the stage to help Gao Xiaosong publicize without changing his shoes.

whenever Gao Xiaosong talked about this, he was very moved and said he would always remember it.

as the saying goes: the heart is separated by the belly.

in many cases, camouflage may deceive people's eyes, but it cannot hide time.

time is a good thing. Although it is silent, it changes a lot of things in silence.

time will let us see clearly who is the sincere gentleman and who is the villain.

time will show you whether a person's feelings for you are true or not.

time will tell you who your real friend is.


time in life, there are always some people who have a good acquaintance with you on weekdays and say nice things, but they may not mean it.

there are many people who can speak sweet words, but at the critical moment, few people can lend a helping hand.

seeing may not be true and hearing may not be true.

whether a heart is true or not, only if we get along for a long time, time will teach us to really see a person's heart clearly.

as there is a saying:

in the movie "two Tigers", there is a story that has impressed me so far.

Zhang Chenggong and Fan Zhigang are very close comrades-in-arms. In the cooking class, Fan Zhigang, like the eldest brother, took good care of Zhang Chenggong.

when Zhang Chenggong is bullied, he is always the first to come forward. Zhang Chenggong loves to eat meat, and he leaves a few pieces for him every day.

is often sheltered by Fan Zhigang. Zhang Chenggong is very grateful to him and promises to open a noodle shop for Fan Zhigang when they are discharged from the army and have money.

after being discharged from the army, Zhang Chenggong did a booming business and made a lot of money, but Fan Zhigang was forgotten long ago.

later, Fan Zhigang was injured and was in urgent need of 5,000 yuan for surgery. He went to Zhang Chenggong for help, but Zhang Chenggong, who was obviously rich, refused.

the reason is: "I'm afraid you can't afford it." He would rather squander the money than help the man who had been really kind to him.

coincides with the saying: time proves everything, and everything is free from the heart.

time is moving, hearts are changing, and not all people can stand the test of time.

those who thought you would always be on your side, I don't know when they parted ways with you.


time will leave the most real people

people will meet countless people in this life, but very few people will stay with you in the end.

the people around me come and go, come and go, and walk around, only to find that

the people who said they want to be together for a lifetime have long been disconnected;

the two hearts that were inseparable have long since drifted apart.

time is a huge sieve that constantly helps us screen out unimportant people along the way of life.

time will leave the truest person for us.

Su Shi became famous when he was young, had friends all over the world, and was proud of himself.

but after the Wutai Poetry case, he was demoted to Huangzhou. In the past, his friends stayed away from him for fear of being implicated by him, and no one wanted to have anything to do with him.

among them, Wang Gong, who was most implicated by him, was relegated to as far away as Lingnan.

but he didn't care at all. Instead, he took the initiative to write to Su Shi and share his life in Lingnan with him.

after this, the two have been in correspondence with each other.

in the eyes of others, Su Shi is an optimist, and most of his poems are open-minded, free and easy.

only Wang Gong is aware of his inner distress, and Su Shi will only complain to Wang Gong about the betrayal of his friends and the frustration of his official career.

the two talk about everything, comfort each other, and become irreplaceable bosom friends.

I like the saying

"True feelings can stand quarrels, misses, parting, and time."

people around us come and go, experience more and more things, and become more and more clear:

in this life, it doesn't matter how many people you meet, but who can stay in the end.

know more and more people, stay with less and less, the rest of the heart, more and more true.

the person who can accompany you to the end must stand the test of time.

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time, though silent, can understand the human heart;

time, though silent, can witness the truth.

in this world, true or false, which is right or wrong, time will let us see everything clearly.

in this life, people come and go, leave is the scenery, leaving is life.

there are not many friends, the value lies in the sincerity, time will leave the most real person for you.